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I just have a work day today and a day of classes tomorrow and I’ll be off my hiatus for about a week! I’m excited to post some of the doodles I’ve done during my breaks! (including the last one) 

I also reached 18k followers!! thank you guys so much for your support!  I’m usually bad at doing special stuff to celebrate. I might just let you guys send in any questions you have for me or something.   I wish I had the time to do requests but I’m forcing myself to not draw too much so I’m not burnt out while working on finals. Plus I’m too busy to do a giveaway 

if anyone has fun suggestions for what I could do just shoot me a message! 
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Aaron in white and grey 😍😍 Aaron and Robert walking beside each other sharing mutual hatred for the psycho kid 😍😍 Aaron being pleasantly surprised by dorky dad!robert 😍😍 dorky dad!robert trying to bond with Cain over being dorky dads 😍😍 Aaron being protective of his own 😍😍 Aaron ready to bring Lachlan down and being smug when he succeeds 😍😍 Aaron and Belle scenes 😍😍 Aaron opening up to Belle about how Robert broke his heart when he had every faith he wouldn’t even after the warnings 😭😩🆘

I actually hit 7k quite a while ago but I’ve decided now would be a good time to properly celebrate hitting this milestone! First off, thank you to everyone who has followed me - I love interacting with everyone on this site and seeing y’all in my notifications and ask box make me so happy!! 

I’ve been really getting back into moodboards lately so here’s how you can get one personally curated for you! 

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MY STOMACH HURTS (a darkstache)

Summary: Dark ate something bad. And he’s suffering. Based off current personal experiences. (Though not as severe lol). WARNING: VOMITING. Enjoy~

Dark groaned, hands flat at his sides. He hadn’t moved in over twenty minutes, his stomach in agonizing pain. He didn’t know what he’d eaten to make it feel this way, but it was something.

“If you just got sick, it would be over sooner~” Wilford chimed, coming in with some Squirt. “You could try drinking this? Maybe burping will help.”

“Get away from me.” Dark spat. “There’s no way that I’m going to drink that. And, I have never once thrown up. I’m not going to start now.”

Wilford shrugged and put the waste basket next to Dark. “Still, it might help.” He huffed.

Dark refused and suffered more.


Half hour later, the sound of vomiting was echoing through the room. Wilford rubbed his back, sighing. Dark barely had time to get to the waste basket, body going limp as soon as it started. Wilford of course demanded he lean over into the waste basket, and was now comforting him.

“It’ll be over soon.” He soothed.

“Wh-why does it hurt so bad?” Dark sputtered, before leaning back into the waste basket.

“I wish it was easier, my love.” He whispered, kissing his head. “Woulda made my first few hangovers more tolerable.”

When his stomach was finally empty, Dark leaned back, shivering and shuddering. Wilford pulled out a pocket square and dabbed the throw up off of his face.

“I hate existing.” Dark muttered quietly.

“Oh no you don’t.” Wilford smiled gently, playing with his hair lightly. “Feel better?”

“Ye-yes…” Dark admitted.

“Alright. I’ll go get some water for you to swish and throw this out.” Wilford told him, kissing his head once again before getting up.

Hm. Maybe I can’t fathom why policing stupid shit like fandom ships and fictional characters sexualities (that really AREN’T canon unless stated in a series itself, so it’s still HEADCANON regardless of what you say, dude) because outside of tumblr and my hobbies with fan art and writing, I have a life. And I also don’t feel a need to tell people what they can and can’t do or like when it’s not my business.

Maybe if you actually got off of tumblr and went outside and made some friends (which might be impossible for someone who has a personality like yours), you’d find that letting people have m/f ships is pretty okay, and that a canon male character being shipped with a female oc character got popular and it’s not a big fucking deal because it’s not actually hurting anyone.

You getting pissed off over fictional characters isn’t gay rights activism you fucking joke. You’re honestly really funny.

do carnists realise that slaughterhouses always kill animals using violence? that farm animals are killed using blunt force and sharp objects? do they realise their food doesn’t die by being “put to sleep”? they are literally bludgeoned and sliced to death? that slaughter isn’t humane, no not even when the farmer pinky-swears it?

20.11.17 // Monday // 13:26
🍁November Diary🍁

Sorry Guys for my absence,
but it’s too much work📖
and I’m a little bit sick🤦🏻‍♀️

Now, I’m sitting on a bed (with old blanket and tissue) and studying for Drug Chemistry presentation, which is tomorrow😒

Honestly, it’s not my favourite subject.

* I’ll answer your messages as soon as possible🌹

Edit: do you like Mondays ? 🤔