It kinda makes you feel bad when you tell someone you’re tired because you did something, and they respond with how much they did, as if you shouldn’t be tired.

Three weeks later than what I originally scheduled but I’m finally done! This was a secret project I’ve been working on since end April and honestly it was so hard not to spoil it. I had such a fun time making the wedding fanzine I thought why not do an actual book for real this time so I did!

Please excuse the terrible lighting I shot this at midnight lol , and thank you for putting up with the lack of art uploads while I concentrated on finishing this project!

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Scotland Bf head-canons it is, ILY2! {Slight break from papa stuff} 


  • Although he’s known for his, Interesting cuisine. He will make you breakfast in bed, trust me when I say this: Scots are best at breakfast. No way around it, for some reason that’s what Scots can cook (Says the girl who lives in a Scottish B&B)
  • Won’t wear a kilt unless it’s a formal occasion, aka: weddings, meetings, celildhs and balls and you better believe he works it like its Gucci.
  • Speaking of ceilidhs, he will TRY to be gentle when he’s tossing his S/o across the line but he can’t help it, it’s a really aggressive traditional ball that usually ends with someone on the floor laughing (If you don’t know what a ceilidh is here is a VERY controlled version of it
  • Okay, so maybe he has a drink every so often but he’ll control how much he drinks around his S/o, he doesn’t want them to see him drunk off his ass
  • He is surprisingly strong, if his S/o would join him he’d flaunt his strength at the highland games. Because hurling logs into the air is manly here
  • Really like his hair being stroked. His favorite pass him is to have his head on his S/o’s lap with their fingers running through his hair, he might even start singing some Gaelic songs. (Plus every one I know that is a ginger has extremely soft hair, like how?)
  • His solution for stopping an argument is hugging his S/o, So just picture in the middle of a heated argument and then being engulfed into a hug by the Scotsman
  • Loves telling ghost stories and going to the haunted areas of Edinburgh, he thinks it’s adorable when his S/o clings to him like a lost pup~
  • After a while (and alot of trust tests) He’ll let his S/o meet some of his magical friends, including nessie (The wee lad)
  • Is probably one of the biggest dorks you’ll ever meet, It’s probably a monthly occurrence to find him in blue paint, shirtless with a sword in one hand yelling “FREEDOM” At Arthur, who came to drop off some paperwork…

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any tips for someone who just started an aesthetic / moodboard blog? How did you get started and when did you start getting followers? Love you ❤️

Since it’s our blog’s birthday, let me imprint some wisdom onto you young one.

1. Don’t start any ask blog on your own. Chances are you will need help and support from others. I’m shite at coding, so Kosher steps in. Smoked is really good with music, and Table salt does lots of work with me. It’s easier because we get asks pretty quickly and if you’re on your own it can get hectic really fast.

2. Be creative, do something that other aesthetic blogs aren’t doing. Make something of your own to stand out, and not do the same thing as all other aesthetic blogs.

3. Face it, at first you won’t be getting lots of requests. It just won’t. Hell, at some points we had ten requests and we were like ‘shit how many’ now we get up to 15 or 20 per day. So to combat that, make your own aesthetics of things you want to.

4. Tag the living fuck out of them.

5. Make sure your blog is easily readable and make sure you have rules. All of us have our own boundaries and people should respect yours.

6. Don’t let the hate get to you. You are your own person doing this for yourself and your fandom. Bullshit from the outside won’t help. Just shake it off.

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7. Embrace any positive and negative feedback. If people tell you something isn’t working, look into it. You can always ask out aes blogs for advice.

8. If you love it, do it. Don’t let it consume you and don’t feel bad if it’s not going as fast as you thought it would. It took us a year to get some footing, and we are still figuring shit out. You can grow with this, and make sure you accept it and let it help you out.

9. Have fun.