sick little games

Sick Little Games -Phan- Part 9

Dan’s POV

I was beyond desperate to contact Phil now. I’d sent a couple of texts over the past few days and had even considered emailing him. What good what that be though? He obviously doesn’t want to talk to me.

There was only one option left.

Write a letter.

Taking a piece of paper out of my note book, I sat down at the desk in the room. I was still staying with Chris and PJ, they seemed to be more worried about me than anyone else. Then again, who else did I have that even cared for me?

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Sick Little Games -Phan- Part 8

What a fool I had been.

I actually believed him when he said he loved me.

But of course, he’s just had some kind of creepy obsession with me and had stalked me for years. I debated whether I’d ever been in any actual danger because of him. I don’t think he would have ever harmed me physically, but I knew I couldn’t trust him ever again.

Silence was all I could hear. It was horrible. I just felt so numb.





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Sick Little Games -phan- Part 7

It’s been two weeks since the incident. I haven’t seen PJ since.

Dan hasn’t left me alone.

Seriously. He’s just been following me around everywhere, gripping my hand tightly as though he’s scared I’ll leave any minute. It’s kind of cute, okay. It’s really adorable actually.

He’s so cute and amazing.

The best boyfriend ever.

It’s kinda weird, I mean, he was affectionate before, of course. But now, he seems absolutely terrified if I leave him to even make a cup of tea. I don’t know if it’s because of the thing with PJ, or what it is.

He’s freaking me out a little bit.

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