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Moon: Look, he’s my brother and I care about him, but Sun is always too busy worrying about Pokémon stats and career junk! This is Alola! It’s time to unwind and relax~!

Besides, we already knew from the start who the REAL champion of the two is going to be!


I’m a bit late but anyways happy 20th anniversary to FF7!

Percabeth Headcanon: Sickness
  • Annabeth refuses to accept illness. Every time she gets sick, Percy locks her into their bed room with a bowl of soup and electric blankets. 
  • Percy has two types of illness: ultimate hero who can fight through any cold or a sniffling child who refuses to leave the living room couch.
  • Annabeth’s office appreciates when Percy leaves them a message about her needing to stay home from work, especially when they can hear her scratchy cries of protest in the back ground of the message.
  • Sally got an emergency call from the couple one winter, and arrived at their apartment to find the couple curled up on the couch with bright red noses and so many blankets she could only see their faces. 
  • Percy likes to blame Annabeth for getting him sick.
  • Percy’s pick for sick-day-soup is star chicken and noodle soup
  • Annabeth’s pick for sick-day-soup is basil tomato
  • Every time Annabeth gets sick, Percy picks out her favorite pair of fuzzy socks and six books he knows she’ll finish in two days despite how long they are
  • Before Percy even gets fully sick, Annabeth can tell when he is starting to catch symptoms. She makes sure his stuffed Nemo doll is on their bed the day before he crashes and she warns Sally about upcoming complaint calls from her son
  • The other five from the seven avoid the pair when either is sick, not wanting to get sick or roped into helping take care of them, even if Hazel constantly asks Frank if they should help

saying “ichigo should get with his own species.”

is like saying Isshin x Masaki was a mistake, and thus ichigo and his sisters are a huge mistake.

not to mention this “argument” is pretty shallow.

You don’t get to come back. I cut you out of my life, because like a cancer, the pain you caused  targeted my heart and spread like wildfire through my life. And you might like the pretty flames, but I’m sick of picking up the ashes.
—  L.A.L.
Bambam Imagine - Period

A/N - Requested by the lovely @bambamlol I hope you like it! I really don’t write enough for Bambam so I’m happy I got to do this request, even if it is a little on the short side~

Um can You do a bambam fully were the reader is on their period and bambam doesn’t really know what to do. I hope that’s okay um thanks

You were sat on the sofa, hot water bottle pressed to your stomach in an attempt to soothe the aching pains you were experiencing. You felt sorry for yourself and couldn’t bring yourself to move from your position on the sofa. Bambam was currently out on schedule but hoping to get home soon to see you. He didn’t know you were on your period so you were fully prepared for him to worry that you had gotten sick or something. Picking up the tv remote, you began to flick through the channels in the hopes you’d find something interesting and worth watching.

An hour or so later, Bambam arrived home feeling tired from working. He saw you sleeping on the sofa, clutching the hot water bottle. Immediately, he thought the worst and began to place a hand on your forehead, checking your temperature. He worriedly tried to wake you, only to have you moan at him to go away and let you sleep. 
“(Y/N)? Are you okay?”
“What’s wrong? Are you in any pain?”
“Yes, my stomach is cramped to all hell and I just want to sleep and eat.”
“Why have you got cramps?”
“It’s that time of the month where my body loves to punish me for being a female.”
“Wait..what? Oh…I get it. Uh, do I need to do anything or get you something?”
“Well unless you can magically make this stop, then no. But I wouldn’t say no to some cuddles,” you said as you sat up so Bambam could wrap his arms around you easier. 

“I don’t really know how to look after someone on their I doing this right?” Bambam asked you awkwardly, hoping you wouldn’t laugh at him.
“Yes you are, Bam. You’re doing it perfectly,” you replied, smiling at him before leaning in to kiss him. He happily kissed you back, loving the feel of your lips against his. 
“How’s the cramps?” He asked, sounding concerned. 
“Better. Especially since I’m with you.”
“So cheesy it hurts,” he replied, teasing you. 
“But you still love it.”
“I do. I love you more though.”
“Now who’s being cheesy?” You asked, giggling at his response before leaning in to kiss him again. The rest of the day was spent cuddled up with your boyfriend watching random shows on tv and laughing together, helping you to forget about everything. You were completely wrapped up in Bambam and loved the warmth he gave you. He could just lift your mood so easily without even trying and you loved that about him.


all my wakizashi have favorites


My best friend is home sick so I picked her up the latest issue of Frankie, a bouquet of flowers and two pies from our favourite vegan bakery, and now I’m on the two hour journey to her house 💛

  • Bakugo: *calling the school to call in sick*
  • Aizawa: *picks up the phone* hello?
  • Bakugo: um, yes, hello, this is Bakugo's mom and I just wanted to tell you Bakugo will be out sick today.
  • Aizawa: well, you sound a lot like Bakugo
  • Bakugo: and you sound like a bitch
  • Aizawa: wow, um, ok, alright then
  • Bakugo: ya, alright, bye.