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More kit amd junior. Maybe someone's sick? Or with swoops? Or featuring the vacuum?

The door to the bedroom was open just a crack, enough for Kit to peek in and see the lump on the bed where Kent had burritoed himself in his comforter. She nudged the door open and slipped inside, padding quietly on the hardwood floor. She looked back to see if Junior was still hanging back by the door.

“Don’t eat that!” she snapped.

Junior jerked back from the wadded up piece of tissue paper on the floor. “I wasn’t” he mumbled unconvincingly even though his open mouth had been only inches away from it.

“Don’t touch any of it,” she instructed before going back to picking her way around the used kleenex that littered the floor. At the edge of the bed, she settled back on her hind legs before launching off of them into the air and onto the covers. Kent didn’t react even when she got to the head of the bed, pawed at the blanket, and meowed in his face. “I’m hungry!” she cried, even though there was a bowl of dry kibble that Kent always put out. She refused to settle for anything less than the wet food that came from the cans.

“Not now,” Kent wheezed without opening his eyes. His voice was scratchy, and he turned his head to hack violently.

“Kit!” Junior whuffed quietly from the floor. “I want to come up too.” He tried to jump up too, but unsuccessfully crashed into the side of the mattress before landing with a thump. Shaking his head, he took a running leap this time, and this time, got halfway on. His back legs dangled helplessly as he tried to pull himself on the bed. Kit huffed in annoyance before hauling him up by the scruff of his neck.

Junior wagged his tail, and started sniffing up the bed until he got to Kent’s pale face. He licked Kent’s face a couple times which only elicited a wrinkled expression of displeasure and the covers being pulled back over his head. “What’s wrong with Kent?” Junior asked in confusion. “He always wakes up early to feed us.” A set of muffled coughs came from under the blanket.

“I think he’s sick,” Kit said.

“What should we do?” Junior whined before lowering his voice fearfully. “Does he need to go to the… vet?”

“Probably, but I don’t know how to get him to the vet,” she said.

“Me neither.” Then, after a pause, Junior asked, “How do we make him feel better?”

“I don’t know,” Kit admitted. “But, I think I’m going to take a nap first. I think better when I’m not tired.”

“Just sleep?” he said, clearly baffled.

“Why not?” she replied as she settled into a more comfortable position above where Kent’s head was.

“We should do something.”

“Kent’s sleeping right now. We should sleep too.”

“Well… okay,” Junior said skeptically, but he laid down anyways and put his chin patiently on his paws.

A little while later, the sound of the front door opening woke both Kit and Junior and they looked up warily until they realized it was just Swoops. “Hey,” Swoops said gently as Junior thumped his tail sleepily. Swoops sat on the side of the mattress before shooing Kit off the pillow and peeling  back the covers to unearth Kent’s sleep-tousled head. “Kenny,” he said, running his fingers through Kent’s greasy hair, not even caring that he hadn’t showered. “You missed practice. They sent me to make sure you hadn’t died.”

“Mhmm,” Kent replied. His eyes were unfocused as he stared up at Swoops. “Your hands are cold.”

“You’re running a fever,” he said as he moved his hands over Kent’s forehead and cradled his flushed cheeks.

“You should go. Don’t wanna get you sick too,” Kent slurred, but he’d closed his eyes and was leaning into the coolness of Swoops’ hands.

“And leave you to die?”

“Kit and Junior will take care of me,” Kent said.

Swoops snorted before saying, “Maybe.” He laid Kent’s head back onto the pillow. “But right now, Junior needs to be walked and Kit needs to be fed something other than the dry stuff you put out for her.” At the mention of food, Kit perked up, and she changed her mind about being mad about being woken up mid-nap.

After Kit had eaten (the fancy salmon that Kent keeps in the cupboards) and Junior had gotten back from his walk and bathroom break, Swoops bullied Kent into getting out of bed and into the shower.

Kit stayed close and kept a close eye on Swoops when he helped Kent get out of bed. Right now, Kent was at his weakest, and her protective instincts wanted Kent within her sight at all times. She screamed outside the bathroom when she wasn’t allowed in. Junior, taking a cue from Kit, also sat and howled sadly with her until Swoops got so annoyed that he finally opened the door for them. They twined around Kent’s ankles excitedly, not even caring that his legs were still wet from the shower.

Kit took up her seat on Kent’s lap when he was dressed again. Swoops had bundled him up in fresh blankets and deposited him on the living room couch. Kent distractedly gave her a couple of quick pets before Swoops came back with a bowl of canned soup that he’d stuck in the microwave.

He set the bowl down next to the plastic bag full of cold medicine he’d picked up at the pharmacy during Junior’s walk earlier before shaking out two pills to hand to Kent who stared at them dubiously.

“You didn’t get the chewables?” Kent asked.

“You’re not five. Take the pills or I’ll make you swallow them.”

“Maybe, I’ll make you swallow,” Kent muttered under his breath.

“You can do that later when you’re actually feeling better,” Swoops said without missing a beat.

Kent grinned cheekily at him and took the medicine with an exaggerated show of enthusiasm.

After he had eaten his soup, Kent laid back down on the couch to watch the movie that was playing. Swoops had let Kent put his head on his lap, and he was currently playing with Kent’s hair. The medicine was kicking in and had made Kent drowsy, but not so much that it stopped him from making quiet sounds of contentment each time Swoops scratched his scalp.

Kit had snuggled up against Kent’s chest, and Junior had been relegated to the cushion on the floor. She could hear his ragged breathing slow, but it was exponentially better than what it had been this morning. She lifted her head to look over at Swoops who turned his head to peer at her.

“You did good,” Kit said. Even though Swoops didn’t know what she was exactly saying, she had a feeling he understood her perfectly.

“What about me?” Junior asked from beside the couch.

“You too, Kid. You did great.”

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can u give advice on moving into a dorm? what to bring and what not to bring? best way to set up a new study space?

Sure! (keep in mind i haven’t official started freshman year yet, so this is basically a compilation of the advice that other people have told me, things I’ve scoured from the internet, and moving in my brother from last year)

What to Buy

So, when buying all of your dorm stuff, find the list that your college gives you because some colleges have different rules on what you can bring vs what you can’t (i.e. bed risers or electric kettles). I personally suggest not buying from the kit that your college sends you that has “everything you need” because it ends up being far more expensive than if you bought all your stuff separately (depending where you get it from). Plus, no one needs that stupid trunk “that doubles as a table”, as it’ll just take up needless amounts of room. 

I bought my bed set at TJMaxx and the rest of my college things from Dollar Tree (storage items, tupperware, utensils, and medicine for when you have a cold) and Aldi’s (a duffel bag, my backpack, a laundry basket, and a nice blanket), so you definitely don’t need to spend a lot if you know where to look!

P.S. If your bed is a Twin XL, you don’t need to buy Twin XL sheets; you can just buy twin sheets that are really deep and it’ll fit about the same (but do buy the twin xl comforter so it’ll be the length of your bed, or buy a queen if you want to raise your bed, so it’ll hide all the stuff you have underneath!)

What to Bring

Don’t bring 8 different versions of everything, or just too many things in general, as you’ll be living in a small room that will probably be shared with multiple other people. I promise you won’t need your whole closet, even though you only really love half of the clothes in it, or all 25 pairs of shoes you own. Chances are you’ll only wear like 5 different pairs of shoes tops and the rest of the ones that you have will be gathering dust under your bed or in the back of your closet. For clothes, imagine that you were going on vacation for like two weeks and bring everything you would take with you then. If you don’t live near your college, make sure you research the climate! I’m lucky enough to live about a half hour away from my school, but weather is wild, especially if you don’t live there, and you don’t want to end up moving in with shorts on shorts on shorts if you’re going to school in the north. 

If you go to school far away, figure out if you’re coming home for Thanksgiving or not, so you can figure out what kind clothes you’ll be bringing at the beginning of the year. If you’re coming home for Thanksgiving, you can switch out your late summer/early fall clothes in for your late fall/winter clothes, depending on where your college is.

Some say that bringing storage containers is great for them because they can move in and out of the dorm really easily, but other people say they take up too much space, so just use your best judgement on that depending on the size of your room and what you’re bringing! Personally I’m not bringing any because I don’t have that much college stuff to bring anyways and it should fit in all the furniture provided, but to each their own. 

Don’t (DON’T!) bring your own furniture into a dorm (meaning large things such as your own couch or a different chair for your desk) because dorm space is small and if you’re switching out furniture, more often than not you either won’t be allowed, or you’ll have to personally pay for storage space to hold the original dorm furniture, because the college won’t give you any. Bringing like a small bookcase or something is usually fine, but check with your college first (don’t bring your book collection though; you’ll never have time to read them)

Don’t forget to bring a sick kit (tissues, various cold medicine, band aids, and the like) because you won’t want to be going to the health center every time something happens to you. Think of it as a portable version of the medicine cabinet you have at home.

P.S. (again) Bring earplugs if you need silence while you sleep because dorms can get really loud. Bring an eye mask too if you need it to be dark and your roommate is still up and not the most considerate about turning off the really bright lights. You can pick up both at Dollar Tree (for a dollar save ur money kids college is expensive)

Moving In!

Wipe down all the surfaces with disinfectant wipes before you put anything anywhere (dorms are a breeding ground for germs). If you want to move around your furniture for a good layout, do it now. Avoid moving in when your roommate is (if you have one) because having two (or more) families in a room probably smaller than your bedroom for a couple hours moving things in and out gets uncomfortable really fast.

Making Your Study Space Nice

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but depending on how your roommates are/ how loud your dorm is/ how easily you get distracted, you probably won’t be studying in your dorm room. I do know some people who do, but I also know plenty of people who don’t. 

If you want to study in your dorm room, you’ll have the nifty desk that your college has given you, which usually has a couple of drawers and a shelf. If you put your desk up against the wall, then you have an opportunity to hang stuff (with command hooks though, because if you put nails in the wall your college will square up) and make it look really nice. I suggest having a clock so you won’t have to check your phone for the time and get distracted. 

If you decide to study in the library, you can pick a wide open space, or some schools have cubicles that you can reserve time in, so it’s just you and your books without the distraction of seeing other people around. You can bring a little watch for time so you don’t have to look at your phone and remember to bring earbuds/noise cancelling headphones to block out sound with music (even in a quiet library there are so many sounds) or earplugs if you’re not a fan of listening to music while studying. 

Let me know if I’ve missed anything and have fun at college!

How to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Sick

So, you’ve moved out (or at the very least, gone away to college) and you’re sick and no one’s around to take care of you. Some of you were smart enough to pay attention when your parent(s) pampered you in the illnesses of your childhood. Some of you…eh, not so much. So how do you take care of yourself?

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Spin Me Right ‘Round

The Canary was making a quick stop on Outpost CB-10-31, also known as Atlantica, for supplies and some R&R. It was a low-gravity world with a very thin atmosphere. The Outpost itself was built inside a massive dome, inside a crater. This was the first resupply in two years, so the captain had agreed to allow the whole crew shore leave over the course of the two weeks they would be docked there.

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hahahaha i would never….write fic…of a fic……

Inspired by @zombizombi‘s You’re A God and I am Not

It’s two am and Jeff has just managed to peel himself off of his couch after a Netflix binge and is settling into bed when his phone rings. He considers ignoring it, but it’s Toxic and well-

“Hey, Kent, what’s up?”

“Hi, sorry it’s late, but I need to ask you a favor. You’re not in bed yet, are you?”

“Nope,” Jeff lies as he rolls out of bed and pulls on a pair of discarded jeans from his floor. He really needs to do laundry. “What do you need?”

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Hii, i wanna request HC where MC has 3 big malamutes that are very protective over her so her S/O is having a difficult time getting closer to MC. Like when her s/o try to cuddle her, the dog will walk in the middle of them and cuddle MC while glaring at her S/O.

Oh i forgot to put the specific in my 3 Malamutes request, please let it be Zen, Jumin and Saeran. Thankyouu

Love those types of dogs!! <3



People closer to MC that love Me:

MC´s Family….Cheek

MC´s Friends….Cheek

MC´s Classmates/workmates…Cheek

MC´s Teachers/Boss…Cheek

MC´s Dogs…(Working on it)

  • Why the hate me so much!?
  • They are not “overprotective” the fricking Hate me! Me!, I know this because *inhales* THEY LOVE EVRY HUMAN  that comes close except for me EVEN fucking trust fund kid!
  • Ok…calm down Hyun, They can hate you.You just have to gain their trust. *Googles “How to gain the love and trust of your girlfriend´s Dogs.” *
  • I found a website and I follow every step. I give them treats, talked to them about my feelings, let them smell me, approach you slowly and pet you on the head (but that only made you angry and that made your dogs angry), etc. I did every fricking thing on that list but nothing worked and I think that made the relationship between you and me worst.
  • You don’t see me as her charming prince anymore, now you see me as the crazy man trying weird shit on them and their dogs.
  • You are late for our date Maybe you is considering breaking up with me…
  • But then I got a call from you saying that they are sick and they can´t come to our date.
  • As fast as I can go to your house with the kit that jaehee gave me if I get sick but since I never get sick the kit is complete
  • I enter your house and then enter to their room yelling “MC are you ok?”
  • I see how you are laying on the bed and look really sick and their dog or on the floor looking at Mc his sad eyes.
  • I gave the best care I can to you and the dog are watching everything
  • The day passes and you get better, enough to call your dog for a hug.
  • They get on the bed give you a hug and the at my surprise they lick me on the face and hands you said that is a form of gratitude.
  • MC´s Dogs…Cheek


  • Jumin never like the idea of you having 3 dogs.
  • And your dogs never like the idea of you having Jumin.
  • Jumin does not care that the dogs don´t like him until they get on his way.
  • They never get along and they are always fighting for your attention and having acts of revenge on each other
  • The dogs bite Jumin´s expensive shoes and take shit too, they come between you and him on the couch/bed/hugs, They start to barking when you and jumin are having some sexy time.
  • And Jumin is just like them, He hides there favorite toys so Jumin can take you to another place, takes them to the vet very often (The dogs hate going to the vet), and pays people to give them showers frequently (The dogs hate showers).
  • You and Elizabeth just stay neutral and get used to the boys fighting all the time.


-“Mc you dogs hate me”

-“They don´t hate you…they are just overprotective”

  • The time passes and your dogs don´t let Saeran get closer to you
  • And Saeran gets depressed. Seven sees the concern in his brother and comes with an idea.

-Days after seven gives Saeran a perfume “Brother! this is the solution to all your problems a little spray and …”

-“You did that?” Saeran interrupts seven

-“Yep!” He says it in a proud voice “ You just need to spray…”

-“Don´t” Saeran interrupts seven in a serious way.


-“Don´t even think of spraying me with that shit”

Seven takes a deep breath and start to chase Saeran. Saeran runs but his brother is faster, Seven catches saeran in the floor and they start fighting like baby cats on the floor and rolling all over the place. 

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Finally, seven gives a simple spray on Saeran´s body and lets him go.

“It smells weird…I don´t have time to wash I have to go like this to my date with mc.Don´t ever do that!”

  • When Saeran gets to your house the usually was that your dogs started to bark but that didn´t happen.
  • And when you open the door the dogs throws Saeran to the floor and they start to lick him and hug him.
  • At the end, Saeran got a REAL date with you where the dogs didn´t interfering!

-Saeran got home and took his jacket of “Brother, I think your perfume work…mmhh *Clears his throat*…T-tha-thank you…” Saeran hears a bark coming from the living room and follows it “WTF?!?!” Saeran sees 12 dogs in the living room all around seven

-“Saeran!” Seven waves at Saeran

-“What the fuck happened?!” Saeran yells

-“When I chase you I got a lot of the perfume on me and when I got outside to get HBC all types of dogs started to follow me, Look this is paco, this is Alexandra, I put this little one Saeran 2.0 and…”

-“You name them?”

-“Yes and if I reformulate the formula of the perfume I can do this for Cats, imagine 20 cats!”


Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

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So like. This momma cat is so sick of pushin kits out her coochie that she like. Names the last one one Final. So Finalkit. They're eventually FinalPaw. And some how, like let's say daddy was a kittypet and had his dick out for a cat named pam. This influences the kit do be named. FinalPam

this story is good, but it doesn’t work because it implies that the Final Pam was birthed into this world. Pam has no beginning or ending, she simply is.

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number 13 for kitty please f u r still doing it

Of course here you go:

Kit stared at the ceiling of the Blackthorn manor. He still felt numb after what had happened yesterday, the day his best friend had died. He still remembered seeing Julian holding her and crying. He had only been gone for a few minutes and somehow a war had occurred in the hall. Damn Shadowhunters are bloodthirsty. He felt himself tear up as he recalled seeing Ty’s unconscious body in Mark’s arms, or when he saw Emma, who was always so strong sob as she clutched at cortana. Enough, he thought shaking his head, aggressively. Stop.

Kit didn’t want to cry because he knew that if he did he won’t be able to stop. He stood up and walked out of his room. He was greeted by a dark corridor that sent shivers down his spine. Portraits of the Blackthorn’s ancestors hung, all of their eyes following him. Judging him. 

“Jules please look at me.” Kit froze and turned to the sound of the voice. He knew that he shouldn’t be listening but he can’t help but be curious. He was about to approach the voices but stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t.” Whispered a voice Kit knew too well. He slowly turned only to be face to face with Ty. “Come with me.” Ty ordered and pulled him outside. The gentle breeze of Idris hit his face as he stepped in to the garden. He gazed at the blanket of stars that hung above them, holding the mysteries of the world. Kit always considered his mum being amongst the stars, the few times he thought of her. 

“I miss her.” He murmured, turning to look at Ty. Ty was staring at him. His black curls were messy and stuck at odd angles; his grey eyes were an empty void, holding no sign of the previous enthusiasm there was. Dark rings hung under his eyes that were bloodshot. He looked like he was going to be sick and it hurt Kit to see him like this. “Livvy used to love the stars.” Was all he said as he stared at the night sky.

“Ty I-”

“You don’t have to stay with us if you don’t want to. You know that right? This isn’t your battle.”

Kit froze. He stared at Ty his eyes wide and shocked. “Tiberius,” he grabbed Ty’s hand and looked him in the eyes, “I’m not going to leave you. You’re never going to have to suffer by yourself again, I promise.

Ty stared at him. Kit was worried that he might have said the wrong thing when all of a sudden he was engulfed by a tight hug.

“Thank you.” Ty whispered. Kit returned the hug with the same force. He was never going to leave Ty. Wherever he went Kit went. They would be together and Kit would make sure nothing ever hurt Ty. Whoever did will pay. He was always going to stay with Ty. No matter what.

{Hey I know it’s meant to be fluffy but the dialogue suited angst. Sorry I really hope you guys liked it. This is my first Kitty work!}

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The gospel choir goes on tour and it's basically Blake and Aiden's first holiday together, just way more hectic and stressful. Anyhow, they're going round so many different places, meeting new people, and one of them gets sick. Turns out there's nothing more grim than being ill on a coach full of people who all think they can sing better than the person next to them and knowing the next stop is in over four hours time.

A/N: This basically became an excuse to write a mixture of sickfic and fluff for these guys, so it’s not quite as extensive as I first envisaged it, but I think it still fits! I really hope you enjoy! 😊

“You go and – hrrrrmmmffll – join in with the rest of them Aiden,” Blake choked out, hugging the bucket that had been, mercifully, emptied at the last stop.

“I’m not going anywhere Blake,” Aiden shook his head vehemently, rubbing his hand across Blake’s shoulders.

A loud burst of voices came from the back of the bus where the rest of the choir was congregated, still in very high spirits from their placing second in the European university choir competition last night. They’d been running on adrenaline since boarding the bus early in the morning to begin their journey back to Britain, and Blake had been dreading it for the past week. Every other bus trip had been two or three hours as they zig-zaggged through continental Europe, and they had been bad enough; this one was seven hours until they could board the ferry to go across the channel.  They had around four hours still to go, and Blake was already in a horrendous state.

Buuuuaarrrrffll…” Blake belched wetly, hanging his head over the rim of the bucket as a tendril of spit dangled from his lips.

“Oh dear,” Aiden soothed gently, pulling a tissue from the drawstring bag he had filled and dubbed ‘Blake’s Motion Sickness Kit’ , and dabbed gently at his boyfriend’s mouth, removing any traces of the ejection of Blake’s stomach contents.

The two of them had only been together for six months, but Aiden already had experience of Blake’s chronic motion sickness. He knew Blake couldn’t do anything about it – and Aiden was training to be a nurse, this didn’t bother him in the slightest. On the contrary, all he wanted to do was look after him and make him feel even one iota better. He knew also, that this was more than Blake’s usual car sickness – there was something paler about his skin, shakier about his grip, and weaker about his resolve.

“You don’t – huuurp – have to look after me…” Blake’s voice was weak and ragged; Aiden could sense that he was mere seconds away from another bout of retching. “I’m – hiiccckk – used to this…”

“Bullshit Blake!” Aiden exclaimed suddenly, and Blake raised his head to look at him. Blake’s skin was the colour of curdled milk and saturated with sweat, his fringe had begun to curl as it stuck to his damp forehead. He looked utterly piteous and Aiden momentarily felt bad for raising his voice at him. “I know you threw up in the hotel before we left this morning, so I know this isn’t just your motion sickness…”

For a few long moments Blake stared at Aiden, almost as though he was looking for any sign of annoyance in Aiden’s face but when he found none his face crumpled: “Mmhmm…” He nodded, his chin wobbling as he tried to hold back a sob – but tears had already begun to roll down his cheeks.

“Oh Blake!” Aiden wrapped around his shoulder and pulled Blake close into him, he could feel Blake trembling as his head rested into Aiden’s chest. “It’ll be okay.”

H’uuuurk!” Blake pulled abruptly away with a deep retch that sounded like he was nearly bringing up his liver. “Rrrrrruuuuuuukk!”

“Jesus fucking Christ!” One of the other tenors, Quentin, came down the aisle of the coach and leant against the back of the seat that Aiden was occupying. “Is he still puking?”

“S – ulp – sorry…” Blake stammered, spitting into the bucket and sounding even more miserable.

“He can’t help it…” Aiden said coldly, surveying Quentin’s haughty expression with some contempt. “He’s not well.” As though to emphasize this, Bake let out an empty belch which reverberated in the bucket; Quentin raised his hand like in surrender.

“I’ll just go back, shall I?” He said lightly, then joked: “I’ll make sure Louise doesn’t hear him!” Louise was one of the altos who’d turned out to be one of the most sensitive, and violent, sympathy pukers any of them had ever come across.

“I’m – uuuurrrh – really sorry…” Blake groaned, resting his head back against the seat and closing his eyes.

“No, sssh – sssh…” Aiden whispered gently, clasping his hand onto Blake’s, which was still gripped on the edge of the bucket and was drenched with sweat. “It’s not your fault… You can’t help being ill…”

“But what if I’ve infected everyone on the bus?” Blake whimpered, shifting around in discomfort in his seat.

“You won’t have,” Aiden reassured, but he couldn’t honestly believe what he was saying. If Blake had picked up some kind of virus, it was highly likely that there would be some transference to the other choir members on the bus.

“It must have been that other pianist…” Blake mumbled, his throat sounding hoarse and sore. “You know, the German one, who puked before they went on… I thought it was just nerves…”

“Blake, listen to me,” he said calmly, “there is no way you could have prevented this, and it is not your fault. Stop worrying about it. Now you need to have another sip of water before you rest.”

Mmmmmn, no…” Blake shook his head without opening his eyes.

“Yes,” Aiden was unscrewing the lid of the water bottle he’d been plying Blake with; he raised the bottle to Blake’s lips, that were cracked and dry. “Just a little bit to try and keep you hydrated…” Blake’s eyes had opened again, he looked exhausted and teary again, but he accepted a few small sips from the bottle. “There you go…” Aiden encouraged. “Now try and see if you can get a wee bit sleep… Come here, rest into me…”

Blake didn’t argue, but snuggled his head close into Aiden’s chest; Aiden secured his arm around Blake’s shoulder and held tight.

This was the first time the two of them had been out of the country together. Aiden had initially thought it might be like a holiday for them, but touring and performances and practicing for the competition that had culminated their trip, had made it considerably less holiday-like that he had thought. He’d already begun thinking about the possibility of suggesting that the two of them go somewhere on holiday, even if it was just a weekend break or something. Although he knew one thing for certain: they would not be going anywhere by bus.

Blake’s breathing had begun to slow, and Aiden felt relief flood through him that Blake was finally getting some rest. He leant his head on top of Blake’s and closed his own eyes. Poor Blake… It was bad enough that he got chronically car sick, let alone adding a bug on top of that.

He couldn’t tell how much time had passed, but he’d definitely dropped off because suddenly Blake was pulling away from him, and he jerked awake. Blake was panting heavily, his grip redoubling on the bucket, and his cheeks had tinged that familiar sallow tinge. Instantly Aiden put his hand to the nape of his boyfriend’s neck and could feel the perspiration gathering there. Blake lurched forward with a burp, then hung over the bucket, groaning weakly.

“It’s alright, you’re okay,” Aiden intoned, “you’re okay Blake…” Blake was trembling visibly, and appearing like he was fighting hard to hold down the water. He let out a weak whimper, swallowing convulsively.

Buuuuuuuuaaarggggglllllluuuuuuuuuurrrrh!” With a forceful heave, Blake brought up all the water that he’d drunk, and it splattered into the bottom of the bucket.

“That’s it… Okay…” Aiden began to rub circles into Blake’s back again.

“Oh god…” Blake moaned, retching weakly again, but bringing up nothing.

“You’re doing really well,” Aiden said, using his free hand to pick up the tissue and wipe Blake’s mouth once again.

“I’m sorry…” Blake repeated.

“Ssssh…” Aiden brushed the curls of Blake’s fringe away from his sticky forehead.

Eventually Blake rested back against the seat, exhausted. After a few long minutes, in which Aiden half thought he’d fallen asleep, Blake opened his eyes and asked in a weak voice:

“How much further do we still have to go?”

“I’m sorry…” Aiden replied, his heart heavy as he looked down at his boyfriend, and knew that they had at least another three and a half hours of torture before they could get off the bus.

Uuuuuuuugggh…” Blake groaned, wriggling in his seat as though trying to find a position that was kinder on his unsettled stomach.

“Ssssh, you just rest back,” Aiden advised, putting his hand gently on Blake’s shoulder and easing him back into the chair, “and I’ll massage your stomach for you.”

Very cautiously Aiden put his hand onto Blake’s stomach, he could feel straight away that it was puffed out further than its usual slim size, and made gentle rubbing motions back and forth. After a few moments of this Bake let out a small moan, and rested his head back in the seat.

“That’s nice…” Blake whispered quietly as Aiden’s hand glided across his skin. “Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome,” Aiden answered, “I’ll always look after you.”

I forgot I drew this ahhhhhh

Hawkberry and his brother Leafkit, as paws. I always imagined Leaf would have been the medicine cat instead of Hawk if he lived through his sickness as a kit A mixture of wanting to be closer to his father Snakeleaf and his calm, sweet nature leading him towards the med. cat den in his early years. Hawk continues he’s training to be a warrior instead.


I did a stream last night, and these were the doodles uv u

I started the stream because I wanted to draw a floofy link (I just finished rereading the alttp manga), but then someone wanted me to draw Time. And then I thought about an au where old heroes and princesses become the sages of the next generation and thought about Link tending the forest and all the birds and animals love him, and animals bringing him their sick babies for him to heal ;3; so i drew a mamma fox bringing her sick kit and Link healing the baby.