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Stavolta avevo perso. Avevo perso per davvero. Me ne andai. Me ne andai con gli occhi gonfi e le braccia stanche. E scusa se ti avevo promesso «io resto».
—  Macklemore
How can you not see what I see in you?
When you look at yourself in the mirror it seems the reflection you see must be different.
Because when I look at you I see an entire sky and all you see is a star.
—  v.m
Never take no for an answer. You have one chance to be something. On chance to make your foot print in this world. One life to live. Don’t let anyone take that away.
—  Coral-vellichor
Sick Lion

Prompt: Dans live on YouNow but phil comes in cause he’s sick and when he’s sick he acts like a child and depends on dan so dan tries to explain himself but just gives up and takes care of phil

Genre: Fluff?

A/N: I kinda rushed this? Sorry i was in the mood to write this but some way through i lost interest? And the title? I have no clue it was the thing i thought of. 

“You sure you’re going to be okay Phil?” Dan asked his boyfriend for the hundredth time. Phil was sick, and since he usually never gets sick, when he does it’s bad. Dan usually wouldn’t be asking Phil, but he had a liveshow to do in a few minutes. Although Phil had said before that he would be fine, Dan was asking again, he had no problem canceling and taking care of Phil. Phil however didn’t like to get in the way of Dan and his fans. He always felt terrible if he did.

“Promise Dan.” Phil chokes out with what little voice he has left. He brings his hand up and gently holds his sore throat. Dan reluctantly caved. He kissed Phil gently on the forehead and walked out to the lounge.

Phil could hear Dan talking and saying ‘hi’ to the viewers. Dan all the while was still worried about Phil. He was getting worse over the days.

What started as a small cough now has Phil laying in bed, a headache that makes him lightheaded with certain movements, a burning sensation that lies in his throat, his voice hardly there. To top it off there a pain in his stomach.

Dan was rambling on about Pokemon when Phil felt it. He felt the twisting pain in his stomach. Covering his hand with his mouth he shot up and ran through the house to the bathroom. He dropped to his knees, the remains of his stomach now in the toilet.

Holding his stomach, Phil realized that he can’t do this. When he was sick he always acted like a child. He was sort of like a little, but it was only when he was sick.

Pulling himself to his feet, he grabs onto the counter. His vision went black for a moment as dizziness crashed into him. Letting his hand run against the wall, he walked to the lounge where Dan was.

“Phil, hey,” Dan smiles gently. Phil rushes over as fast as he can, ignoring the lightheaded feeling that he has and sits beside Dan. Dan’s arm snaked around Phil and pulled him close.

Phil was burring himself in Dan’s side as much as he could.

“Phil’s quieter than usual” Dan read from the chatbox, “Yeah, he’s sick.” Phil looked at the chatbox and read some of the responses.

Aw :( Poor Phil
Feel better Phil!
He’s adorable when he’s sick (im weird okay)

Dan knew that Phil acted like a little when he was sick. Dan knew that Phil was the kind of person to help others when he can, and not worry about himself, so when he was sick, Phil wanted to be taken care of and Dan was more than happy to oblige.

“ ‘Why is Phil acting like a kid?’” Dan read. Phil was more clingy like a child, and everyone was noticing. Phil held his stomach and Dan ran his hand gently over his back. “You see, when Phil is sick he uh, well he acts like a child.”

The chatbox blew up. Many people didn’t get why, others did. “No, it’s not annoying. He just - well he -” Dan wasn’t sure how else to explain it to his fans, without bringing up the fact that Phil may act like a little.

“Well, I’m gonna go so I can get Phil taken care of. Bye guys,” Dan ended the liveshow quickly and turned to Phil. “Hey, Lion, how you feel?”

“It hurts,” Phil mumbled into Dan’s side.

“What hurts Lion? You’re head? Throat?”

“M tummy,” Phil whimpered basically clutching his stomach. His eyes shot open as he felt it. That familiar twisting. Shooting up, he ran to the bathroom, Dan calling after him.

Dan walked in and sat beside Phil rubbing his back. Once Phil was done he fell into Dan. Tears pooling in his eyes. “Lion, it’s okay. Shh don’t cry.” Dan whispers softly. “Come on, I’ll get you some medicine and you can sleep, yeah? Sound like a plan?”

Phil nodded slowly and Dan picked him up. Phil’s arms wrapped around Dan instantly and he buried his face in Dan’s neck. Dan smiled to himself. It may sound rude, but Dan loved it when Phil was sick. It meant it was his chance to take care of Phil, the only person Dan knows who doesn’t care for himself as much as he does others.

Dan carried Phil down the hall to their room. Setting him gently on the bed Dan then digs through his wardrobe and gives Phil his biggest hoodie to wear. “Lay down okay? I’ll be right back.” Dan promises and runs out of the room.

Phil’s head is pounding even worse when Dan comes back in five minutes later. Phil smiles as best he can and makes grabbing hands towards Dan, who laughs gently. “Hi to you to baby.”

In one hand Dan has medicine which he sets on the stand beside their bed and in the other he has a small trash bin, in case Phil has to throw up any more.

Giving Phil the medicine Dan climbs into bed beside him. Phil cuddles as physically close as possible to Dan. Dan runs his hand through Phil’s hair and pulls him close.

“S-story?” Phil stutters out. Dan smiles and gently kisses Phil’s burning forehead. When Phil was sick and wanted Dan to take care of him, he usually wanted Dan to tell him stories. It usually made Phil feel closer to Dan. Dan thinks for a minute before deciding to tell Phil his favorite story. The story of how they met.

“Of course, Lion.”


Rei + being worried about Nagisa (◕‿◕✿)

  • Girl group : *releases comeback*
  • Y'all: don't get me wrong I love them it's just that this is a total copy of another girl group! I mean, like, they're breathing!1!1!1 where is the originality? Ugh and I'm so sick of them wearing short skirts, I don't like knowing that they have legs, it's just wrong. Their last comeback was better anyway, but oNCE AGAIN, THEY. WERE. COPYING. OTHER. GIRLS. THAT. BREATH. Ugh, this is why I like boy groups more! They're so original and cuter wow


  • Mukuro feeling like an actual person and not just as some object
  • Makoto helping Mukuro overcome her ptsd
  • Mukuro carrying Makoto bridal style whenever he gets the least bit injured
  • Makoto getting Mukuro a pet bunny for her birthday
  • Mukuro being over-protective and when called out on it she gets all flustered
Sick Night: Loki x Reader

(Short, written on phone)


You groaned again, heaving for all you were worth, certain nothing was left inside you. To your dismay, more came out and the hand gently rubbing your back in cool soothing circles reached to flush the toilet for you. Grunting in thanks, you pushed away from the toilet, leaning into Loki’s chest, head tilted back as you tried to wipe the watery tears that clouded your vision.
Loki returned his hand to stroking your back, the other still holding your hair away from your face.
“It’s alright.” Loki murmured, his voice low and comforting. He reached for the wash cloth resting on the sink and helped you wipe off your mouth before laying it on the base of your neck.
“Sorry that you’re seeing me like this.” You finally managed to mumble.
Loki chuckled, “I don’t mind.”
You raised an eyebrow, doubting him.
“Well, it’s unpleasant,” Loki wrinkled his nose, inclining his head at the toilet, “but I hate to see you suffering. So anything I can do to help, that is what I focus on.”
“At least you’re honest, god of lies.” You tried to smile but the effort was too much.
Loki laughed again, “I have my moments, just as when I say I love you.”
“Your hands are nice and cool on my back, don’t move.” You closed your eyes again, resting your head in the crook of his neck. Loki gently brushed his fingers through your hair, humming a tune that you didn’t recognize and a language you didn’t understand. Nonetheless, it felt warm and comforting and seemed to soothe the roiling churning in your stomach and you managed a faint smile.
“Let’s get you to bed.” Loki’s voice roused you from your stupor and you whined, not even realizing you had fallen asleep. “Come now, I’ll carry you if I must. You’ll thank me in the morning when you don’t wake up on the floor in here.”
“You’d leave me in here?”
Loki rolled his eyes, “I certainly don’t want to sleep on the floor in here. Are you going to make me carry you?”
You smiled, “please? It’s been so long.”
“Very well,” the corner of Loki’s mouth quirked, hints of a good natured smile forming, “but you will certainly owe me.”
“Yea, alright, can’t trust you to be nice without ulterior motives.” You grumbled as Loki easily lifted you up.
“A kiss will suffice, once you’re healthy of course.”
“If I had to only pay you in kisses to be carried everywhere, I’d never walk again.”
“That might be worth it.” Loki replied, sinking into bed, still holding you in his arms. His chilly body felt heavenly against your feverish skin and you sighed, eyes drifting shut once more as sleep overcame you again.



Since the 90s fashion Eggs Benedict and 90s Ennard/Mike posts went a bit… mad…. 


The premise is this:

Instead of bailing into the sewers, Ennard is no longer a 7 foot tall murderbot and is now an adorable squished and compressed down 4 foot 90s cool kid. He has his freedom and now he wants to go out and do wicked fun things with his time! 

However Mike is less than pleased at the arrival of his unexpected robot kid. He is a massive grump about it all, I mean, how uncool. Being a purple zombie is gotta be kind radical right? Well he’s there to reign in the naughty antics of his “brother” that he has reluctantly taken into his home in order to stop the nosy Parkers next door from getting too suspicious and calling the cops. WAAAAY UNCOOL. 


So, I am open to include others into this spinoff! 

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Me to drama script writers every time the plot goes to hell...