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Got7 Imagine: Jaebum as University / College Student
  • Requested by Anon
  • Got7 X Reader
  • Order from eldest to youngest member
  • YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW OFTEN I IMAGINE THESE 7 BOYS AS UNI/ COLLEGE STUDENTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REQUEST! Also, I feel like I’d over-write for each member so I’ll put this into 7 separate posts!
  • Inbox / Requests are OPEN
  • Masterlist

University AU list: Mark | Jackson | Jinyoung


  • Third/ Junior Year student
  • Major in Film Studies, Minor in Political History
  • Average grades
  • Best friends with Youngjae from the Music Department and Jinyoung who minors in Film studies as well
  • Known around campus as Daddy Material by the females and Badass with a sick bike by males. Chic and sexy by Jackson Wang
  • How he commutes to school: He rides his motorbike or drives the car if Youngjae or Jackson is late
  • Everyday outfit: With hair styled up, leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and converse. With hair down, oversize hoodie, jeans, and converse
  • Class Schedule: 11am-5pm classes. This boy dislikes waking up early or staying too late
  • At school majority of the time having himself stuck in the computer labs editing and analyzing film

During Class:

  • Sits near the middle/ and side of the hall, close to the stairs or steps
  • Has pen and paper and only jots down really important key notes
  • Sometimes he types his notes on his laptop if he feels lazy
  • Type of student to ask important or interesting questions at the professor
  • Hands in his assignment on time; fulfill the basic requirements
  • Tends to space out and or doze off, doesn’t try to hide it but does try to re-focus
  • Has a few friends in the same class but generally, his aura scares away some students
  • ALWAYS have at least something to drink in his bag or on the table
  • Only wears his glasses if he’s tired and not bothered to put in contacts
  • Scrolls his phone on pictures of Nora under the table if the class is boring
  • Gets to class on time and lingers for a while, chatting to his friends after class ends

During Breaks:

  • Can be seen around the cafeteria or at the school’s common area with his friends (the rest of got7)
  • If you don’t see him there he’s either napping by the sleeping pods on campus or in the computer labs working on his Film assignments
  • Sometimes he goes out of campus for lunch with his other uni/college friends
  • Or out to fill the bike’s tank
  • Usually, orders the chicken platter set and has any caffeinated drink
  • Talks to Jinyoung about their upcoming film projects while eating
  • Semi-controls himself when Yugyeom and Bam Bam messes with him
  • “Yah. If you don’t wanna die you better stop before I finish this drumstick.”
  • Wrestles Yugyeom and Bam Bam after he finishes his food
  • Has small domestic talks with Youngjae and Jackson since they are his dorm roommates
  • Probably plans in his mind what he should cook for dinner after school
  • And what to get later in the grocery store for the dorm and for Nora

During Exam Season:

  • He is like a stone sitting in front of the computer in the computer lab
  • His aura is so extra deadly and you can feel it from a mile away
  • Do NOT disturb him at any cost
  • Looks collected but is actually hella stressed inside
  • More easily to irritate and frustrate (Bam Bam and Yugyeom usually leaves him alone during exam seasons)
  • Mushroom hair 24/7. No time for hair when you gotta pass.
  • Type to work through the night and get a few hours of sleep before his morning class
  • Forgets to sleep or eat when he’s in high concentration mode
  • He is definitely the type to prioritize his major over his minor
  • Rushes his 10-page History thesis paper and studies for the exam the night before
  • Too tired to think after his exams are done and hibernate through the holiday
  • Relieve to find out he passes all his classes (It’s enough to pass in uni/college)

How he handles on-campus admirers:

  • Knows what the female population of the university/college thinks about him
  • Occasionally gets a screaming “DADDY BUM” at the hallways and gets embarrassed and a little annoyed
  • If he realized the outburst was actually from Jackson, he’d chuckle and patiently wait until when they get back to murder that poor child for embarrassing him in the hallway
  • If he’s approached with a confession, he’d be very flattered and shocked at the same time. (This boy honestly thinks he scares away people.)
  • Also would politely decline if he’s not interested, if the girl or guy persists, he’d tell them that he has Nora. (Not that they would know Nora’s actually a cat LOL)

How you meet him:

  • You actually first encounter Jaebum at a very very wrong way
  • It was exams season and everyone was stuck in their dorms working on projects
  • You were just taking a quick toilet break from studying one night
  • You were washing your hands when suddenly the water pipe bursts under the sink
  • It took you a while to shut off the water supply to your room and it resulted in a flooded bathroom
  • You were trying to drain the water from your tiny bathroom when you hear loud bangs on your complex door
  • You open the door to see a really pissed off Jaebum
  • Turns out the water that flooded your bathroom leaked into Jaebum’s personal bathroom
  • In which he used as a darkroom to develop films and photo negatives
  • Meaning that you ruined not only his darkroom; but also his final project for his class
  • Jaebum was actually fuming and ready to murder
  • But once he sees you apologizing non-stop, he was not as angry anymore
  • After all, it’s not like you intentionally flooded your own bathroom
  • Jaebum just sighs and walks into your bathroom, you follow behind
  • “If you have time to apologize, you have time to drain the water. I’ll help so hurry up.”
  • You apologize again and continued to drain your bathroom with Jaebums’ help
  • It took you guys a while and Jaebum was efficient enough to contact the student dorms landlord to schedule a plumber as soon as possible
  • You also go down to his shared complex and helped clean his bathroom/ darkroom
  • Jackson and Youngjae ends up helping as well while they subtly comforted you cause angry Jaebum can be very scary
  • By the end of all of the cleaning, it was already the next day at the crack of dawn
  • Jaebum sees you off at the stairs and you apologize again
  • “It’s okay, it’s not like you could control what happened.”
  • “I’m really sorry. If there’s anything you’d need me to do, I’d be more than willing to help.”
  • Jaebum takes your offer and promises to contact you if he thinks of anything
  • “Thank you for helping me clean up my bathroom.”
  • You were very still guilty and lowered your head to semi-bow at him
  • Jaebum genuinely feels bad for making you feel so guilty
  • He places his hand on your head and lightly ruffles your hair
  • “Don’t worry, I can always retake photographs. Thank you for helping me take my stuff out of my darkroom.”
  • He watches until you walks up to the upper floor and flashes you a reassuring smile
  • “Go get some sleep. Good luck with your exams.”
  • “Thank you, you too, Jaebum.”

anonymous asked:

fic title: right turn

[or: the motocross au i’ve always dreamed of writing] 

alex danvers crashed and burned - literally.

after a terrible accident in the world championships two years ago, both the danvers sisters disappeared from the motocross scene. in the absence, maggie sawyer rose to the top. a true cinderella story - with sawyer speaking honestly and openly about how she was kicked out of the house at fifteen for being gay, how she went to live with her aunt, uncle and cousins and it was her aunt who taught her how to ride. who took her to her first competition.

maggie sawyer is a success story of the greatest kind, but if there’s one thing the people love more than a cinderella story, it’s a comeback.

enter kara danvers.

after two years of near silence from the danver camp, kara shows up unannounced at a local motocross rally. one sawyer happens to be at, and it’s one that sawyer looses.

the motocross world is clamoring for details, but kara danvers is unfailing polite in interviews and speaks nothing of her sister, of the accident, or of the race.

and it’s not that maggie sawyer is angry, she’s curious.

so she visits the danvers’ camp and that’s when she meets alex danvers.

alex danvers who has custom built every bike kara uses. and who barely blinks when maggie knocks on the side of the trailer and goes “holy shit these are sick bikes.”

“i made them.” alex replies “of course they are.”

and cue maggie sawyer definitely not falling in love with her biggest competitors older sister. oh no, not at all.

except she is.

kara and maggie trade off wins across the motocross circuit, always polite, always laughing and good natured in interviews. and maggie ends up with her coach james having drinks with the danvers after rallys. and what’s some harmless flirting. and like, a kiss. just the one. however there’s a storm brewing in the danvers camp, and after kara loses two races in a row in shocking fashion, maggie is concerned.

thrilled, because winning,

but it’s not fun if your biggest competition isn’t racing well. plus, maggie /cares/ or something.

heavy on the something.

turns out kara’s distracted by alex. alex who is trying so hard to be supportive of her sister, and trying so hard to make karas dream come true. but watching kara live alex’s dream? it’s ripping alex apart.

and on the three anniversary of her accident, it’s the biggest rally of the year and kara drops out. says nothing else, but ‘i’m out for this one ’

maggie goes to find her, but only sees winn. resident tech expert for the danvers camp. maggie asks why kara dropped out and winn goes “I know you two are friends, or something, and you get along really well with alex. so, you deserve to know,

alex is missing.”

maggie’s stomach drops out.

she checks her phone and there’s a message from alex,

alex who’s drunk. alex who’s crying. alex who’s saying she’s trying to be a good sister to kara, but watching kara do this is ripping her apart.

maggie has to make a choice.

compete, probably win and secure her legacy as a legend of motocross.

or drop out,

and go find alex danvers.

james tells her the same thing he tells her before every race - trust your gut.

so maggie drops out.

she calls kara, who picks up at once and splutters “but the race,”

and maggie replies “but alex.”

they find alex, eventually. she’s at the track her dad taught her to ride at. she’s sitting there on her back, laid out on the s curve, looking up at the stars and for the first time since the accident, grieving for what she lost.

it isn’t easy after that - alex goes sober, both kara and maggie have to explain to sponsors what happened, why they dropped out.

[it’s ‘personal reasons’ and 'family stuff’]

and basically this is slow burn sanvers, with girls riding bikes and finding a new path after the world ends.

Rode with the one and only @eric_bones today. This is a garbage photo of his otherwise super sick bike. Check the story… we got into some trouble… broke many spokes and scraped some skins. Woof

I'm rereading Harry Potter and I have some burning questions
  • the book starts with Vernon Dursley going to work in the morning and all the wizards are already celebrating, so presumedly it’s November 1st. Hagrid drops Harry off at Privet Drive that night, and Dumbledore’s like “sick bike where’d you get it?” and Hagrid says, “Sirius.” two things: 1) Hagrid got that bike from Sirius when he got Harry out of the ruins of the cottage at Godric’s Hollow the night of the 31st, and obviously didn’t see Dumbledore until he dropped Harry off the following night. what did he do with Harry all day? fly all around the country with a baby? did they drop in on Order members? if so, who? I need to know this. and 2) when Hagrid mentions Sirius, he doesn’t say anything about him having betrayed James and Lily/been captured, so Sirius obviously hadn’t caught up with Wormtail yet. did Hagrid maybe take Harry to Sirius’s? why doesn’t anyone seem to care that Sirius is Harry’s godfather and should have gotten custody?
  • speaking of godfathers, McGonagall at one point says “what in the name of heaven” and, like, does she use this phrase because she’s a half-blood (with a minister for a dad), or are all wizards religious? they seem to take Merlin’s name in vain rather than Jesus’s, and religion is never mentioned, but Sirius is harry’s godfather, so Harry must have been christened/baptised. is that just cos Lily’s a muggleborn? did they have to explain the concept of godfathers to Sirius? did Lily have to explain religion to James? do they cover that in muggle studies? I need to know about wizards and religion and I need to know now.
  • so Petunia is like a year or two max older than Lily, right? so 23/24 in 1981, probably. in 1981 Vernon Dursley is the director of Grunnings, has a moustache and thinks “young people!!!” when he sees wizards wearing cloaks. he has got to be like 15 years older than Petunia AT LEAST. and I know that JKR is all like, “oh, Petunia took a typing course where she met Vernon and they went on dates to chip shops and got married in ‘77.“ but let’s be real here: she was his secretary, they had an affair, she got pregnant, they got married. the only other explanation is that they got married at 18 and a man in his early to mid-20s somehow convinced the world he is old enough to be a director of a drill company.
  • it’s no secret that the Dursleys are walking piles of humanoid rubbish, but I’m reading this series from the beginning for the first time in like 7 years (the Dursley stuff is played down in the later books) and I am agog tbh. people always try to play it off like "it’s magical! it’s for kids, it’s not meant to be taken seriously!” but Vernon literally says that he thought he could have beaten the magic out of Harry, and on September first he drives Harry, an 11-year-old child, to the busiest train station in the centre of London AND ABANDONS HIM THERE. the Dursleys did some fucked up shit but that is another level.
  • when Harry and Hagrid meet Quirrell in the Leaky Cauldron, Hagrid says something like, “he was fine when he was studying out of books, then he took a year off to travel and now he’s terrified of everything including his students.” which implies that Quirrell taught DADA for more than one year. I mean, you could read it as him taking a year out after finishing his education and then coming back to teach, but saying he’s now scared of the students makes it sound like he’s taught before. is this just a slip up or did turban Voldemort fix it so the curse didn’t apply to Quirrell? because now I’m just picturing AVPM Quirrell and Voldemort and feeling fond.
  • when Harry and Draco meet for the first time in Madam Malkins, he says that his dad’s off doing something and his mum’s looking at wands, and then he was dragging them off to look at broomsticks. my literal first thought was, “oh my god, Narcissa is buying Draco’s wand for him” and I really, really hope that’s true. I don’t even know why, I just really want mummy’s boy Draco to have gone to Ollivander’s and to have had to choose from a selection of suitable wands Narcissa picked out. cool, pureblood wands. no unicorn hair nonsense, for goodness sake, Draco.
  • why does Hagrid tell Harry that the only witch or wizards who went bad were in Slytherin? he knows at this point that Sirius betrayed Lily and James to Voldemort (supposedly). like, this is common knowledge. it can hardly have slipped his mind while he’s sitting talking to Sirius Black’s godson, can it? get your shit together, Hagger, and stop spreading discord. interhouse unity! togetherness!!!
  • Ron says that one of Molly’s second cousins is an accountant but they don’t talk about him. this isn’t really that relevant, I just like stuff that reminds me of how pureblood the Weasleys are. like there’s a squib in the family and they’ve completely cut him out. xcore Weasleys go hard for pureblooded prejudice.

anyway yeah I’m only 30% of the way through the first book so prepare for more posts like this, probably. I’m reading the SORCERER’S Stone instead of the PHILOSOPHER’S Stone and lemme tell ya, it’s agony. I feel bad for being shitty about Americanisms in HP fic when you guys were clearly so fucking misled by the publishers. Petunia Dursley would never say vacation. I’m so sorry.


Bunch of self indulgent doodles, over the last couple of days that I was able to sit down and draw lmao Modern/College AU, local bad boy’s forced to work with a girl who is waaa-hey too patient with him, eventually become best friends and eventually develop feelings…basically same as GW2 tbch, ‘cept they all got cell phones and Brennan has a sick bike because I can do that lol (I semi traced that bike tho ngl because I can’t draw those for shit)

I re-watched fury road and decided to make A List of Things I Love, it got a bit long but herE WE GO GIRLS:

  • Furiosa tearing up as she is driving, just before she goes off road
  • The ladies doing graffiti in their room before they escape fuck yeah vandalism im kidding dont vandalise stuff thats bad but the ladies were Making A Point ok
  • Miss Giddy standing up to Joe like hell yeah girl u tell him 
  • The flame throwers lmao ok who goes into a war like situation and is like “you know what this already adrenaline-filled, dangerous situation needs? Flame throwers. That’s what.”
  • “Also we need a guy suspended by bungee chord to play guitar. His guitar will also be a flame thrower”
  • Max being super bitter about them taking his stuff i feel u max i feel u 
  • Furiosa shedding a tear before the sandstorm scene like is she thinking about how she knows there is No Going Back now she Will Be Killed? but then nah Ace comes up and is all “why can’t you go back? what did you do?” and you can see her resolve harden and she is all fuck yes lets get to the green place and fucking punches him in the face and fangs it
  • Angharad looks super hella mad during like the entire scene with max pointing the gun and ordering them around i dont blame u babe
  • Furiosa tackling Max and just going to town on his faCE 
  • Dag tossing the bolt cutters to Furiosa without hesitation
  • Dag trying to get involved with the fight but Cheedo holding her back and Dag is just like let me fiGHT HIM 
  • Where did the ladies get the binoculars from??????????? like when they r looking at the gastown boys they just appear??????? u ladies r magic and i love it 
  • Max using the door to get out to fix the fuel pod but climbing back in through the window why max 
  • Dag biting nux
  • All of the ladies jump to help Furiosa when Nux attacks her 
  • Angharad throwing Nux out of the rig and Max is all ???wat is goin on fam????? 
  • hella sick bike tricks man 
  • Angharad leaning out the rig to protect Furiosa and Capable and Toast holding Angharad and Cheedo holding onto Capable and all 4 of them Glaring At Joe u go defy the man 
  • All of the ladies yelling at Max to go back for Angharad and Furiosa being SAD ;-;
  • Cheedo running back and looking like a virgin bride but then u get a close up look and all her makeup is smeared and running and it conflicts with that image of purity which is in my opinion really good directing bc Cheedo is said to be the only one that Joe hasn’t forced himself on
  • Dag saying “wring your hands and tear your hair but you’re not going back to him” its so catchy say it out loud 
  • Furiosa being super protective of all the girls and wanting them to stay together 
  • “mcfeasting”
  • Doof Warrior gets a spotlight for night time guitar thrashing lmao 
  • if you’re playing in the mud and i’m playing in the mud then whO’S DRIVING THE RIG???????????????
  • Max running to the rig then noping and running back to his tree for safety 
  • Max hugging the tree to help keep it upright u r doing a great job max im proud of u 
  • Furiosa pushing the rig i am convinced that it was Furiosa pushing and Furiosa pushing alone that got the rig moving again
  • The Vulvalini’s entrance, badass babes on bikes
  • Furiosa finding her family again honestly it gets me every time i tear up and my throat closes up and i jus t 
  • “this is our Furiosa”
  • From this point on im just crying ok Furiosa remembering the gesture and her face, our ladies and the many mothers all laughing and joking with each other, the many mothers giving each of the ladies clothes and accessories, keeper of the seeds and Dag interacting and bonding, Furiosa and the others offering Max a bike and a place with them. im just so emotional about this ok.
  • “we go back?” “yeah” “i thought you weren’t insane anymore” ok Dag u r precious but dont be rude ok Max is just trying to help
  • Keeper of the Seeds going “kaboom” and making the hand gesture and Dag does it at the same time ok they r best frens 
  • “it feels like hope” and Max and Furiosa just staring at Nux like way to drop the ball nux now they know u were listening to their conversation
  • Doof Warrior w his lil umbrella sleepin and then bein like aw shit whats happenin do i gotta play i better play 
  • Toast with her lil music box and Dag prying and after Toast asks what she’s doing it pans over to Keeper and she has this smirk on her face and i juST 
  • “One man, one bullet” a good life motto 
  • Capable leaning out the rig to see whats goin on when Max is climbing up to go cut the harpoon lines lmao pls dont do that capable u could get hurt
  • Toast asking Keeper if she is hurt and saying that she thinks she’s hurt to the others and Dag grabbing the Bag of Seeds for her and sitting with her i just y r u doing this 2 me y must u take the people i love away from me 
  • Furiosa climbing onto the gigahorse and she has no energy and is in so much pain but goddamn it she is going to do it to protect her lil fam
  • Cheedo knowing that Rictus would go to get her if the option presented itself, rather than Furiosa, so she was like lol ok so im gonna trick u so i can go help my gal
  • Rictus grabs Dag and then one of the Vulvalini is like no and SLAPS HIM IN THE FACE and then he hits her back and then one other the other Vulvalini gal sees that and is like nOT TODAY SON and starts screaming and goes to help her galpal out 
  • Furiosa fighting the prime imperator like just that whole scene 
  • [hisses] [screams]
  • The Vulvalini who shoots @ Rictus and hits his air tank and is like “dang might have to change the motto to ‘one man, occasionally 2 bullets’”
  • Furiosa sliding along the side of the car all bloody and bruised and determined 
  • Toast spitting on Joe’s dead body yes
  • all the ladies looking out for each other and making sure they are safe and helping each other im all about gals helping gals
  • Cheedo asking why Furiosa is wheezing and then when our Vulvalini biker gal explains she looks like she is about to burst into tears
  • in fact, Toast and Capable are crying 
  • :-)
  • Dag and the ladies helping Max to save Furiosa
  • everyone calling Furiosas name and chanting ‘let them up’ and then the war pups r like lol lets do it 
  • Furiosa holding Capable as they ascend 

sick video
Dragging kness and elbow

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