Updates or whats happening to me in July
  • I finally got back to Canada, I'm living with the most amazing person ever, although it's only for the summer, after that I'll have a new roommate, I'm desperately trying to find a job (i found one, but I hated it, so I quit), I saw the hottest waiter/person I've ever seen with my eyes, I went to southwestern Ontario for the first time, fell in love with it and the people, hooked up with a guy, developed a crush on another guy, started working out and eating healthy.
  • Life's not too bad rn
  • Except for one thing. My guy best friend. He asked me what my feeling were toward him, so I told him the truth, I love him, but I don't think it's anything more than platonic. Id love to spend every single second of my life with him, but there's no romance involved. Not in my mind at least. Not at all times at least. And after that, although he seemed okay with it, he was like I'd hate to ruin our friendship with that question, we won't talk for days, and the conversations are not as exciting as they used to be. We used to talk every day, about everything, about nothing, and we'd be happy with it. Now he won't even come visit me. He visited once three weeks ago, but I miss him. Really badly. I can't live my life without him. I can but it sucks.
  • What do I do??
  • How is your summer so far?
  • Your lovely lady xxx