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Would you please continue "Renewed"? You cannot possibly leave us in the lurch before the wedding - that's downright cruel ;-) Thank you in advance ladies- I'm looking forward to your stories every single day!

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More Renewed please!!!!!!

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may we have more “Renewed”- now that they are finally married? How will their life together pan out - at this age surely not such an easy adaption. Perhaps a totally unexpected pregnancy?? That would be great- and thank you so much for your daily effort to bring us happiness. It’s greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work.

As requested…Renewed:

Despite his protests, Colum had kept him late. There’d been a specific job Colum had wanted completed by the end of the day and Jamie, it seemed, was the only one capable enough of completing said task.

Claire’s mystery sickness had been sitting heavy in his mind and heart all night and Colum’s insistence that he stay had only increased the feeling of trepidation. She’d had her appointment earlier in the day and he’d hoped that she might call him with news. Of course, knowing Claire’s insistence that he wouldn’t ever contact him at work unless it was an absolute emergency, she’d be holding up at home waiting to tell him the news.   

It wasn’t a long task, and before he knew it he’d clocked off and was racing through the icy streets home. The ground was still coated in a wee smattering of snow, and his workbooks slid along the slick pavement as he jogged down the small cycle path that ran alongside the Clyde. The feeling grew heavier with each step he took, the same thoughts running through his head. It hadn’t been something terrible – she hadn’t called.

Though what if it was? What if something was desperately wrong?

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{PART 3} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. GOT7)

Genre: Angst

Summary: Jaebum arrives at the hospital to wait with Jackson and the other boys for news about your surgery. Will he be able to tell them where he really was?

Please note that this scenario contains mentions of road/car accidents, cheating, hospitals, surgery, blood and comas.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4}

Arriving at the hospital in record time, Jaebum sprinted his way towards the escalators – running as fast as he could to the top while managing to frighten the younger looking receptionist behind the desk, doing her daily night shift as she often did.

“My girlfriend” he gasped as he felt his lungs burn now that he stopped to catch his breath “My girlfriend (Y/N) was taken here a few hours ago and now she’s in surgery, can you tell me where she is? My friends are here waiting for her – there’s 6 of them” he said all in one go, leaning over the desk and feeling like he was about to pass out. The receptionist gave him a strange, unfamiliar look while she checked your information on her computer.

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in his heart of hearts

written for @bellamyspirate for Bellarke Secret Santa 2016

beta’d by the lovely @missemarissa

“Guardsman Blake.” Captain Miller falls into step beside him on his way to home from his post on Sunday evening. “There’s been a change in assignments.”

Bellamy stops walking and steps to the side of the corridor, turning to face his superior. “Sir?”

“You have been reassigned to Medical, effective tomorrow morning.” Captain Miller pulls a keycard out from his pocket and holds it out. “Same hours, just a different location.”

Bellamy takes the card with a frown. “Did I do something wrong, sir?”

Since graduating from his guard training, his post had been monitoring the youth rec center. It wasn’t the most glamorous position, but sometimes one of the kids would play the piano in the corner of the room, and he always liked to listen to the music. He was in no position to argue with his commanding officer, but he wasn’t too keen on spending all his shifts with sick people.

“On the contrary, actually.” Captain Miller steps closer and lowers his voice. “Councilwoman Griffin requested you specifically.”


Abigail Griffin was as close to Ark royalty as you could get without being the Chancellor. She had a seat on the council, was the Chief of Surgery, and her husband was the engineer responsible for solving the Ark’s recent oxygen deficit. While Bellamy was sure that Jake Griffin was a genius in his own right, people often forgot that a mechanic from his own Factory Station, Raven Reyes, had a key part in solving the problem.

“Her daughter is a medical apprentice now, and Councilwoman Griffin requested that only the best of our recruits is assigned to her shift.” Captain Miller tells him with a conspiring wink.

Bellamy bristles. Though he appreciates the compliment, this is just the kind of behavior that reminds him that the people from Alpha station are nothing but entitled pricks. What makes Princess Griffin so special that she needs a better guard than anyone else?

Instead of saying any of this, Bellamy nods and pockets the keycard. “I’ll be on my way then, sir.”

“Good man.” Captain Miller claps him on the shoulder. “And Guardsman Blake? Let’s keep that information between us.”

Bellamy smiles tightly. He’s always been good at keeping secrets. [AO3]

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Darlin’ Part One (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

 Word Count: 663

Warnings: Abusive relationship hints, mild swearing

You had invited the boys over. You had thought it would help. But that would be too easy. No, you just felt more drained, if that was even possible. You love them, you really do, but god, they were so oblivious. Part of you had hoped they would notice that your nervous ticks were back, just like him, so you wouldn’t have to start the conversation. The guilt was eating you alive but you didn’t want to upset anyone. This wasn’t going to end well.

You woke up with a groan, your headache from earlier worse. The stress was literally making you sick. You felt a shift and remembered that you had invited Thomas over.
“Shit. I didn’t- why did you let me fall asleep- on you?”
“It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” he said, sitting up and pulling you gently with. “But why is James Reynolds texting you? I thought you two were done. You know what he does to you.”
“I- what? He- we’re not back together, he j-just ran into me a f-few weeks ago a-and I think,” you took breath before continuing. “He’s really changed this time, Thomas.”
“You said he had changed last time and it was worse. I don’t believe you.”
You sat up and began picking at your lips, talking around it, “He- he isn’t mad at me anymore. A-and he apologized!”
“(Y/N), he can’t apologize for what he did to you. Why are we not enough for you?” he said as he slowly brought his hand up to cup your cheek.
“Thomas, I- y-you’re mad at me- I wasn’t going to tell you- I-I knew it would m-make you mad-” You cursed yourself for stuttering. It’s not like you. Only ever with Thomas-
“I’m not mad at you, darlin’. I could never be mad at you. I’m mad at him. I need to talk to him. He’s not going to talk to you anymore-” As he talked, you looked over his shoulder, knowing that the second you looked into his eyes you would begin to cry. He knew you so well and was always able to see right through you. He kept talking and you closed your eyes, smiling a little because you could picture him squinting without his glasses perfectly after seeing it so many times, and he could just talk and talk. You had forgiven James. You weren’t mad at him anymore. You were just so tired of being mad and hating. And he didn’t hate you anymore. Even with Thomas and the rest of the guys trying to keep him from you, he had managed to make the past year hell. You still didn’t know what you did to make him so angry at you. But he wasn’t anymore and you would do whatever it took to keep it that way.
“(Y/N)? You look funny. Can you look at me?” His voice was suddenly soft and quiet. You opened your eyes slowly and glanced at him.
“It’s j-just a headache- I h-have them all the t-time, you know that.”
“It’s different. Why don’t you go back to sleep. I have to head out for a bit. I can come back when I’m done if you want.” The way he spoke you knew it was more of an order than an instruction, and you knew better than to argue with him about it.
“I very much want you back! I-I mean- y-yeah- sure-,” you mumbled, feeling your cheeks grow warm. You laid down, trying to cover your face as he chuckled and stood, changing shirts and slipping his glasses on.
“I’ll be back shortly, darlin’.” You smiled at the name and watched him leave. It occurred to you as you drifted off to sleep that yesterday he had said that he didn’t have anything going on all weekend. You frowned. You must have done something to make him leave.

So I just started my fist Job a month ago (on the 14th of March precisely) at the place where a Smile meets a Giggle.

It’s good I enjoy it but I feel awful for my manager, the AM has been calling in sick, dropping shifts and generally being a bitch leaving the manager to scramble to pic up shifts.
My scheduled hours are 4 per week, but on my first 4 days I worked two hours to cover he AM’S lazy ass and my Boss has come to depend on me, the month old new girl to help.
Such as tomorrow she’s asked me in at 8 instead of 9 to help open and sort out the ginormous list of things that need to be done.

Prompt: "Imagine Bones (tos DeForest Kelly preferably bevause he’s adorable and a great space grump) chasing you around the Enterprise bevause you keep avoiding exams and he ends up having Jim or one of the crew help corral you into the bay to get checked?“ - Anon

Word Count: 650

Author’s Note: I only just started watching TOS recently, so I haven’t had a chance to really get the flavour of the characters down yet. Generally, I will be writing for the Reboot characters, but I think this turned out sufficiently DeForest Kelley-like. Enjoy!

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You know, “Blaziken” is pretty lazy as far as pun names go. It’s barely even trying.

I read my schedule wrong and showed up five and a half hours early for work this morning, after powering through an upset stomach that lasted the whole night. Then I took the bus home to try to catch up on some rest, but that only made my stomach feel worse. In the end I called in sick for a shift I had already shown up for. I feel like garbage, inside and out.

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"we just had sex and it’s the morning after and i woke up to an empty bed and how could i be so stupid of course you left me alone but wait you’re in my kitchen cooking me breakfast and i’m so relieved" + Warren please? Thanks love!

Warren Worthington iii + this prompt

A/N: I’m gonna tag my fave @kurtwxgners bc we were literally talking about this the other day

Your eyes flutter open as the morning light streams through the slats of your blinds, illuminating the room. Smiling in satisfaction as you remember the night before, you roll over, languidly stretching out your sore muscles, but the brief moment of contentment is brought to an abrupt halt as you find the sheets beside you cold and empty. Your heart sinks as your hands reach across the bed, and the mixture of heartache and resignation that threatens to overwhelm you leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Of course Warren was never going to stay, don’t be so naïve, you knew his reputation and you took him home anyway you think to yourself, angrily swiping a hand over your eyes to dispel the tears collecting there before they can fall. You allow yourself a few more seconds to wallow in your self-pity before begrudgingly hauling yourself upright, swinging your legs over the side of your bed and rising to your feet. Grabbing a sweater off the floor, you pull it over your head before exiting your room in search of coffee.

Heading to your tiny kitchen, you’re seriously entertaining the idea of calling in sick to your shift at the bar so you don’t run the risk of seeing Warren there, when you look up and freeze, because your bed may have been empty this morning but your kitchen is most definitely not empty. Warren is standing by your coffee machine in only his boxers, the sun from the window illuminating his wings and his curls and making him look like he’s glowing. Your breath catches slightly in your throat, one hand flying unconsciously to your mouth because he stayed, and he’s here, in your kitchen making you coffee. He hasn’t noticed you yet, so you cross the room to him as quietly as possible, winding your arms around his waist and pressing a kiss between his shoulder blades, directly above the joint of his wings. Warren’s whole body tenses and then relaxes as you wrap yourself around him.

“Good morning, babygirl,” he murmurs, low and fond as he carefully manoeuvres you around his wings so that he can pull you into his chest. You beam at him, leaning into his touch as he tilts your face up to kiss you softly.