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Now if you aren't feeling this you can ignore, but maybe something with Arthur Weasley (who is like my favorite) and someone from TWWDA? (This is a terribly vague prompt but I try) 😊😊

I’m sorry this took so long for me to get done, but it is a wonderful prompt and I love it! And I reached a little bit with the ‘someone from TWWDA’ bit. I love these characters and am trash sorry not sorry. 

Arthur Weasley was at the top of all his Muggle Studies classes (levels one, two, and three). His abnormally high interest level in the subject made him stand out. That and there weren’t any muggle born students in any of the classes. 

The only other student to even come close to besting him was a Mr. Timothy Yodel, commonly known as Timmy. Timmy was a Ravenclaw in the year below Arthur’s and did nothing spectacular besides always look like a bulldog, and write the most amazing paper on muggle interpretation of magical creatures Arthur had ever read in his entire life. 

Arthur couldn’t have outdone the paper if he tried- and he did try; he resubmitted his own paper six timed-  and he was forced to congratulate Timmy on a job well done. 

It was the start of a rather friendly acquaintanceship. They said hello to each other in the hallways, worked in the library together, and shared muggle newspapers. Arthur felt a twinge of sadness leaving Timmy behind when he graduated. 

The next time Arthur saw Timmy he wasn’t Timmy anymore; he was Yodel now. He still looked like a bulldog, but stood a bit taller, and nodded to Arthur every morning in the ministry elevator. 

Work elevators weren’t a place for conversation, but Arthur and Yodel still managed to communicate. Yodel loved showing off battle scars he got from merpeople and dragons, and during the war made sure to ask about Arthur’s wife and small herd of children. Arthur would tell Yodel every time they found out Molly was pregnant or one of his boys started Hogwarts, and would always invite Yodel to come see his collection of lightbulbs. 

Yodel never took him up on his offer, but was certainly very happy every time he asked.