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This is what I get for not checking my email while I was on vacation…

underrated Keith moment

so s1 e4 Lance drinks some nunvil and this is his reaction

and soon in the background we see this

Lance is unresponsive so Keith decides to poke him

and Lance falls over

and then we see Keith and Hunk looking mildly concerned at their friend who has just passed out and is lying unconscious on the ground

to summarize: Lance just drank something that made him so sick that he passed out.

so what’s the very next thing Keith decides to do?

in conclusion, I love my stupid impulsive son and he would probably chug an entire bottle of hot sauce if someone dared him to.

on kpop and the health of idols

I think there’s some shit going on in the kpop world that needs talking about a whole lot more.

the ignoring of unhealthily low weights in the kpop industry and among fans is real, it’s been going on for a long time, and it needs to stop.

stop idolising grossly underweight idols for their beauty and stop shaming them when they’re a healthy weight. 

wendy, among other members from red velvet, was fat shamed incessantly back in 2016. this is wendy just this month during their comeback:

I’m not body shaming wendy. she’s a beautiful girl and extremely talented. but she has dieted to the point where she is scarily underweight and in legitimate danger if she continues on like this. her agency monitors what she eats and she’s in a seriously bad situation. her fellow members even apparently said on a recent tv show that they’ve “never eaten a full meal with wendy”. that’s incredibly, incredibly fucked up.

on a side note, joy’s not looking so healthy and happy either:

this is really fucked up you guys!! I’m genuinely worried for wendy but there are still a whole lot of fans who worship her rather than encouraging her to get the help she clearly needs. the comments on their comeback mv should be flooded with worry about wendy but instead they’re flooded with comments about beating blackpink at inkigayo.

and speaking of blackpink, lisa is also dangerously underweight in their comeback this year, which hasn’t been noticed as much:

just a reminder that ribs showing on a girl of lisa’s height and age ISN’T NORMAL.

according to her company, oh my girl’s jinE also took a break from promotions last year to cope with anorexia which was somehow completely unexpected among a lot of fans??

you should expect anorexia and associated health issues among your faves. most idols are unhealthily underweight for their age, height and body type anyway. it’s gotten to the point that girls with a healthy bmi and normal body type like pristin’s kyla and (before losing weight) twice’s jihyo are considered abnormal or fat by some people and especially the idols’ agencies. 

kyla is beautiful and has a perfectly healthy bmi. I’m happy many people are supporting her but there’s still a long way to go. more people should be calling out the companies, not just hateful antis, for holding thin girls as a beauty standard and even restricting the diets of certain groups. 

as someone who’s had an eating disorder for quite some time, it’s super scary to me that people only start getting concerned for their favourite idols when ribcages start showing. they’re often not a healthy weight in the first place.

Fell for You  (Draco x Reader)

“can i have a draco x reader where the reader gets sick or passes out during class?? like really fluffy thanks!!!” thank you so much for your request! hope you like it!

Ever since Slughorn took over as the new Potions professor, class has been nothing short of interesting. The first couple of lessons were challenging since no one really knew what Slughorn was really like, would he be as strict as Snape or caring as Lupin had been? You all soon found out that he was the definition of frazzled, not all quite there, but overall he meant well. And of course, just like Snape, he had his favorites, meaning Harry Potter. That didn’t sit well with most of the Slytherins in the class, but you tried to ignore their nasty remarks towards your friend but sometimes their teasing was too much and as a fellow Gryffindor you had to defend both your friends and your house. But today you weren’t feeling much of the fighting spirit in you, you had a terrible headache and wanted nothing more than to be curled up in bed but alas you trudge your way to class.

You slowly made your way to your seat, but you noticed that Lavander Brown had taken your usual seat since you were late. Probably so she could stare at Ron…The only available seat was next to Draco so you begrudgingly made your way there as Harry and Hermione sent you a sad smile knowing that you were in no mood to put up with the Slytherin Prince.

You weren’t feeling well and it didn’t help that everyone was being extremely chatty today,

“Settle down! Settle down! Ms. Brown, please stop making googly eyes at Mr. Weasley…As I was saying, today we will be making a very challenging potion, the draught of peace! So, let’s get to it!” Slughorn announced, and with that everyone stood up and headed towards the back to grab what they needed. You weren’t surprised to see that everyone pretty much grabbed all of the moonstone powder so you had to wait for someone to be done with theirs so you could start.

But it looked like everyone was taking their sweet time getting set up and actually starting the potion.

“I’m almost done adding the powder, you can have it after it.” Draco said to you once you sat down. Were you hallucinating or was Draco Malfoy actually being nice to you? You and Draco never really talked, except for the cordial ‘hello,’ from time to time.

You simply nodded as you tied your hair back, most of the class had ignited their cauldrons and the heat was starting to get to you.

You both worked in silence and had a system of sharing going on, you had the ingredients needed for the second half of the potion and Draco had the beginning ones, so you would switch when you needed to.

“Stir until the potion turns orange, and then add more porcupine quills until the potion turns turquoise.” You read out loud for what seemed to be the third time, the heat in the room was becoming unbearable and you were having a hard time focusing.

“Are you alright Y/L/N?” Draco asked you after the fourth time.

“Um, yeah, never been better,” you said trying to sound convincing.  He simply nodded and went back to his own potion but he wasn’t the only one showing concern for you, Hermione kept shooting you worried looks. After a few more minutes she poured some of her potion into a vial for grading and then made her way towards you, she was expecting a nasty remark from Draco but he simply looked up and nodded towards you, his brow furrowed in concerned.

“Hey, I just finished mine, do you need any help, Y/N?” she asked as she came to stand next to you.

“Hi ‘Mione, and no that’s okay, I’m nearly finished, I just need to get add some more powdered porcupine quills and I’ll be done.” Unbeknownst to you, Draco was listening intently to your conversation. He noticed how quiet you were during breakfast in the Great Hall and how you were late to most of your shared classes. He has a soft spot for you, most of the Slytherins didn’t mess with you in fear of receiving backlash from Draco. Ever since class started he noticed how flushed you were. He was thankful Hermione came over to you because he knew you didn’t really trust him.

He was done with his own potion, and Hermione was helping you out until Ron stole her away because he needed help putting out the fire he created.

“Almost done?” he asked.

“Yeah, I just need to, to…to get a vial and bottle it up.” You said softly, becoming more and more dizzy with every word you spoke.

“Hey, are you okay?” He said looking alarmed by how pale you had turned all of the sudden.

“I’m fi-” Your world turned black before you could answer back.

You were definitely not fine.

You woke up a few hours later with a pounding headache, you slowly opened your eyes, but promptly closed them because of the bright lights of the infirmary. After a few minutes you tried once again with much more success and tried to sit up but felt the room spin out of control once again.

“Woah, take it easy there.” A voice said next to you, soon enough your eyes met the worry ones of none other than Draco Malfoy’s.



“What are you doing here?”

“Well after you decided to test out if gravity, Potter and I brought you to Madame Pomfrey.” He said as he softly pushed you back into the plush pillows.

“Where’s Harry?” you asked, not seeing the mess of curls anywhere. Draco’s eyes flickered with something that you’ve never seen before. It wasn’t the usual flicker of annoyance.

“Sorry, your little boyfriend had to go to Quidditch practice. He said he would come by later.” Draco said curtly.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” You said with the same curt tone but before he could say something else you cut him off.

“Wait, don’t you have practice as well? Don’t Slytherins usually practice at the same time and place to piss off our team?”

“Well I skipped today.”

“The Slytherin seeker skipping out on practice? I certainly feel honored, your team must really hate me right now.”

“Yeah, I would definitely watch out for them if I were you.” He chuckled.

“Did you really skipped practice for me?”

“Well, I had to make sure you were okay, I’m not as bad as Potter and Weaslbee make me out to be.” He said, his cheeks turning a soft pink as he rubbed his neck nervously.

“Thank you, Draco.” You said grabbing his hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“You’re welcome, Y/N.” that was the first time he called you by your first name.

“So, I was thinking, if you’re done testing out gravity, would you like to go with me on the next Hogsmeade trip?”

“Draco Malfoy, are you asking me out on a date?” you said, unable to fight off the smile spreading across your face.

“That depends, if you say yes then yeah I am.” he said, trying to fight off the nerves with his usual debonair.

“It’s a date.” You answered smiling softly, Draco smiled rivaled your own. You were certainly glad that you literally fell for him today.

i’m at that point where i try to study but i physically can’t bring myself to so i get really stressed and i dont know if i care too much or i dont care at all but it makes me overwhelmed and all i want to do is sleep


Altertale!Reapertale (AlterReap)
AR!Toriel and AR!Sans


Someone’s definitely said this this already, but I’m reading the manga and it just occurred to me that Izuku is going to be quirkless again someday after he passes on One for All. And I was really sad for a second, but then I thought. 

When Izuku passes on One for All and loses it’s power, I hope he’s still really physically fit. Like, I want him to still be able to lift his boyfriend over his head no problem at 60 years old. People don’t even realize he lost his quirk, they just think he’s toned it down now that he’s retired because he can still dead-lift literally anyone no problem.

  • Pippin: Whoa, what's with the cast?
  • Aragorn: I sprained my wrist. Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist?
  • Merry and Pippin: YES.
  • Aragorn: I was hula-hooping.
  • Merry and Pippin: ...
  • Aragorn: Legolas has me attending a class with him for fun and fitness.
  • Merry and Pippin: Oh my God...
  • Aragorn: I've mastered all the moves. *pulls out his phone and starts showing them the pictures* The pizza toss, the tornado, the scorprion, the oopsie-doodle.
  • Pippin: *amazed and delighted* Why are you telling us this?
  • Aragorn: *deleting the pictures* Because no one will ever believe you.
  • Merry: You sick bastard.
Teacher || Min Yoongi

Originally posted by relationshipwithbts

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Fluff

“Sangwoo, can you come here for a second?” The boy looked up from where he was drawing in the back of the class and locked eyes with you. He was sat alone in the corner, away from the other kids and it broke your heart to see him like this. Sangwoo was usually active with the other kids and used to always participate in class, but lately he had been pulling away from everyone.

The boy cleaned up the items he had been using and he slowly got up from where he was sitting. The sluggish movements of the six year old worried you and a frown came across you face. His eyes seemed to be locked on the ground as he walked towards you, not wanting to make eye contact. The action seemed to be his way of hiding from you and you sighed, slowly crouching down to his height.

“Sangwoo, do you have something you want to tell teacher about?” You asked. You hoped the words would be enough encouragement for the boy to speak but the words he said weren’t the ones you had been looking for. You became even more worried as you heard the words that left his mouth and you wondered if something was going on at home.

“I’m not in trouble, am I?” Sangwoo questioned. His tone made your heart clench and you quickly shook your head, cancelling all fears of his. He seemed to calm down a little bit at the fact that he wasn’t in trouble.

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male idols: *is sassy, makes witty comebacks on variety shows*

stans: wow they are so Fresh™ and hilarious!haha!!! and unlike those boring girl groups!!!!

female idols: *is sassy, makes witty comebacks on variety shows*

stans: who the FUCK do they think they are???? so RUDE shut up to ur Mouth whore!!!!! no respect for seniors!!!!!

I’m rly sick and I keep messing up the simplest of things, but have some Stanchez to warm the heart