sick of sunlight

Wow, this got long! I guess now might be a good time to tell you I’m writing a fic for the stowaway thing??? This may or may not make it into the final product, we’ll see. 

It was almost thrilling at first, like an intense game of hide and seek. Now you were lost and in constant fear of being found by giant alien robots, the reality of the situation having hit you like a snowball to the face. You were hungry, exhausted, and goodness knew how far away from home. On top of all that, you were sure you getting sick. There was no sunlight here, no gummy vitamins shaped like teddy bears, and your skin had grown hot and dry. You would’ve cried if you weren’t so dehydrated. Frustrated, you threw yourself down on the floor.

“Cyclonus! Look, here they are!” Numbness burst through you. You hadn’t meant to fall asleep. Now there was a blue and white robot crouching much too close to you, and a dangerous looking purple one approaching. You tried to run but your movements were sluggish. It felt like your brain was lagging. The purple one lifted you with hands like knives.

“It is unwell,” it said in a deep, echoing voice. “We should take it to Ratchet. Come along, Tailgate”

“They aren’t an it, Cyclonus,” the little one- Tailgate?- protested, but followed anxiously.

By the time the robots finally put you down you were nauseous from the journey. Had there been anything in your stomach, you would’ve thrown up. Instead you just whimpered and screwed your eyes shut.

“Primus,” a new voice hissed, and you didn’t have time to wonder what a primus was until something prodded at your lips. It was like something your mother gave your medicine to you in, but larger. And it was filled with water. Blessed, sweet water, more crystal pure that anything you’d ever tasted. You gulped it eagerly.

As abruptly as it came, it went. “Easy there,” murmured the voice who didn’t have a body yet. Things were blurry when you opened your eyes but you were able to make out a reddish-orange boxy shape. “Drift, make yourself useful and comm. Magnus and Megatron. Tell her we’ve found the kid.”

“Rodimus will want to come to,” you glanced over. This one looked like it was made of blades. You wished for more water.

You’d fallen asleep again, and when you woke you were given some bread and more water. It was a feast if you ever saw one. You’d dug in without question. As you ate you watched Boxy-Red-Orange talk with three other bots. One was made of flames, one had skyscrapers for shoulders, and the last one was gray and sad. They kept glancing at you. You chewing slowed as you considered the notion that they might be fattening you up to eat you. The three new bots came up to you.

“I don’t taste good,” you rasped. Flamey laughed and the other two started. Skyscraper leaned down to look you in the eyes.

“We aren’t going to eat you,” the robot said. “We’re going to take care of you. Do you remember how you got on this ship?”

You shook your head.

“Well, that’s okay. We can look into it later. What’s important is that you’re safe,” Sky scraper pointed to itself. “I’m Ultra Magnus, and this is Rodimus and Megatron. They’re captains of the Lost Light, which is the ship you’re on now.”

Megatron? Why did that name sound so familiar? Vaguely, you remembered your father having a discussion with his friends. It was mostly boring and political, and the issue of safety had come up. Your father had mentioned some new kind of “cyber-cone” technology. Days later he’d come home with a new gun you weren’t allowed to touch, then taught your mother how to turn the safety on and off before locking it away. You’re sure somewhere in there Megatron was mentioned. Maybe Megatron made the guns?

“I wanna go home,” you keened. Thinking about your parents made you miss them. The Ultra Magnus bot frowned sympathetically.

“I know, but home is very far away. You need to stay with us until we can get you back to earth,” it-he?- said. Your lip began to quiver. You wanted to go home now.

“How long’s it gonna take?” you whined. Ultra Magnus sighed.

“I don’t know,” he said. “But I promise we will get you home.”

Mika, Ferid, Crowley and the vampires’ uniforms might be more useful than we think that they are... Plus, Mika probably wears earrings

When I first started OnS, it surprised me to see vampires being completely fine during the middle of the day. I was used to see Dracula and his pals being afraid of sunlight, but the fact that no one addressed the issue in the series just made me think that the vamps of this universe weren’t affected by it or something.

Because of the Michaela light novel, however, I have now changed my mind.

Vampires are affected by sunlight. Ferid keeps complaining about how much he hates sunlight and how it makes him dizzy to Crowley throughout the first part of chapter 3 of the second volume. Here are a couple of screenshots of some of his lines, just to prove my point, taken from @chilly-territory​‘s translations.

Ferid seems to be feeling sick because of the sunlight, and the reason for his dizziness seems to be his ring “malfunctioning,” as he puts it.

Later on, his ring starts working again, and he seems to be perfectly fine, surprising even Crowley, who thought he might have been allergic to sunlight.

This proves that vampires in the OnS universe are affected by sunlight and that they need some sort of ring in order to stay safe from the sun’s effects.
If we go by that logic, it is only obvious for the vampires to be wearing such uniforms… with the hood, the super long boots and the gloves it is impossible for the sunlight to actually reach their skin. 

But then, how come vampires are seen also without their hoods? 

I’ve tried looking at their uniforms in search for some sort of jewel that could have the same properties of Ferid’s ring - which he doesn’t seem to wear anymore btw - but the outfit changes too much from vampire to vampire  and they all wear different things.

There is only one thing that they all have, though.


It’s impossible to check for some characters because of their long bangs who are constantly covering their ears and I haven’t found pictures of them with their ears in plain sight damn u Krul, Lacus, Chess and René but I’m pretty sure that it is thanks to the earrings that the vampires are not affected by the sun when outside.

Soooo, following that logic, every vampire (or at least the important ones) wears those earrings. 

And that must include Mika as well, since he doesn’t cover himself with a hood when outside. 

We never see Mika’s ears in the series, as he tends to hide them underneath that gorgeous hair of his, but if this theory is correct then yes, people, there’s something else that Mika’s hiding.

Pointy ears and earrings.

EDIT: this post is old and wrong ! Go check the wikia to see what Mika’s ears actually look like!

Here we have the Raven!Kevin meta I’ve been talking about for weeks. It basically comes from the fact that I noticed the inconsistency in the books that Kevin says he didn’t have it as bad, but Riko says he enjoys hurting Kevin. So basically, Kevin isn’t a reliable narrator about his trauma.

This post explores Kevin’s time in the Raven’s Nest. It talks about physical and emotional abuse, as well as depression and panic attacks. It ends happy, but if these things upset you, maybe stay clear? It’s also written in second person ((you pronouns)), so if that’ll upset you, same deal.

Under the cut because it’s almost 2.8k

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So I really like the headcanon that all of the Gems are just a little bit unsettling/creepy if you aren’t used to them. I mean, from an anatomical standpoint they don’t really have too many rules they have to adhere to as long as their body is functional for the things that they do need (mostly just mobility, enough air to speak, and a working GI tract in case they want to eat). 

Beach City is mentioned to pull in a lot of money from tourism so I imagine once it’s tourist season, it’s always kind of a ‘spot the out-of-towners’ game because who’s freaking out over the Gems. “WHAT IS THAT” “That’s Pearl, don’t be rude, she lives here.”

Individualized headcanons under the cut for each of the Gems.

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'B (very) positive' arin/dan, vampire au 2/?

pt 1, pt 2, pt 3pt 4pt 5pt 6pt 7pt 8pt 9 …

(everything continue’s to be bed’s fault. I am so mad that this is so easy to write)

Danny suddenly feels he’s been shoved into some private moment, like he should leave now before the moon shines its light in through the window to halo her hair, or, or something.

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Her fever broke last night, she’s complaining that she’s freezing because my heat doesn’t work. Today is my only day off with her before she leaves and we both are sick as dogs. But waking up to her in my bed, seeing the sunlight on her skin… This is why I don’t believe in heaven, nothing could be better than this.