sick in korea

“I came here 2 years ago from the States to learn Korean. One time while I was here I had the flu really bad. Back then, I didn’t really have any friends, so it was really hard when I was sick. However, this friend of mine that I met sometimes out in Hongdae came to my place along with porridge and some medicine. She noticed that I posted on Facebook that I wasn’t feeling well and came over. We weren’t that close, but without even a second thought, she came to my place…”

“한국어를 배우려고 미국에서 온 지 2년 됐는데, 한번은 완전 심한 독감에 걸린 적이 있었어요. 그 때 고생을 아주 많이 했어요. 친구가 별로 없을 때 였거든요. 그런데 홍대 길가에서 어쩌다 알게 된 친구가 집으로 찾아왔어요. 그것도 말도 없이 죽이랑 약을 가지고요. 알고 보니까 제가 페이스북에 아프다고 올린 걸 보고 찾아 왔더라구요. 그렇게 친하지도 않은 사이였는데 한걸음에 와주다니..”

Lunar New Years break

I spent my Wed to Sunday break at home. I’m currently handicapped at the moment and cannot walk. I can barely make it to the bathroom without wanting to fall and cry “WHAT IS THIS LIFE?”

But my break wasn’t all that bad. I’ve been blessed w great friends who have dropped by w food and water and necessities and love. My aunt also came and brought some food. And I just feel so thankful and loved. It’s a great feeling.

My coworkers (initially) but I just call them friends came over as a surprise w food and desserts. And they tried making me feel better by massaging my legs. Oh my. Never had friends like that. Oh I’m so grateful. Can’t thank them enough.

Thank you thank you thank you my cos

mykoreanapartment thank you thank you thank you for everything ^^


I am heavily medicated. My system has been pumped full of 3000won pharmaceuticals for the past 48 hours. And Ginseng tea. I smell like my grandma. 

And I have been ordered to lie in bed and crank up the heat and sweat profusely until the cold leaves me. 

And I wouldn’t mind having the cold if I was lying in my bed back home. My backside is still getting used to sleeping on a rock hard bed. 

I don’t know if its just me, but time does weird things in Korea. It ceases to matter. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a set schedule yet, but time seems more fleeting than ever before. And regular meal times have gone out the window. I studied cities briefly, and we looked at Berlin: symphony of a city, and it showed the waking of the city, and the rhythms of its movement. I thought a city would be much more regular than the suburbs. I am wrong. The conventional social norms are much stronger in the suburbs, for the cities have social norms particular to itself. 

I don’t know what Seoul’s rhythm will be like. I am not a city dweller. I’m just a girl from the suburbs. The sheltered, sheltered suburbs. This is going to be quite the journey. My first steps will be difficult as I am sick. Oh so very sick. But it will be a beginning nonetheless. 

This beautiful image is of crops being grown in Kansas and was photographed by a NASA satellite.

This month marks the ten year anniversary of Google Maps. This iconic service represents the benefit that satellites have given humanity and so I thought I’d write something on the benefits of satellites.

Wireless technology like GPS and cell phones are possible only because of the network of interconnected satellites that orbit Earth.

Weather forecasts have taken a dramatic rise in accuracy due to satellites and to a degree so have long-term planetary science studies.

Their images can help the rest of us mortals (who don’t get to go to space) see the Earth from the same precious view as an astronaut. It helps to shrink our borders to indistinguishable boundaries.

On the other hand it gives us perspective on our own sicknesses. The border of North Korea at night couldn’t be more obvious. On its borders are countries awash in the light of progress, science and the triumph of human reason, yet on the North Korean side of the border, darkness permeates the land, reminding us that our progress isn’t necessarily permanent.

There are moral questions with the advent of satellites. Government agencies use their technology to spy and this power necessitates a balance.

What about the future?

Far from being outdated, satellites are about to play another crucial role in the rapidly developing human species. Elon Musk of SpaceX has teamed up with Google and other companies to bring a global, wireless internet.

This plan has potential to rid people of abusive internet providers. It’s also a crucial part of their plan to create a telecommunications network capable of connecting as far out as Mars.

(Image credit: NASA)