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Not to hate, but you really should get a job instead of relying on JUST comics. Key word is just. Get a constant source of income.

I’m a Twitch affiliate, I’m being published under Dark Horse comics, I do commission work, pin-up illustration, and I’m still working my ass off trying to make ends meet.

I love what I do, don’t get me wrong, but you don’t know me or my situation. 
The only reason I’m answering this is to make this perfectly clear: 

If you’re sick of me plugging my Patreon, there’s the door, baby. 🖤

When you go into Patty Jenkins tag and see more people praising Snyder assisting in making Wonder Woman than the actual director who had the helm of the film.

I seriously think there are most post talking about what Snyder did than congratulating Patty or talking about or how she proved people wrong about female directors.

Hell, Gal Gadot, the lead of the movie who had all these haters talking about her body and her acting ability but is now getting critically praise across the board, but yall aint talking about that.
Let’s focus on Synder giving the assist.

so the weirdest thing about being both Canadian and total drama fan is the fact that the cast is also like 99% canadian. So you will recognize all of the voices in voice over and radio commercials. an example is today I heard a radio ad for food basics (a Canadian grocery store) and was like “the fuck why the hell is heather plugging sick barbecue sales??????”


Check out this great informational video from the beautiful and talented Alicia Cardenas from soltribe and keep your stretched lobes nice and healthy this winter!!

Hey everyone! I just released four new colors of hand made Metallic Eye Plugs in sizes 0, 00, ½, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, ¾, 7/8, 1in, 1 1/8in, 1 1/4in, 1 1/2in. I had a lot of fun designing, foiling and painting these. Each pair is unique because the foiling is done by hand and random. I really love how the metallic foils contract against the textured iris backgrounds; these plugs really look gorgeous when the light catches them just right too. Check out them all out at 

kurt and blaine meet at warped tour just before a set and blaine has these sick-ass plugs and a calf tatt and a chest piece and this really detailed piece on his shoulder and kurt has his eyebrow pierced and a half-sleeve and they bond over their love of breakdowns and post-hardcore and blaine’s katy perry guilty pleasure (because “hey, she played warped tour once, too”) and i’m just