sick place

Shout out to all the people who play Dragon Age on consoles and don’t have access to mods to make their Inquisitors/Wardens/Hawkes super hot, but still manage to make attractive PCs with the vanilla options and love them anyway.

bangtan pokemon au! 


ive been binge watching a lot of @crankgameplays lately s o,,

the only logical thing to do is spend 5 hours on a piece of art that you dont really like riGHT HAHAhaha,,

I kind of can’t wait for Jessica and Danny to share the screen in Defenders.

Danny’s over here like “Live for ideals. Make the world the best possible place. Help everyone because it’s the right thing to do!”

And meanwhile there’s Jessica: “The world is a sick, awful place, and I’m not nearly drunk enough for it. Get out of my face before I give you the beating you probably had coming in a previous life.”

I am ALL HERE for these kinds of polar opposites working together, especially because you know they’ll probably go through that hilarious “how can you exist like that?” phase before they hit it off in some strange way.


My son :’)

On the cold autumn days when you feel out of place and sick to your stomach and you feel like your tears could fall for hours, those are the days when you should take time to yourself for a while. Write, finish that book you’re reading, watch something on YouTube to make you laugh, drink some hot tea, and then take a nap in your favorite hoodie. Make sure you take care of yourself when the world makes the mistake of not noticing how amazing you are.
—  just be here. be yourself. be alive.
Dear Ankh Niggas

1. All black women are goddesses…not just the ones you deem acceptable. 
2. Egypt is not the only country in Africa
3. Not all black people descended from royalty…dat don’t make us any less glorious tho.

“’It’ll be fun’, she said. ‘It’ll be RELAXIN’’, she said. The hell is so relaxin’ ‘bout gettin’ boiled alive!!?”


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,253

A/N: This one is a lot more cutesy and less sexual than my last one but I hope you still enjoy it! PS. Spot the part where I quote a line from Bad Reputation, tell me if you find it! X


I slowly shut the lid of my laptop as Shawn makes his way through the bedroom door. I look up, momentarily meeting his gorgeous brown eyes before quickly averting them back to my laptop. As I trace the logo on my laptop, Shawn lowers himself onto the bed, his face lingering close to mine. He places a hand on my cheek in an attempt to make me look at him. “Y/N… what’s wrong? Are you sick?” He asks placing his hand on my forehead, “and why are you wearing so much clothing? You know it’s really hot outside? Maybe you have a fever.” I gently remove his hand from my face as I slide further under the covers, pulling them over my face. The only reason my forehead would be hot is because I’m wearing a jumper and sweatpants but I have no other choice, I need to hide myself. I remain silent as I try to hibernate, avoiding the presence above me. “Y/N, seriously, what is it? Did I do something?” Concern is clear in Shawn’s voice. I quickly pull the covers from over my head before he over analyses the situation as he usually does. “No. No… I just don’t want to be in sunlight right now.” My voice came out smaller and more defeated than I expected. “You know, I always knew there was something strange about you but I never would have guessed you were a vampire.” As Shawn joked I could see him trying to hold back his laugh. “Shawn…” I breathe out a deep sigh, not in the mood for his goofiness. I didn’t know how to tell him that it was just me stuck in my head, being attacked by my own mind as I scroll through social media and flip through the papers and magazines. How could I tell him that I wasn’t good enough for him? Everyone else seems to be aware of it but as soon as Shawn knows, I don’t think I’ll be able to cope with him leaving. My eyes shut, I feel Shawn climb over me and slide under the covers next to me, wrapping both arms around my torso. I clench my eyes in preparation for what I would say to him next. Turning to face him, I open my mouth to speak only to be interrupted by Shawn’s lips gently pressing against mine as his hands caress my face. The way he touches me, the way he looks at me and even the way he speaks to me always pulls me out of my head and back into a world where Shawn is my protector, making me feel secure. I pull away, needing to get my words out before he takes this any further. “I know…” he says, placing his thumb on my bottom lip and gently sliding it from each corner of my mouth, making my lips tingle. How could he know why I was acting like this? Was he already aware that he was too good to be true? “I saw it all, Y/N. The things people are saying are not true. I know you’re better than good enough for me. And I don’t care what they say about you, baby. They don’t know the truth.” He did know but he didn’t agree. And he knew exactly what to say to me to make it better. As my eyes became misty, I kissed Shawn in the most loving way I could muster. He deserved the world but the world did not deserve him. “I love you.” I whisper into the kiss as I rest my fingers intertwined in his hair. “I love you more Y/N, and I mean it. I’m not leaving your side.”

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