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do u think i could loose 40 lbs by may 25. (can i have some meanspo)

You better lose the weight u little shit!!!! I’m gonna send u a dead squirrel in the mail if u don’t!!! You’re sick of being fat??? Well we’re sick of u looking fat! Go for a run! If u don’t..well I don’t recommend looking in your closet cuz someone’s watching rn. Happy birthday, you’re still not skinny. Get on it rn! RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok yeah idk just work hard girl (or boy goddamn it why do I do this) if u really try for like a month you will see results

  • “dude i know youre a werewolf and all but seriously that freaking howl laughter you do is so fucking extra and i cant take it anymore”
  • “you being part dog has its perks, mostly for me because whenever i toss something away your eyes follow it and you perk up like you want to chase it but restrict yourself and its honestly the cutest fucking thing ive ever seen”
  • “honestly though i hate my pack so much, like theyre a bunch of assholes but i ran into you on a full moon run in the forest and idk u seem pretty cool. wanna go hunting or scare some people or some shit? i know this sick ass lake thats always really warm, i can show you”
  • “yes i understand im a big bad werewolf now but really i dont want to hurt those cute little rabbits and deer, cant we just wait until we transform back to eat? thats not how it works? well cant i just eat before i transform so i wont be hungry–im sorry im just new at this and im sorta trying to go vegetarian here–”
  • “babe you know i love you and i would give up my life for yours but i sWEAR TO GOD IF YOU GIVE ME ONE MORE DOG TOY FOR MY BIRTHDAY IM GONNA PUNCH YOU SQUARE IN THE FACE”
  • “look im not a supernatural fanatic or anything but i swear man every time this kid next to me gets frustrated they actually growl and it sounds just like some rabid steroid induced dog, and im not saying their a werewolf man but theyre totally a werewolf
  • a werewolf getting personally offended when someone says they’re not a dog person
  • “as a werewolf i can personally talk to dogs and boyohboy does ur little pug have some tea to spill…"
  • “alternatively, i find you to be really superduper adorable and whenever i come over your little dog goes off on rants to me about the cute embarrassing stuff that you do when your home alone and honestly I wake up every day for these chats”
  • “when I saw you climbing out of the stream I was fishing in dirty, wet, and naked, I assumed you had just survived some kind of intense mob hit or something but really you had just detransformed from a werewolf after you were playing in the water trying to catch a fish, and ultimately failing. nice ass, by the way.”

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And a Slytherin female and Gryffindor male relationship? What are your thoughts on that?? I love your blog btw!!😍😍😍

Some things you may hear in the Gryffindor common room:

“Slytherins suck”

“I know right!”

“Man your girlfriend is in Slytherin”

“Shit you’re right”

“Look man I really want to support Gryffindor at tonight’s match but everyone will be outside the castle, so we’re gonna take advantage of that”

“No i’m not doing that homework my girlfriend said Snape is sick so he won’t be in class to collect it in”

“Of course I can score us some firewhisky my girlfriend’s a Slytherin”

Some things you may hear in the Slytherin common room:

“Guys my boyfriend said filch takes a nap from eight to nine in the evening so we have a one hour window to sneak out”

“I don’t care if it doesn’t show house pride if I want to wear my boyfriend’s jumper I will”

“My dumb boyfriend got into detention again wanna sneak him out?”

“For the last time Jeremy I am not going to use my boyfriend to find out the Gryffindor quidditch strategy”

I Hate You : Jack Maynard Smut

(basically jack and y/n hate each other but cant seem to keep their hands off each other)

i may do a part 2 to this so if you’d like me to just ask/request :)

“Move.” Jack nudged you as he walked by to get to the fridge. 

 "Wow, some manners would be nice.“ You shot back, rolling your eyes at him. 

“I’ll use manners when i’m talking to people I actually give a shit about.” Jack replied, moving back to sit on Caspar’s sofa. 

“Can’t you two just be nice to each other for 5 minutes?“ Joe groaned, sick of yours and Jack’s bickering. 

It wasn’t a surprise that you and Jack were like this, you have never liked each other. Since Joe introduced you - his cousin - to all of his friends last year, Jack has always been so annoying and pathetic towards you. No one really knew why, you both just never really clicked. However, the rest of the guys love you. You and Conor were super close but it was complicated as he’s Jacks brother and you tried to avoid Jack as much as possible.

"It’s not my fault he’s so immature.” You told your older cousin.

 “You’re both as bad as each other, to be fair.“ Conor laughed. 

 "Please,” Jack scoffed. “I don’t understand why I have to put up with her all the time." 

 “Because she’s our friend!” Conor defended you. 

“And she’s my cousin.“ Joe laughed. 

“I wish she wasn’t.” Jack took a sip of his water. 

“You do realise i’m right here?“ You asked Jack. "Grow up." 

 "Me grow up?!” Jack raised his eyebrows. 

 "Come on you two!“ Caspar laughed. 

You gave Jack the evils before going back to your laptop, scrolling through facebook. 

“So what are we doing?” Joe asked. “Ice skating?”

 "Yeah, buddy, how excited are you?“ Caspar exclaimed as he put his arm round Joe. 

"Get off me!” Joe pushed him away. “Well when are we going?" 

“Now, I think. The car’s here.” Josh told everyone, getting up from his chair. 

“So am I getting a car in 20 minutes yeah?“ Jack asked Josh. 

 "Yeah, you and Y/N are getting that one.” Josh replied. 

 "Why me?“ You groaned. 

“Because you two are being annoying today and need to sort your shit out.” Josh told us.  

“Josh, don’t be a dick head.“ Jack warned, eyeing Josh. 

 "I’m not. You two talk. This car is full.” Josh told us, everyone leaving.

 Everyone said their goodbye’s and eventually it was just you and Jack in Caspar’s apartment. Jack was in the same spot on Caspar’s sofa and you were still stood up, on your laptop, which was on the work top. 

 "You don’t always need to be a prick, you know.“ You spoke up, causing Jack to turn his head in your direction. He raised his eyebrows at you.

 "Yes, I do.” He replied before turning back to the TV. 

“Why?“ You asked, walking towards him slowly. 

“Because I hate you.” Jack replied, standing up quickly and walking past you. He placed his bottle of water on the side before slipping out his phone and leaning against the side. 

“I hate you too.“ You scoff, going back to your laptop. 

 Even though you really disliked Jack, you didn’t hate him. You hoped he didn’t hate you either. He’s just very annoying and has always been annoying. If he hadn’t held some sort of grudge against you since day one then you would probably get on really well. 

 You suddenly had a really good idea as you spotted Jack’s water bottle that didn’t have a lid on. Slowly wondering over, Jack’s eyes stayed on his phone, you went right next to him. As you leaned towards him to go for the water bottle, he spoke. 

 "What are you doing?” He snapped. 

“Uhh… Just getting…“ You started, leaning over and knocking the bottle towards Jack. The water went all over his white t-shirt that he was wearing and he immediately jumped away. 

 "What the fuck are you doing?!” He shouted. 

 "Oops, my hand slipped.“ You shrugged, a small smile on your lips.

 "You’re such a fucking bitch!” He groaned, trying to pull the back of his t shirt round so he can see the wet patch. 

“I wouldn’t wear that out if I were you.“ You giggled, watching Jack. His blue eyes were now narrow and angry, giving you the evils. 

“Fuck off.” He muttered, storming off into Caspar’s bedroom. Within a few seconds, he came back and walked to the corner of the living room where Caspar’s clothes were hanging up to dry.

 Jack picked up one of Caspar’s black t shirts, feeling it to see if it was fully dry. You guessed it was as Jack then took you by surprise and pulled his wet t shirt up and off. You immediately lost your breath as you saw Jack’s body. As you saw his glistening skin, you could feel yourself go bright red and tried your hardest not to look. It didn’t really work though as Jack caught your eye. 

“Stop checking me out.“ He teased with a grin. 

 "I-i’m not.” You quickly replied.

 You looked down at your laptop, trying to avoid the conversation. But you could see him in the corner of your eye as he just wasn’t putting on Caspar’s t shirt. Suddenly he started walking over to you. You gulped nervously, not trusting yourself. Jack went behind you, getting closer and closer. You felt yourself getting hotter as he placed his bare chest against your back. Why was he doing this? You hated Jack, why is he messing with you this way? You felt his crotch against your bum and his hand on your hip. He placed the t shirt down on the work top before moving all your hair to one side. 

 "Like what you see?“ Jack whispered in your ear. His hot breath sent goosebumps all over your body and you suddenly lost your voice. You turned around so your facing him, meeting with his grinning face. 

 "W- what are you doing?” You stuttered, not knowing where to put your hands as Jack kept getting closer and closer. His hands went to the work top either side of you, blocking you in. His body was now pressed against your own as he was getting closer again. As his face was just inches from yours, he muttered something. 

 "I really fucking hate you.“ 

 "I hate you too.” You mumbled back as his lips brushed against yours. You didn’t like him - you really didn’t - but the hatred had created this tension between you and he was standing there with no shirt on, his blond hair was messy but looked perfect, his bright blue eyes were dark and narrow and his lips were almost on yours. You couldn’t help yourself. 

As soon as his lips were pressed against yours, your hands snaked up his body and round his neck. He kisses you desperately, as if his life depended on it. As if he needed you more than anything. His lips were soft and felt good against yours and when he bit down gently on your bottom lip you couldn’t help but let out a moan. 

 "Jack.“ You gasped as his lips went to your neck, sucking the skin and leaving wet marks. 

“Up.” He told you. Within seconds you were up on the work top and he was kissing the life out of you. He moved himself so he was in between your legs and his arms were around your waist. His tongue entered your mouth and your hands went to his hair, running your fingers up and down the back of his head. You were immediately snapped back to reality when Jack’s phone started to ring. He let you go within seconds and fished his phone from his back pocket. 

 "H-hello?“ Jack breathed out, clearly short for breath. You were exactly the same, out of breath. It took you a few seconds to actually realise what had just happened. Jack had kissed you. And you really liked it. The loss of contact from him made you realise how intimate you had been.

 "Now?” Jack spoke into the phone as he reached for the t shirt that was on the side. “OK, see you soon.” Jack slipped the t shirt on after hanging up the phone. 

“Uber’s here.“ Jack muttered to you, not even looking in your direction. You both grabbed your things and made your way down to the car in silence.


“Hey guys.” Caspar greeted you both as you and Jack met them by the ice rink. 

 "Hey buddy.“ Jack spoke to him. You were angry, to say the least. Why would Jack kiss you like that then not talk to you? So, what happens now… You’re just going to go back to hating each other. 

 "You guys have fun?” Caspar asked Jack.  

“Its never fun with her.“ Ouch. As Jack’s words left his mouth he answered your question. Yes, back to hating each other it is. 

“You alright, babe?” Conor asked you as you all picked up your skates. 

“Yeah.“ You sighed but Conor realised you weren’t. 

 "Y/N.” Conor warned, giving you a look. 

“Don’t worry, i’ll tell you later.“ You brushed him off, sitting down as you pulled on your skates. Your thoughts were clouding up your mind you didn’t even realise how long it was taking you to put your ice skates on. 

“Y/N?” Conor nudged you. 

“I can’t get them on.“ You groaned. The situation was stressing you out. 

“Would you like some help?” A male voice spoke up. You looked up to where the voice was coming from. It was a man, who worked on the ice rink, who was rather good looking. 

“Oh- Uh, yeah please.“ You smiled at him. He bent down to his knees and did up your skates. You stared at him the whole time, his dark hair was perfectly styled and his hazel eyes looked up at you when he had finished. 

“Thanks.” You spoke. He responded with a smile and held his hand out to you. At first you didn’t realise what he was doing but soon caught on and placed your hand on his. He pulled you up and flashed you a grin. It was good timing as the bell went off, signalling that it was ready for everyone to go on the ice. You thanked the man one last time before turning back to the boys. The first person who caught your eye was of course Jack, who was stood in between Joe and Josh, with the dirtiest look on his face. When your eyes met his, he began to shake his head. You shot him a questioning look but he just looked away. 

 All of you finally got onto the ice and you immediately grabbed onto the edge. So did most of the boys. Joe and Jack were quite good though as they skated off past you. You, Josh, Caspar, Mikey, Oli and Conor were all holding onto the edge for a little while until they all started getting more confident and skated by themselves. You were still holding on, moving your skates slowly on the ice but still slipping every now and then. You were no where near confident enough to let go. 

“Here.“ The same voice from earlier said as the man reach for your hand. 

"Second time you have helped me today.” You laughed as him help your hand tightly, going around the ice. 

 "You’re good at this, why are you holding onto the side?“ He laughed, running his gloved hand through his hair. 

“I don’t know, i’m just scared of falling over.” You replied. All of the guys were skating confidently round the rink, although Mikey and Oli kept falling over due to the others pushing them. 

 "I have to go.“ The man spoke after skating with you for a few minutes. Of course, he had to do his job. 

 "Well thanks, again.” You laughed. He winked at you before skating off. You decided to skate in the middle of the ice for a bit even though your heart was beating like crazy - nervous of falling over. Conor and Josh were just a little bit ahead of you so you caught up with them. You went in-between them, grabbing onto their hands. 

 "Well there she is!“ Josh laughed as he saw you. 

 "Whos that guy?” Conor asked as you all skated together, hand in hand. 

What guy?“ You asked. 

“That guy you were just with.” Conor replied. 

 "Oh, i don’t know, he just helped me.“ You shrugged.

The three of you skated together for a while until Josh tripped and pulled you both over with him. You were not happy with him but couldn’t help but laugh. You decided to skate by yourself for a little while to get your balance right. Until you felt someone behind you, nudging you out of the way. You reacted quickly by grabbing onto their arm so you don’t fall. You were met with two bright blue eyes that you loved to hate. As you gripped onto him, you were still unsteady so Jack grabbed onto your waist, helping you gain your balance.

"Why did you do that?” You asked, looking into his eyes as he grinned. 

“Funny.” He shrugged. 

 "I hate you.“ You groaned, getting out of his grip and skating off. 

"Where’s your boyfriend?” He asked as he skated beside you. 

“What are you talking about?“ You snapped. 

 "That guy.” Jack replied. 

“He was helping me, Jack, grow up.“ 

 "Whatever, babe.” He teased as he grabbed your hand, which took you by surprise. 

 "What are you doing? Get off!“ You pulled away but he didn’t let you go. You both lost your balance on the ice and Jack pulled you down with him as he fell. It was so embarrassing as you fell right onto the ice next to Jack, making your clothes soaking wet. "For fuck sake Jack!” You whined. 

Getting up, you were so angry with Jack. Why does he always wind you up? Its like its his mission to annoy you. 

 "Sorry, babe.“ Jack laughed as he got up. ”

Fuck off!“ You snapped before going over to tell the boys you were leaving. 


 You had finished your shower - at Joe’s, where you were staying - to realise everyone had come back here.

They were all so rowdy you could hear them a mile away. As you got out, you realised that your clean clothes were in the washing pile that was in the wash room. Everyone was downstairs by the sound of it, so with your towel wrapped around your wet body and tip toed out of Joe’s spare bedroom go the wash room. 

“Y/N.” Jack’s voice made you stop dead in your tracks. You turned to see Jack at the top of the stairs, in the same black t shirt he was wearing earlier. His hair was messy but look good as always and he held a tight expression on his face as he looked you up and down. 

 "I- i’m just getting some clothes.“ You told him as you sped walked to the wash room and picked up some joggers and a t shirt. When you walked back out onto the landing, you were thankful to see that Jack wasn’t there. However, when you went back into your room, Jack was stood there waiting for you. 

“What do you want, Jack? I’m trying to get dressed.” You sighed, placing your clothes down on the bed. 

“Are you still angry at me?“ Jack asked. 

 "I’m always angry at you.” You sighed. Jack ran his fingers through his hair and also sighed. 

“I need to get dressed.“ You told him again. 

 "So get dressed.” He shrugged. You rolled your eyes at him. 

 Thinking about it for moment, you realised you could get him back for teasing you earlier. Walking over to the chest of drawers that had your underwear in, you faced away from Jack. Taking a deep breath, you dropped your towel to the floor. 

 You quickly opened the drawer and grabbed some underwear. Before you could even put them on, Jack  pushed you up against the drawers forcefully - not too hard though. 

“Don’t fucking tease me.” Jack groaned in your ear before turning you around and crashing his lips onto yours. Your naked body was pressed against him as he kissed you harshly. Your hands were around his neck, fingers touching the bottom of his hair. 

“Clothes. Off.“ You muttered in between kisses. Jack broke away from you quickly as he pulled off his - Caspar’s - t shirt. As he went back to kissing you, you ran your hands down his chest and along his toned stomach - the contact causing him to moan against your lips which was quite possibly the hottest thing ever. 

 Jack pushed you back so you were laying down on the bed. This was the first time he properly saw your naked body. His eyes scanned you up and down as his tongue poked out of his mouth and swiped his bottom lip. 

 "You’re so fucking sexy.” He said as he leaned down, kissing your neck, your collar bones, your chest, your stomach, your thighs. 

 "J-Jack.“ You moaned out as he kissed closer and closer up your thighs. 

“Mmh.” Jack hummed in response. Before Jack could do anymore, you leaned forward and undid his belt - hoping he’d get the message. Within seconds Jack’s trousers and boxers were both off. 

Your mouth watered when you saw the size of him. You’d always thought he was big - but not that big. You were a little worried about how that would even fit inside of you. 

“Please, Jack.“ You moaned, pulling him down to by the back of his neck. 

"What do you want, baby?” Jack breathed out, grinning at you. 

 "I want you to fuck me.“ You surprised yourself as the words left your mouth, but you couldn’t help it. You needed him right now. 

 "Do you have a condom?” He asked, kissing you again. 

 "On. The. Pill.“ You told him in between kisses. 

 After kissing for a minute, Jack’s hand went to his member as he pumped himself a few times before rubbing his tip up and down your core.

 "Fuck.” You moaned into his neck before sucking and kissing his soft skin. Jack finally eased into you. Your arms went around his neck as you held yourself close to him whilst he thrusted in and out of you. 

 "I’ve waited for this for so long.“ Jack mumbled between thrusts. 

 Your moans and groans echoed throughout the bedroom and the fact that this wasn’t even your bed turned you on even more. One of Jacks hands went to your clit, rubbing it to add more pleasure. 

As you looked up at him, you noticed beads of sweat starting to form on his skin and his dirty blond hair sticking to his forehead. 

 Both your hands went to his cheeks as you looked into his eyes. His breathing was in sync with his thrusts and he stared down at you with eyes full of lust. 

 "I hate you.” You reminded him as he rocked in and out of you. 

 "I hate you more.“ Jack replied, pressing a sweet kiss against your lips which made your stomach do flips. You could feel yourself getting close as your stomach felt tight. Your legs started to shake and your toes curled. 

 "Faster, Jack. I’m close.” You muttered as he kissed you again. 

“Me too, baby.” He breathed out. 

 The way he called you ‘baby’ whilst fucking you like this made your heart melt. Jack picked up pace and the bed began to rock. 

 You moaned out loud as you came around Jack, digging your nails into the top of his back. It didn’t take Jack long to finish either, releasing inside of you. As Jack pulled out of you, he kissed you again. 

 "Think I need another shower.“ You laughed. 

 "I’d be happy to join.” Jack smiled. 

 "Nope.“ You shook your head at him as he rolled off of you. 

 "Why?” He raised his eyebrows, still trying to catch his breath. 

 “I still hate you, remember.“ You reminded him, getting up off the bed. 

“Wow, Y/N, I never thought you’d fuck and chuck me.” Jack laughed as you walked into the bathroom once again. 


Imagine Dean taking care of you when you can’t.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, sickness, language

Word Count: 2.5k

A/N: I haven’t written straight up Dean fluff in quite some time. So, I decided that today’s venture would be that. I know a lot of sickness is floating around, and I figured we could all use some Dean comfort. I have never written a Dean fic like this. It’s always Jensen. This wasn’t in ANY of my plans for my first Dean fic of the year, but it’s what happened. Sorry not Sorry. Also, credit for the title goes to @torn-and-frayed. Sickie poo little thing needs some Dean comfort cuddles. This is the best I could do.

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Sick sentence starters

“When was the last time you checked your temperature?”
“Are you feeling any better?”
“You really don’t look good…”
“Shit, your fever’s really high, we need to get this down.”
“How long have you been throwing up for?”
“Have you gotten any sleep?”
“You’ve been sick for how long? And you didn’t say anything because?”
“C’mon, let’s get you back to bed.”
“I made you tea, you need to stay hydrated.”
“Do you think you can handle some soup?”
“I know you don’t feel well, but you have to eat — just something light.”
“I’m sorry you’re not feeling well.”
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this sick…”
“You really, really need to get some rest.”

Types of Stranger Things blogs

Type 1: ships Mileven like a weird amount to the point where it makes you cringe.

Type 2: the fanfiction authors, always writing fluffy and cute headcanons. These are the nicest people in the whole fandom.

Type 3: blog that isn’t an actual stranger things blog but became a stranger things blog without knowing it

Type 4: the gifmakers somehow they have managed to gif the whole entire show in 50 different ways how they do it you have no idea.

Type 5: the sick ass edit makers. They’re always making edits that are really cool and you get excited whenever you see a new edit of theirs on your dash.

Type 6: the meme team. You usually see their posts on your dash at least five times in a row. They come up with new content at the rate of a shit post generator. Probably have shipped a man with chicken before

Type 7: only cares about eleven and mike

Type 8: the theorists. At some point probably have made a 40 slide PowerPoint analyzing both season 1 and the season 2 trailer. They’re the angstiest

Type 9: All their posts say something along the lines of these are my children!!!! I love them!!! So much!!!!

Type 10: wants to have sex with Chief Hopper, Ships Jopper

Type 11: loves the teenagers. Ships stonathan a lot. Spends free time making monster hunting trio aus

Merry Christmas bby’s !! (sorry for the shitty photo) It is Christmas for me today but I know for some of you it will be tomorrow so  hope you all have an amazing time with your family/friends xox

This is my first follow forever ! I just want to thank you all so much for following me & blessing my dash with your posts. Some of you I have gotten really close with & I just wanted to let you know that you all mean so much to me and and I care about you all a shit ton !

This year has been both good & bad for me. I have had so much stress with work & family members getting sick/passing away. But the good things out way the bad things, such as I have been able to travel this year, meet new friends & experience new things.

I just wanna say a HUGE thank you to these lovely babies for making 2016 memorable for me. I love you all so much and I hope 2017 will be the best year yet for you xox

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BTS Reaction To You Having a Sweet Tooth

Request: BTS reaction to you having a sweet tooth?

Namjoon: He’d stare at you with wide eyes as you poured your fourth spoonful of sugar onto your coffee. 

“Don’t you think that’s a bit too much?”

Originally posted by bwiyomi

Taehyung: He saw you sneaking away two medium bags of m&ms to your room.

“Hey didn’t you just eat some an hour ago?” he asked laughing.

Originally posted by vmiin

Hoseok: He’d stare at you as you added nearly half of the syrup on your waffles.

“I think that’s enough syrup you might get sick.”

Originally posted by taekookie-bts

Jin: He’d notice how much sugar you’d add to the cookies you were baking.

“Aish no no what are you doing.” ignore the lil shit maknae.

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jungkook: He’d see you layering chocolate syrup with every scoop of ice cream.

“Might as well pour the whole tube of chocolate.”

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Yoongi: He’d see wrappers of all types of sweets on the floor next to you.

“I can already hear the dentist yelling at you.”

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Jimin: You were preparing your tea you added a tad bit (a lot)more honey. He laughed thinking you didn’t notice and was expecting you to make a face but instead you licked your lips pleased.

“No wonder whenever she would make me coffee it would be overly sweet. She probably thought it was insipid.”

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Fuck daycare parents

Working at in home daycare, and let me tell you I have met some of the stupidest adults on this planet holy shit.

An older woman, grandma of two young kids like 3 and 5… has custody of them because their father is in jail and their mother is on drugs/in jail so she lost custody. She loves to go on and on about how terrible their mother is…. right in front of them. They still see her on visitation, and gma is just “your mother this, your mother that” all day.

She also let a kid come in sick because it was “just allergies” with green snot and a fever. Claims to have gone to the doctor and he also said just allergies.

Yeah say it to my year old daughter who had a fever for three days (with highs of 104) and was miserable for a week. Allergies, my asshole.

This isn’t even the only thing she’s done, the girl is also allergic to mosquitos and what do we see all summer? Giant puffy lumps all over her because gma wanted them to play outside all day, saying bug spray “doesn’t work” on them.

Fucking people. I want to take all your kids away.

Jay Park Reaction to -

You grinding on him and moaning and getting embarrassed


Jay park reaction to y'all making out and you grinding on him and then you moan and get embarrassed


I’m currently sick as hell and I feel like shit. This took me so long to do for some reason, probably because I can’t b r e a t h

Jay Bum Park would feel like a fucking king. Just hearing that noise come from your mouth oh fuck. The fact that you got embarrassed after moaning would make him chuckle and smirk. The boy would IMMEDIATELY grind against you trying to make that noise come out again. Lets face it he is so greasy I can’t. He would make sure you were moaning so loudly. If you ever tried to hide back your moans he would not accept it. unless ya’ll were playin a certain type of game b YE

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Dangerous - John Shelby

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Request: request for a John imagine where you don’t quite realise how dangerous he is bc you haven’t been dating that long until your walking back from the shops one day and you see him beating up a guy because he said some bad shit about you and u run away cos ur scared but then John finds u and comforts you. Thank u X

Request: Can I ask one with John where he get jealous when someone flirt with reader? Something like really jealous ahahhah I love your fics you are amazing at writing 😍😍😍 - @buckybear-ivar

Dangerous - John Shelby

You had moved to Small Heath from Newcastle two months ago when your grandfather wrote to your mother to tell her that he was sick. He had left his dowry, which he had accumulated after years of work and saving, to you (his only grandchild) and your father felt it was important that you go down to be with him in his last months as repayment for his generosity. So you had packed a few belongings and travelled down to Small Heath.  

There were a few things that your grandfather was eager to tell you about Small Heath when you first arrived. It was his home and he was proud of it but he cautioned you against some of the neighbors. The Shelbys, according to your father, were devils. He told you to stay as far from the Shelby family as you possibly could but, if you were to see them, be polite.  

“Are they really that bad?” You’d laughed at the stories your grandfather told you.  

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REQUEST: Sick Week [DedSec/Reader]

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Lol, I’ll try not to get sick. No guarantees though. The weather in New York suddenly got cooler, and I tend to get sick with the radical changes in temperature/weather conditions. It sucks. :P I tried to treat all the characters as equals… but I am very biased and uninspired for some of these. I won’t lie. 

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you see but i’m just too good at this.
i can never be in-between.
i am black and white,
never grey and i’ll never change.
and i can make you hate me.
i want you to spit my name out
like it burns, like it’s poison on your tongue.
i want it to make you sick.
“she’s fucking toxic,” you’d say.
“i dodged a bullet.”
i want you to say i’m insane,
that you never want to see me again.
i can make it happen,
i’m good at disappearing without a trace.
and i’ll do it.
because i can’t make you love me.
hate is the next best thing.

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The hunted by snow ghosts for Grindelwald manhunting graves???


You wandered through the willows
In the forest you were found
Trying to hide your footprints in the ground
It’s not so wise, if you try to run
It’s not so wise, you know I’ve won, you know I’ve won

Percival doesn’t stand a chance. 

I imagine this hunt to be like some sick Hunger Games. Grindelwald sets the rule, and at his signal Graves is free to go. He runs and runs, ignoring the ache in his side, ignoring how the rags he wears as clothes get caught in branches and brambles, slowing down his course. He only needs to reach the edge of the forest, Grindelwald had said. If he can live long enough to get there, he will be free. 

Of course, Graves doesn’t know that the forest is a fake. That once he reaches the edge and tries to go past it, he will encounter a solid shield that will send him crashing backwards into a tree while Grindelwald’s laugh echoes in his ears. 

Percival doesn’t know. So for now he runs, and he hopes. 

Night falls and Percival needs to get some sleep. He climbs up a tree, trying to ignore the cold settling in his bones, and settles into the most comfortable position he can. He dozes, waking up at the slightest sound he hears. His teeth are chattering. He can neither feel his toes -because of course, Grindelwald didn’t see fit to provide him shoes- nor the tip of his fingers. But all of that doesn’t matter, he thinks. It doesn’t matter because soon. Soon. 

He’ll be free. 

Graves thinks of the pie his Mama baked when he was a kid, of his first kiss with Theseus Scamander, of Seraphina’s laughter when they danced together at a MACUSA ball. He thinks of his parents’ pride when he made it to Director of Magical Security. He thinks of his Aurors. Of Tina. Of Credence Barebone. 

And he lives. Just a little longer.

When dawn breaks Percival is on the run again. He hungers and thirsts. He hears the sound of running water and seeks out the source, only for the precious liquid to disappear between his fingers once it gets close to his mouth. Percival grits his teeth. No matter what he collects the water with -his shirt, a leave, a hollow rock- it always vanishes. Percival understands. Grindelwald is having fun. Taunting him. Percival is not meant to survive to make it to the end. 

But he is Percival Graves, and he is a warrior, and he will make it or die trying.

That night Grindelwald sends direwolves after him. Huge, snarling beasts that Graves can’t fight. He’s so afraid he somehow manages to create fire wandlessly, despite the crushing hold Grindelwald keeps on his magic. He repels the creatures, but not before one of them catches his arm and bites down. Graves howls in pain, and there’s Grindelwald’s laughter echoing in his ears, louder and louder and louder- 

The wolves disappear. Graves sobs, uncaring if Grindelwald sees him and cradles his injured arm to his chest. The wound is ugly, messy, bloody, and Graves is pretty sure he heard bones snap. He pales when he does catch sight of the bone protruding from his arm and has to take a few deep breathes to avoid throwing up. 


He rips the rest of his shirt apart, half with magic and half with despair, until he can finally wrap the dirty cloth around his arm to try and slow the bleeding. That’ll have to do for now. 

He doesn’t run again. He walks. He sees the edge of the clearing nearby and his legs nearly buckle at the sight. But no. Not yet. Just a bit more. 

He feels dizzy with pain and blood loss but the light is getting clearer. The forest has become strangely silent as he walks. Closer to freedom. Forward. Forward. Always forward. 

He repeats it like a mantra in his head, going on by sheer force of will. 

The last tree. It’s there, it’s finally there 

- one step forward - one step more - 

- his hand reaches out, towards the light, towards the field he sees, towards safety - 

and Grindelwald laughs. 

just music hoe things

- that period of time when a song that just came out has no tabs or sheet music and you feel dead inside

- naming instruments

- singing along to every theme tune of every tv show

- harmonising while everyones singing in the car

- the moment of ‘shit i haven’t practiced in a week and my lesson is today’

- starting christmas songs in fucking august or some shit

- default songs that you absentmindedly play the second your instrument is to hand

- groaning when someone asks you to play but lowkey wanting to

- wanting a better one of your instrument but crying bc money

- feeling guilty about wanting a better one of your instrument bc attachment

- singing while working or cleaning or doing other boring things

- soundtrack is the best part of the movie

- sick to fucking death of c major chord progressions

- sheet music ingrained into your soul after all day rehearsals