Paul x Reader

I loved writing this! Thank you for requesting<3 I think Paul would be someone that doesn’t believe in ‘imperfections’, he believed everyone was uniquely perfect. Whenever he found out that someone was self-conscious he’d feel so upset for them and he’d want to shake them until they realised how wrong they were. So if any of you guys are struggling with body image and all that, then just remember Paul would love what you deemed as ‘imperfections’ <3

Request:Hi I was wondering if you can make an imagine with Paul about the reader being chubby and tall but she’s really insecure about it so he cheers her up. Please!! Also I love your blog 😍😍😍💓💓

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Flight Paths Home Pt. 2

Cas and Dean are roommates, neither one of them aware that the other is secretly flying around the city in the guise of a superhero saving innocent lives–even if they do regularly stitch each other up. Cas is quite convinced he’s in love with Dean however, yet Dean is interested in someone else. Someone he “works with.” Someone that later comes crashing through his window with a familiar face.

Rated T for violence.



I actually got a a request, which is here, that inspired this. I deviated some from what was wanted–mostly because I wasn’t comfortable making Cas and Dean enemies–but I still hope it goes okay ^-^

As someone who rarely required sleep, waking up from such was generally more challenging for Cas than it likely was for other people. He was unaccustomed to the sensation, and if he was asleep, it was usually because something had happened to him that had drained him of all his energy—which made waking up even more difficult.

As it were, he’d been trying to open his eyes for nearly half an hour, his lids seeming to weigh thousands of pounds in comparison to his typical strength. It wasn’t until he finally managed to crack them a slit—light filtering quickly in—that his brain began to fully function. Initially, his thoughts zeroed in on the pain throbbing up from his back. Which then allowed for more coherency as to why it was happening.

The night before was mostly a blur, Cas’s hand coming up to rub down his face as a soft groan escaped his throat. He remembered the attack, and then falling. He’d landed in a street, and somehow he’d managed to get airborne again. His wing had hardly been in working order, and it was only through sheer determination that he’d gotten home.

That was when his memory really started to fall apart. He’d been so relieved to be at his apartment that he’d given up any semblance of control. Yet something must have happened. He was in his bedroom, or so his slowly focusing eyes were telling him. Lying facedown on his bed, he could feel where the wrinkles of his pillowcase had indented into his skin.

But how had he gotten there…?

The question seemed to recall to him a kind of phantom pain, one that caused him to cringe as a few snippets flashed through his head. He’d come in through the balcony. Dean had been there. Dean had tried to help him and then…

Nothing. He didn’t remember.


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“There was a definite thing at the beginning of the casting process where they wanted to stick to English actors because of the nature of the history and the accents they were looking for. Thankfully for me, they were nice enough to widen their search a little bit. They just gathered a strange collection of heads and put them all together in the right way.”    – Joel Edgerton

“Hollywood has tendency to always love the pretty boy who is on the cover of magazines. I’m sick of it. It’s ridiculous. [These guys] don’t make $20 million, they’re actors. They are in it for the love of it. [They] loved being there, they show up every day ready to work, not complaining. Nobody’s running off to get on a jet.”   – “King Arthur” director Anthony Fuqua

Photo: Director Anthony Fuqua and cast during the filming of “King Arthur”

Q: “Have you ever used music as a soundtrack to sex?”

Ted Dwane: “Yeah, Jimi Hendrix”

Marcus Mumford: “Ted, this is the point where we say “No comment!”

Ted Dwane: “Amy Hendrix. It all works.”

“Which song do you want played at your funeral?”

Ted Dwane: “The Final Countdown by Europe.”

Winston Marshall: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Shania Twain- Man! I Feel Like A Woman!. That’s do it.

Ben Lovett: “The Beach Boys - Wouldn’t It Be Nice…to still be alive.”

Marcus Mumford: “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me by Dusty Springfield. I was listing to that at full volume in the car this week, singing along. Sick!”- Q magazine

All good songs, all good songs.

Why I'm Down With the Lady Disney Villians

-Pissed off she didn’t get invited to a party, which I totally agree with
-Just invite her
-She probably would have brought a nice gift
-You don’t always like all the people you invite to big events, especially if you own a KINGDOM, deal with it Mr and Mrs Beauty
-Pulls off amazing classic horned hat, like Lady Gaga or Bjork
-I mean, not to victim blame here but we all know by now that touching needles is a bad idea, right?!
-And she just put her to SLEEP it’s not like she shaved her head or something. I love sleeping. I would love to sleep forever until some boring hot guy wakes me up.
-Nothing against Sleeping Beauty, I respect the sisterhood, but honestly would you want to hang out with a girl who constantly talks with animals about her dream of a perfect man…or a lady who specifically chooses to wear black capes and is also a DRAGON. Just sayin’.

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Aw, dude, trust me, it’s no secret of mine.  Finding your ideal chill out mode or whatever is different for everybody!  Honestly, the perfect de-stress method comes through trial and error.

One tip I do have for you though: Sometimes you gotta just let yourself not care about things. I’m not saying be apathetic or lazy all the time or whatever, but trust me, man—anybody can get worked up if they let junk pile up on ‘em for too long.  You deserve a day off!

Need a little space to yourself?  Dude, don’t worry about what your friends are gonna think!  It’s nothing personal to say you need a day to yourself or whatever. Also, don’t feel like you gotta be productive, like, a thousand percent of the time, alright?  Even super workaholics rest sometimes.

Or at least, they should. Geez, does that Ford guy ever sleep?

As for like, actual stuff to do when you’re relaxing, that’s totally up to you.  Me? I’ll catch up on something I’ve been meaning to get to for a while, like a sick magazine or video game or whatever.  Soos? He’ll usually just hit an epic buffet or arcade and eat/play/both until he falls asleep.  Basically, the trick is to find something you really like to do, but something that isn’t too exerting.

If you’re going all out, then you gotta pay attention to your surroundings. Want to unwind to the max?  There’s always the classics:  Hot bath, scented candles, guided relaxation meditation…

Oh yeah, and high-intensity neon silly string wars.

Bottom line:  If you’ve earned a break, you’ve earned it.  Don’t feel guilty for it!  Find something fun, try your best to clear your head and stuff, and don’t worry for a second what other people think.

Seriously. If they judge you? I’ll silly string ‘em right where it hurts.


anonymous asked:

If this is really liam saying that.. this is makinh larries look like terrible people and i feel like throwing up honestly why can't the say anything in person /once/ but do it through magazines to humiliate a major part of the fandom

he LITERALLY spoke more about larry than he did anything else. like. who the fuck edited that article? who took the interview? who typed it all out? who proof read it? how did none of those people see anything fucking wrong with what they were doing. i literally feel sick. they used a magazine designed for lgbtqa people to attack lgbtqa people and its so fucked up