sick of this fan base

What she says: I’m fine
What she means: I’m really sick of demonization of Jane from the TWDG fan base. Kenny can be outwardly abusive and generally awful but people still support him because they’ve known him longer, while Jane makes a few mistakes that pale in comparison but is considered an evil bitch. Yes, her methods of exposing Kenny were not necessarily morally right, but Kenny’s behavior can be absolutely sickening yet people still love him. (,:


A/N: So I don’t usually write for other people’s OCs. But @ocsickficsideblog ‘s boys were just so very tempting, especially with all the fan art running around about Alistair getting sick. This is based on that lovely digital drawing of Alistair on the floor.

We will return to your regularly scheduled Voltron after this fic.

Julius raked back his curls before digging through his pocket for the flat keys. He prayed that he didn’t leave them in the car, and would have to re-climb the three flights of stairs he just scaled. He would not be doing that in his slippers again.

It’s not like Alistair could answer the door anyway. He was probably already asleep on the couch. The redhead had come down with a fever, and when Julius went to get him the usual fever reducers, the bottle was empty.

No surprise, Julius thought, He gets fevers with everything, it’s a wonder he doesn’t just ignite whenever he sneezes.

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justin can do whatever the fuck he wants and i’m sick of people saying he can’t, he shouldn’t or whatever else because it’s nothing to do with you lol yes you’re entitled to an opinion but he’s young, he’s single and he’s living life how he wants to and if that includes fucking girls, clubbing, drinking, smoking, partying and everything else that you do at our age then so be it, what you think means nothing to him because he does it any way

Me: *wears Toews jersey to school*

Boy fan: “wow, way to only know one player. I bet you can’t name anybody but Kane and toews.”

Me: *lists entire team as well as jersey numbers*

Boy: “wow, where’d you learn all that from?”
(Meaning: “clearly you don’t actually watch games)

Me: *punches boy in face*

Boy: "wow you don’t even like the game of hockey you just watch for fights what a fake fan”

me: i’m sick of these voltron fan theories they’re too wild there’s nothing to base them off of

also me: guys…i’m not saying pidge is zarkon but…have we ever seen them in the same room at the same time

I think one of these days the SebaCiel fan base is gonna get so sick of the bs hate in the tag to the point where shippers are going to start reblogging hate post that say SebaCiel is gross or stop shipping it and they are just going to wright a really smutty SebaCiel fan fiction on that post a tag it as beware don’t post your shit in this tag or more butt sex will come your way. I’m waiting for this day.

thehardiofman-deactivated201510  asked:

Seeing that this is a new page for Donald, could we recollect on his past work? Like what's your favorite musical piece from him? And or what's your favorite scene of him in Community, etc.

This is gonna be a big post detailing the highlights of Donald Glover’s career as far as my opinion goes. So be warned: opinions are coming that you may not like.

Seeing Donald season 2 of Community, like on the intentionally corny trampoline episode, as well as the episode where Biden is visiting the school. Those are just some of my favorites, but I just love Troy’s character, and the chemistry is much better when he’s paired with Pierce (although there are few of them) than with Abed, (unpopular opinion, I know). I am an avid fan of Community, and have been watching it since it aired in 2009. Pierce and Troy (and Shirley) being gone have almost assassinated what’s left of the show, but I’ll continue to watch till it ends. I absolutely hold the position that he should come back if he can.

I also really liked it when he was on Derrick Comedy, it’s like another Good Neighbor comedy troupe that I’m a fan of, so check out their Youtube channel (there have been no new videos uploaded in nearly 5 years). I am confidently saying that Derrick Comedy has some of the most original, funny sketches on Youtube. Classics.

His standup is good, but the more you watch it, the more stale it gets. Still, check it out on Netflix. He also wrote episodes for 30 Rock.

His music career really hit his stride when he put out Culdesac (though I encourage you to listen to Sick Boi, Poindexter, and the I AM JUST A RAPPER mixtapes to see how he’s grown as an artist [plus the indie bands he uses are excellent on their own, so check out Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective and Sleigh Bells); that was the first piece of music of his that I owned. It was good workout music and punch-line rap at its best. Camp was more emotional and honest on a juvenile level, but you can’t NOT call Camp a bad album if you’ve listened to it as often as I had. ROYALTY gave us a fresh look at what Donald could do, because we really weren’t liking the idea of him doing rap with other people (if you remember, before Royalty was released, he hardly did any collaborations with anyone). But after a few listens through, you could definitely consider Royalty some of his best work. 

He changed after all of that. Before all of that was released, he was a comedian and an actor on Community. But after he released Because the Internet, his dynamic as an artistic creative went from goofy to serious.&in my opinion, from likeable, to standoffish. That’s my honest opinion, don’t come at me with pitchforks. Ever since BTI and this whole universe was created, Donald has been himself, and a character rolled into what I would call a bit pretentious. If the character is just a fictitious representation of how he really feels, then fine. But I wasn’t a fan of it after the initial hype had cooled off because many fans couldn’t get off his dick with their conspiracies. I read the scripts, it was interesting, and now there are a ton of fans who want to take it (the Because the Internet universe) waaaaay too far, to the point where running this blog is less fun than it initially was. It was Because the Internet. But still, this is how I feel. STN MTN/ KAUAI was a cool concept that I got into briefly, but I’ll rank my list of Gambino projects in order right now:

  1. Culdesac
  2. Royalty
  3. Because the Internet
  4. Camp
  5. KAUAI
  6. STN MTN
  7. I AM JUST A RAPPER series
  8. Poindexter
  9. Sick Boi

As you can see, even though the fan base for BTI can be unbearable at times, it does not falter my stance that Because the Internet is the most ambitious, thought-provoking album I have ever heard in my life. As far as rapping, I liked other projects better, but I love BTI. I just don’t like what it did to many fans I guess. But we’ll get better (HOPEFULLY). I was like that for a while too.

All I know is Because the Internet has changed him to releasing serious, ambitious artistic projects; directing music videos for himself (which are by and large the best in the industry), as well as writing, producing, directing, and starring in his own comedy show about the music business, Atlanta. I am excited to see what he has in store for him. I hope you are too, and I hope this didn’t come off as hypocritical or two-faced. Just a guy with a blog giving his opinions of what he likes and dislikes.

Donald Glover remains one of my favorite creatives to follow, and he’s introduced me to so much more of the stuff he’s made of, and helped me to get to know myself.