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Understudy - Jasmine Cephas Jones x Reader

Summary: Based on a request I received, reader is the first female to play Alexander Hamilton, but is an understudy. Lin gets sick, giving Jasmine a great opportunity to make her feelings obvious to the protagonist.  

Warnings: Few swear words, allusion to smut. 

Word Count: 2,315 (I planned this way shorter and it just EXPLODED)

Request: @lawnmowerswig - Okay so I know I just gave you a prompt a little while ago (and it was amazing btw. You’re great man!!) but like Jasmine man.. Where like a girl plays Hamilton for the night and they kiss and it leads to more and ends with like half naked cuddles???

A/N: Okay so I SUCK majorly because I haven’t posted in forever because my writer’s block has been absolutely killing me, but here is me delivering on a request that I got embarrassingly long ago, I am so sorry it took me so long. This helped me push past my lack of inspo, so I’m ready for the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon! 

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The truth is, it was hard being Alexander Hamilton. Actually, to be more specific; it was hard to be the first female playing Alexander Hamilton. The idea itself had been a rock thrown into a pool of still water; plenty of ripples were created. The enthusiastic fanbase that had grown into a cult following of the musical had mixed feelings about this. Some were ecstatic. Others were less impressed.

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Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Warnings: mentions of cheating and cursing

Prompt: basically your partner cheated on you and you have to go on as Peggy/Maria and Anthony is there to comfort you.

Word Count: 1,424


When you walked into the Richard Rogers theater, eyes puffy and earbuds plugged in, he knew something was up.

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Writing the Federalist Papers

JOHN JAY: *cough cough* I’m sick 


oh my love let me be your fire! we’re a thousand miles up and i’m about to get higher!

jasammy day 1, sports/outdoors!! sammy brings jasmine along to cheerleading to stand there and help her look pretty. honestly this was just an excuse to binge a load of competitive cheerleading videos cause what the SHIT this sport is fuckin LETHAL i love it

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Hey Soup i have two highly important questions about ur kids. Un: which one is the most likely to eat a bath bomb & enjoy the cronch Deux: which one(s?) is the most into swords. I have my suspicions but I crave canon confirmation and ive been trying to fall asleep for two hours now. Stay fresh 🌃🍁

ange 100% would eat a bath bomb just for kicks to freak somoene out or on a dare because he’ll do pretty much anything on a dare 

as for swords, Mr Manalastas collects swords so i guess you could say Jasmine is really into them but that is only becuase she uses them for tasks that you definitely dont need to use swords for. like “i cant open this envelope i better rip it open with a fucking katana and probably shred the letter that actually inside but who cares i opened it with a goddamn sword” (that being said milo also can appreciate a well made sword but she likes anything with a sharp edge)

Cherry on the other hand actually knows how to fight with a sword because Milo taught her how to (and Milo’s definition of teaching is giving a 14 year old a sword and a shield and randomly attacking her throughout the day after shes learned the basics) 

i hope you got to sleep though! thx for the Qs they were good lol 


Paint Splatters (a rachabeth playlist)

cliffs edge - hayley kiyoko/is there somewhere - halsey/only a girl - gia/would you be so kind - dodie/jessies girl - mary lambert/sleepover - hayley kiyoko/falling in love at a coffee shop - daniela andrade/hey there delilah - jasmine thompson/sick of losing soulmates - dodie/cant help falling in love - ingrid michaelson

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To all the hamilton fans who squeal over Jasmine and Daveed whilst conveniently forgetting that Oak, Renee and Leslie exist, and especially to those who claim it’s their ‘personal preference’: FUCK YOU.

You dont get to idolise all the light-skinned members of the cast and ignore the existence of anyone who’s dark-skinned, and claim that it’s a coincidence and totally unrelated to skin colour. And you can’t say it has anything to do with talent because you know damn well that Leslie, Renee and Oak are just as talented as the others.

You think we dont notice? You think we believe that it’s a coincidence? It happens in every fandom and it happens in real life. We wake up in the morning knowing that light skin correlates with beauty, whereas dark skin is a problem that should be solved with skin-lightening creams. We KNOW what you think. And denying you prefer light skin when it’s so obvious is an insult to our intelligence. We don’t buy your bullshit.

Every cast member is extremely talented and, newsflash!! Every single one of them is just as deserving of praise. So how about, for once in your fucking lives, you appreciate a dark-skinned black person that isn’t Lupita Nyong'o.


“You Gone Get this work”- Jasmine Mans

she went sick

  • Don’t reblog/like Disney Princess group photo/gif sets or fan art that exclude Tiana, Pocahontas, and Mulan, but include Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa. 
  • Don’t reblog/like sets where the ethnic princesses are white-washed.
  • Don’t trust anyone who says the non-white princesses aren’t real princesses. (Especially if the reason for this is because their fathers aren’t necessarily called “King” i.e. Sultan and Chief) 
  • Basically, side-eye anyone who disrespects Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Tiana because you don’t need that type of person in your life.

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THE SICK SCENE AKA MY WEAKNESS i still don't understand how that's even there

i think the thing is with the sick scene…. it was probably the first time we saw both of them completely relaxed and open. that video wasn’t meant for the doc but i’m sure dan found it on his or phil’s phone and added it for the sick effect. dan and phil always say that their videos are the bloopers but that was truly one of the only behind the scenes look at their lives. that part is just so different from the rest of the film? there isn’t any music in the background of it. it’s personal and close and uncontrolled - there isn’t a mic or lighting or even a proper camera. they are in a bed together and closer than they could have been. dan continues to play with phil’s hair although you can’t see it with his hand going out of frame. it’s probably the most unique clip we have ever seen of dan and phil (the only comparable thing i can think of was the dan making weird noises clip from making of tabinof). it’s strangely intimate in a physical and emotional way. phil’s sick and dan’s still next to him. i can’t help but feel like it was the major turning point in 2016 for their “rebranding.” the clip really didn’t have to be in the film. it would have carried on just fine without it. but we have a solid thirty seconds of intimacy that is left unexplained. not only that but most of the viewers of the films were just us. i sort of doubt many people sat down for an hour to watch dan and phil fooling around and figuring out how to cram their dan and phil branding into one show. the clip was in the trailer for the doc as well. and they knew we would know they were on the bed. it’s not that difficult to figure out. romantic or not it really has defined what i see their relationship as. it’s one of closeness and teasing and content with quiet and napping together. of course they show parts of their relationship to the cameras but the sick scene was the most raw moment we have ever seen. it’s one of my favorite things in the world.

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Donation prompt. Veterinarian au. After taking her cat to the vets for a check up, Blake seemingly falls for the newest staff: Weiss Schnee. Determined to see her again, Blake visits the vets again with her cat whilst trying to think of an excuse to be there again.

A/N: This was really fun! Reminds me a little of Checkup ~

Donation prompt info!


The lobby of the veterinarian’s office was rather crowded that morning. 

Blake sat on a small couch there with her cat carrier crate at her feet. She could hear Jasmine mewling pitifully from inside, terrified by all the new scents and sights. A dog on a leash wandered over to sniff at her and she hissed. 

Blake reached down to pick up the crate and place it in her lap, peering inside. 

“Hey, girl. It’s okay. You know, we wouldn’t have to be here if you hadn’t snatched the bread loaf from the counter and eaten almost the entire thing.” Blake poked her finger into the cage to touch her cat’s nose. Jasmine mewed again. “I know, I know. The doctor’s is never fun for anyone. But we’ll only be here for a little while, then we can go home again. Promise.”

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I am going to fly nowhere, I have nowhere to go,
I complained to you as I thought about coming back -

back to my parents’ house, where I sleep in a room
I haven’t cleaned in months.
back to a hotel room where I live out of a suitcase and sleep
under clean sheets every night.
I can see them turn over the mattress
in my mind.

I have nowhere to settle down,
to eat cereal with my left hand
and paint with my right -
and I am tired, I am tired, I am tired.

Tired of being a guest -
waking up with my clothes strewn across the room,
of having my mess brush shoulders with somebody else’s.
Tired of breaking things that aren’t mine,
of deferring to someone else’s mother
with my tail between my legs.

And so the search begins!
Somewhere to call my own:
endlessly asking questions.
All I want is a bed and a functional shower.
All I want is this.
All I want is a wardrobe and a place to put my paint.

All I want is this.

And then you remind me,
because I have so clearly forgotten:
‘You have me to go to.’

All I want is this.

—  travel sickness ishani jasmin