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Don't mind Hanamaki-chan, no one really care you don't have a horse dick nor you were big in the begin with. And even if you don't beat Iwaizumi and Matsukawa at it, you actually don't need it since they can't beat you at bottoming.

-”The best!”
=“Mattsun, for once in your life.. shut up.”

Even if they’re shameless, I am certain there are SOME things Makki is not comfortable talking about… :D 

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  • The Forest in the Garden

When I was much younger, I used to love to go on little ‘adventures’. My front and back yards and the parks I lived near seemed, at the time, endless, y’know? Like there were worlds to be explored, like I would find giants living between the trees if I looked hard enough… 

…well, I haven’t found anything like that quite yet. But hey, that’s no reason to stop looking right?

sorry for complaining so much idk i’m having a really bad time lately and there’s so much stuff happening rn in my life and on tumblr in the fandom and it’s just stressing me out, and i don’t deal well with stress at all. and i’m working every day until next wednesday.

so that’s why i’m not on very much lately i promise i’ll answer asks and whatnot whenever i’m up to it

my mums cancer is back and im unsure she’ll live through another round of treatment as well as radiotherapy its a very sad time in my familys life, but im so proud of her everyday for accomplishing so much always. if u have a mum u like and love a lot and treats you well dont forget to tell them how much u appreciate them for me please. small moments of gratitude and love are so nice

IM ABOUT TO BUST A LUNG HOLY FUCK AHDKSLDISND remember when we were getting worried because he tian looked way too calm and collected about guan shan’s deal with she li, well i would like to thank old xian and also jesus for everything about this chapter!!!!!!!