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They done did gave me a show where I get to talk about why movies are awesome. It’s done. It happened. You should watch it. You might…pause for effect…Enjoy the Show!

okay but leoji date at an amusement park

because they definitely would go pls

  • Leo would win Guanghong a plush from one of those carneval type stands. Guanghong would protest because they cost extra but Leo would insist, he would win and Guanghong would be carrying a huge hamster for the rest of the day
  • Leo also gets Guanghong a balloon. Cue Guanghong hiding his face behind his hamster. 
  • They’d walk super close, holding hands so that neither of them can get lost in the crowds but also because they want to be close to one another.
  • Guanghong would be surprisingly okay with high speed roller coasters. Leo would be the one with a weaker stomach, and he’d need a break after they went on the biggest coaster in the park.
  • Guanghong would get sick from the spinny rides, though, so they end up taking a break for ice cream after a particularly violent ride.
  • They do one of those 4D shooter type rides and win the highest score accumulated.
  • Neither notices how long the lines are because they’re so wrapped up in each other, happily chattering away and holding hands (and also holding the hamster, whom they name Viktor)
  • They definitely go into an overpriced photobooth. The last picture features Leo kissing Guanghong’s cheek with Guanghong blushing bright red.
  • They go on the carousel at least once. Leo and Guanghong sneak a photo for Instagram, but only one because they want to enjoy the day together. 
  • Guanghong gives his balloon to a crying kid and Leo falls a little bit more in love.
  • One of the last rides they go on is the ferris wheel. Instead of staring at the pretty lights, they just collapse against each other and sit in comfortable silence, enjoying each other’s prescence instead.
  • They end up buying a funnel cake to share. They find a place near a lighted fountain, Leo’s arm slung around Guanghong’s shoulders as they sit and enjoy their snack. That’s how they end the evening - wrapped up in each other and smiling, laughing, and over all just enjoying being in love.

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Hmmm I feel like I don't see enough second year love;) aside from our brofest that is Tanaka and Noya of course lol. Soooo can we see the 2nd years during final exams? Whether it's a mild nuisance that interrupts a study session, or the full on flu that hits in the middle of an exam lol I just want the spotlight on our 2nd years please. Thanks bunches!!

  • okay, first we have to break down what classes the squad are in. (japanese classrooms are arranged by student year-student group, so like 1-4 is first year, class four) tanaka is in class 2-1; kinoshita is in class 2-2; nishinoya is in class 2-3; narita and ennoshita are both in class 2-4.
  • on this particular friday they all have tests on the same day, because it’s midterms and exams are hell like that. ennoshita and narita are taking their chemistry exam, kinoshita has history, noya and tanaka both have math tests.
  • they spend every day after practice at tanaka’s house, studying furiously (during the times they’re not seeing who can catch the most popcorn in their mouth or trying to master the water bottle flip). they share snacks, drink from the same glasses without realizing it, and it’s pretty much a golden opportunity to pass around anything someone else might have.
  • they don’t realize it at the time, of course; but kinoshita’s been feeling a bit run down all week. he hopes he just hasn’t been getting enough sleep, and that it will pass soon enough; but it doesn’t seem to want to pass.
  • in fact, he wakes up on exam day with a pulsing headache and stars that explode when he opens his eyes. just sitting up makes him nauseous, but he swallows back his sickness when faced with the knowledge that he has to go to school.
  • if he misses this test, he will fail. if he fails, he’ll fail the class, and he won’t be able to stay on the volleyball team. this cannot happen.
  • that’s the mental process every one of the boys goes through when they wake up that morning to be confronted with churning stomachs, pounding heads, and fever chills. they have to get to school.
  • for some, sneaking out undetected is easy. others have a harder time. tanaka has to sprint to make it out of the house before saeko realizes something’s wrong, and kinoshita almost gets caught when his younger sister exclaims, “’sashi-nii is hot! is he okay?” at breakfast.
  • inevitably, they all make it to school and sit for their exams.
  • to nishinoya, the entire room seems to be spinning. he hasn’t been able to stop shaking for what feels like hours; his stomach is roiling, and when he tries to focus on the numbers in front of him they all blur together. just looking around makes him dizzy, so he focuses on holding his head up and writing whatever answer seems like it could make sense.
  • kinoshita can’t remember anything at all. his mind is a muddled mess; he finds himself drifting away, barely able to remember what he’s supposed to be doing or why he feels so hot. he unbuttons the top few buttons of his shirt, but for the duration of the exam he’s left pulling at his collar, flush-faced and trying desperately to stay awake and coherent.
  • tanaka has a bitter taste in his mouth, and a curdled sensation in his gut that lasts through the entire exam. midway through geometric equations, his stomach starts to burble loudly. he tries everything, from hugging it to sucking it in, but he can’t seem to quiet himself. no matter what he does, it only seems to make the nausea worse, and he begins to fear spewing all over his exam.
  • narita and ennoshita, at least, are suffering together. as soon as they see each others’ haggard appearances, they deduce what must have happened.
  • narita is slumped over his desk, pen moving manically across the paper. half of his words drift off into illegible scribbles as he struggles to fight off the fever trying to melt his brain. if that wasn’t enough he keeps trembling, chills wracking his body to the point that he can barely keep a grip on his pen.
  • ennoshita fares no better. the nausea is bad for him as well; he keeps muffling airy burps in his mouth, swallowing them down past a dry throat. his head spins whenever he thinks too hard, and he feels faint, but he’s determined to see this exam through until the end.
  • by some miracle, they all manage to make it through their respective exams without vomiting or passing out, though it’s a near-miss.
  • by the time exams are collected, kinoshita is so drained that he slumps forward over his desk, head pillowed in his arms. he’s only roused when the teacher begins to shake him; and, feeling how hot he is, escorts the groggy boy to the nurse. kinoshita falls asleep on the cot until his mother comes to pick him up.
  • tanaka runs out of his classroom – nearly bowling over a woozy nishinoya. he rushes straight for the water fountain, the closest thing to a bathroom he can get to without running down an entire flight of stairs, and winds up emptying the contents of his churning stomach there. the reactions of his peers are horrified, but by this point tanaka is too sick to care.
  • nishinoya slumps against the wall, staring at the sorry state of his friend, as realization dawns on him slowly. if he and ryuu are this sick, maybe they’re all sick.
  • he stumbles across the hall to 2-4, and the first thing he sees is ennoshita weakly trying to shake narita back to coherency.
  • “oh man,” nishinoya murmurs. “this is really bad, huh?”
  • “he’s so warm… he won’t look at me. kazu, lift up your head. hey.” ennoshita shakes his friend by the shoulder, but narita only groans in response.
  • in the end, all three boys give up trying to get anywhere. their bodies are too worn out by fever for them to move, and they definitely can’t walk home like this. nishinoya winds up calling saeko, who comes to pick four of the five boys up (after kinoshita texts saying he got a ride already). she spends the ride back alternatively fussing over “her boys” and berating them for going to school when they’re so sick.
  • tanaka hiccups miserably in the back seat. ennoshita holds his stomach, breathing heavily. narita is slumped against the window, half conscious. somehow, nishinoya has stretched himself out in all of their laps, and is dead asleep by this point.
  • the flu winds up taking them out of practice – and school – for three days following the weekend. considering they got their exams finished (and probably failed them) the boys consider this an acceptable sacrifice.

every time Ride comes on in the car

Dianakko fanfic~ Sick of Losing Soulmates

Part 1/???

Summary: In a world where you can find out who your soul mate is with their final breath, it is reasonable why Diana grew up to be who she is now. (Soulmate Au- where they are words of soulmate’s is on your skin of when you first meet them or your last.)


Words were dangerous. They were able to do impossible things to a person that no one would fully comprehend. They made people feel emotions of vast range but two of them being the most prominent. Love and fear.

Words were written against your skin, a fate that no one would never figure out. Often in a blend of two or more colours that sends you into panic or joy when they are first seen, printed on your body. Red, the solid colour within the words for when you first meet your soul mate were common, often in their handwriting to solidify the bond.

It’s the one colour you would want to see.

If you see it, printed in a font that was not your own, you grow bold, excited, taking choices that would lead to more chances of the inevitable meeting to happen. Then at your young age of when they came, you show your parents and look in confusion as they cry.

It’s only then, they tell you it’s that they cry for happiness. Their tears for joy that your skin wasn’t cursed of the ink of black.

Black kills.

Drains your face of colour when you see words in a font you’ve never seen before, bold and thick, in a harsh form that sends another wave of shock that you don’t see the wanted colour of red anywhere.

Just words in solid black ink.

In the confusion that fills your day, you go to your parents, your friends, the people who care and love you and ask a question so innocent it’s broken within minutes.

Black words makes their expression morph to horror, shock, anger, sadness and every dead emotion in between. Then, the truth comes out, the story, the curse, the sudden gasp of realisation of what kind of life is branded on your skin. That the black words cut on your skin kills, that the words spoken and heard makes your heart skips a beat and then shatter in two.

Black words are the words you last hear of whoever was your happy ending, the perfect person, the love of your life, your soul mate…before they die in your arms.

Black are the words, hidden under a masking spell, that Diana wears everyday.


Diana looked at her newly wed cousin. Dressed in a gown of white, a veil covering her pinned blonde hair as the sapphires in her eyes glistened with tears. There was a sad smile on her face, one that dressed the real emotion underneath that Diana could see all too clearly. The look of pity.

“Are you sure you need to leave early, it’s not uncommon for unmarried bridesmaid to find someone at a wedding.” Diana hides the wince under a more believable sad smile. “I’m afraid any boys would be sad to know that they don’t fit my fancy.” She answers, the grip on her hand tightens briefly as the implication travelled through.

She knows she means well. She’s one of the few extended family members who did. Not everyone would personally invite a curse to their wedding, even if it was family. “Okay then,” Her cousin breathed, a genuine sad smile on her face as she crouched down to hug her. One where Diana gave back, holding to her dress tightly as she could. “You stay safe okay little Dana,” she whispers, her voice breaking with each word spoken. Diana nods her head, too buried within the lacing of dress that she can’t respond. If she did then there would be two Cavendishes crying and that would cause problems.

“I’m sorry you had to leave now.” Diana shook her head, voice muffled, even if she turns her head. “It’s alright, it’s not your fault Elizabeth.” She assures, though the lie feels poisonous and foreign on her tongue. She doesn’t wants to leave her wedding, not after dreaming about it with her when they were younger. But she has to, the beautiful scenery, the exposed words, the empty promise on the altar. It’s all too much after a while. She had to leave before it overwhelmed her even more. Even it meant just staying for the formal event alone.

Besides, the stares on the back of her head and the mutters and whispers in the day still lingered enough to keep her up at night. Turns out magic can’t hide all of the secrets from piercing eyes.

“I hope you and Alex get your happy ever after.” She says as she pulled away from her hug with such reluctance. “I’ll send you all the stupid photos of the party if you want.” Elizabeth laughs as she stand back up.

“I’ll hold you on that.” Diana nods, straightening her Luna Nova uniform and adjusting the ribbon on her waist. Elizabeth smiles at her, brushing the strands of hair from her face as she pats her cheeks lightly. Flickering her wand out of air, she mutters the incantation, blue neon lights swirling around as the painting of what was once a beautiful countryside resort turned into the Blue Team’s room of Luna Nova. The painting shimmers in the moonlight before it sets there, a faint glow shimmering around the wooden frame.

“Never forget that I love you.” Elizabeth said as she kissed Diana’s forehead before placing her hat on.

“I hope you won’t forget too with your old age.” Diana smirks, giggling at Elizabeth’s shocked face before it switches to laughter. “Get going little Dana, I expect to hear the best of the best grades soon.” Diana’s smile gleams more despite the acknowledgement of the hidden words behind it as she holds her bag and steps through the painting.

The world quickly shifting within a speed she couldn’t comprehend and when she opens her eyes after a mere blink, she’s back at Luna Nova like she never ever left.

Diana breaths in the familiar smell, the lingers of tea, old books that collect dust on the shelf. She walked over to her bed and laid there, her back sinking in to the soft, familiar mattress. There, with a serene smile she took a deep breath and exhaled.

It calms her, each slow breath in exhaled the breaths back at the wedding, where she shared the air with people she haven’t seen in years, family members who knew and never connected again, cousins and second cousins whose eyes told any verbal words they could’ve said if she stayed an extra day.

It was as if Luna Nova caused a spell to cleanse her mind and bring her back to who she really is. The Luna Nova student, Diana Cavendish, member of the blue team, not the estranged cousin Diana. She could be seen as extraordinary and extra ordinary all at once.

The muffled chatter outside her door forced her eyes to open and her body to sit up. The mind switching to panic as she flicked her wand out and started the spell that she grew up with, muttering the words under her breath like a prayer, something to calm her down as green enveloped her and the door clicked open.

“Diana!” Hannah and Barbara screamed with delight as the magic swirled away from her. Diana’s face broke to a smile, hugging both as they came on each side. “Hello Hannah, Barbara,” she laughed as she hugged them.

“When did you get here?” Hannah asked as they pulled away, one sitting either side of her. “Just a few minutes ago.” Diana answered, “My cousin sent me through a portal.” “Oh my gosh, the wedding!” Barbara exclaimed as she hugged her arm.
“How was it?”

“Yeah, did you anyone say your words?”

Diana felt a pang in her chest, causing her to smile more as she looked out to the painting on the wall, the same one she popped out from. “It was beautiful, my cousin and her partner looked absolutely stunning.” She answered, the image of Elizabeth, her eyes full of smiles and her smile full of love, staring deeply to her partner’s sea green eyes at the altar of the wedding.

“But did someone say the words?” Another pain shot through her heart, one more harsher than the last. Her head drops, the shoulder slumps, the fatigue that she didn’t sweep away from the wedding lingers on her and chains themselves to her bones.

“No, not many people said any words really.” Another white lie, many talked at the wedding. Many talked about her, but none saved a few talked to her. Whether it was the knowledge or the fact she was a stranger to many, Diana remained mostly alone throughout the whole ceremony.

“Hannah!” Barbara scolded causing Hannah to flail her hands in a panicked apology. “I’m really sorry Diana, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” Diana smiled at her, a small one to reassure her, though mainly it was all she could muster.

“It’s fine Hannah, I didn’t really mind it.” Another lie, the old sting of lying to your friends returned again from the childhood days. But it’s fine, she could deal with the pain. She doesn’t want them to worry about something they can’t control.

“Did you manage to get me some notes?” Diana asked as she moved herself to her desk. “I promised Elizabeth that I’ll get the best grades possible again.” In other words, she promised to get distracted enough to not worry of the words branded on her right arm. Now is a good time as any to get started.

“We did but you should really rest Diana.” Hannah suggested as she went to her bag left on the floor as Barbara did the same.

“Yeah,” Barbara agreed, coming to her side and giving her a once over. “I think you need some rest, like you look really tired Diana.” She placed her notes on the desk, a concerned look on her face. Diana waved it off, flipping her wand out to turn the candles on her desk alight. “Its just a side affect of travelling through teleportation.”

“Still, rest is very important, besides tomorrow is the weekend, you have a lot of time to catch up in the morning.” Hannah added as she placed her set of notes on the desk as well.

Diana’s chest churned and tightened. She knows that they’re trying to help, to make sure she doesn’t overwork herself as she did before but she needs something to distract. A busy mind doesn’t allow time for it to wonder and find statements she knows won’t be true but will take it anyway. She looks at the desk, the welcoming sight of a blank page and a quill. Then at her friend, concern and worry all over their faces.

“You’re right.” Diana sighed, giving her wand a fast switch and cut off all candle light that were there. “Sleep is important for the human body.” She faked stretched in her chair, closing her eyes to say a quick plea to anyone who would listen to allow her to have a good night’s sleep. The sound of light clapping can be heard in the background as the voice talks in her head. The one that talks when something goes wrong, the one that never lets a single comment about her go unheard even if it existed 5 years ago. Still she prays to anyone who listens for a sleep she desperately needs.

Unfortunately, she knows better that things don’t work like that, at least not for her.


It’s just one of those days.

soooooo updates yesterday i  had a fucking cliché amsterdam movie experience when without realizing i ate for breakfast a piece of special cake (thanks roomie!) thinking it was just normal cake ya know and i had to go to work 3 hrs later and had to ride my bike for 30 minutes high af with a shit ton of snow i was freaking out but also singing but also freaking out A LOT

they sent me home before i finished my shift lmao because “are you feeling ok?” and i was like “bff i had my period and i feel sick”  in reality i couldn’t keep it straight i spent the whole evening trying to not open my mouth for anything which is hard because i’m a waitress it was so bad i don’t know how i didn’t get fired