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Daily reminder Barry and Iris are still deeply in love.

The only thing that’s changed is that right now the expression of that love is less like this:

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And more like this:

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Boys are gross

Platonic Jughead x reader (best friends)

Jughead x Betty

In which Jughead and the reader are just friends, and Betty is confused.

Best friend! Jughead

I have known Jughead, literally, since birth. Our mothers were friends when they were pregnant with us, so naturally we became best friends as soon as we left the womb. He often likes to joke that he was forced to be best friends with me and didn’t actually have a choice in the matter, but I know I would have found him anyway, and forced him to be my friend like the unforgiving extrovert I am. We have been through every stage of school together, and have lived through each other’s best and worst moments. It was only when we became sophomores that we became friends with some other people – it had just been us until then. We took quickly to Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin, and were soon integrated members of the group. We hung out with them every day, but made sure to still always have time for just us two, so we didn’t lose what we had.

I guess you could say we had a close friendship. Like, ridiculously close. We always seemed to be touching, and regularly said “I love you” to each other. He was the first person I went to with any problem -  big or small. I had been there for him through his Mom and sister leaving, and he helped me through the family troubles I had. 

I have so many memories with him, like racing him to the end of my garden in Summer when we were tiny; sitting together at lunch everyday I’ve ever been at school, and not knowing what to do with myself when he was off sick; slamming my heeled boot down on Reggie’s foot for pushing Jughead over and getting detention for three weeks; him holding me tight when I was called names and telling me none of it was true. Some people found it weird, but we were best friends, and we relied on each other more than anything.

It was about a quarter of the way through the year when I noticed Betty acting strangely. Whenever Jughead was around she would instantly start smiling more, laughing at everything he said and fidgeting with her hands as if she was nervous. I wasn’t an idiot; I knew what it meant – she liked him. After that I began to notice that Jughead seemed to reciprocate her actions. He would look at her in a way I hadn’t seem him look at anybody before, and my heart swelled at the prospect of him finally being happy with somebody. He deserved that.

We were all leaving our last lesson, laughing as we walked as a group.

When we reached the entrance to the school we split up in separate directions to our respective places of refuge. I gave Jughead a tight hug and ruffled his hair. I laughed at his disgusted face as he rearranged his beanie, and Archie, Betty, and I began to walk off towards our houses. I lived a few doors down from them. 

“Love you!” I shouted to him as we walked in opposite directions. He rolled his eyes but grinned.

“Yeah, yeah, you too!” He yelled back. I didn’t miss the disheartened look on Betty’s face before she looked down, as she heard what he said. The three of us walked home, Archie and I chatting amicably, but Betty wasn’t acting herself. As soon as Archie had left us, walking towards his house, I turned to her. She looked at me questioningly when I stopped walking and didn’t start heading home.

“Tell him.” I said, crossing my arms in the middle of the road.

“What?” She frowned, confused. I groaned.

“Tell Jughead you like him. He obviously feels the same way.”

She looked at me incredulously.

“What? I don’t like Jughead, that’s ridiculous-“


“Why would you even think that? I-“

“Betty!” She stopped, closing her mouth and sighing.

“How did you find out?” She asked quietly, looking pained. I laughed.

“You couldn’t have made it any more obvious, Bets. Everyone knows it.” Her eyes widened and her expression became one of panic.

“Everyone apart from Jughead.” I said, and she exhaled, looking revealed. “But really, you should tell him.” She didn’t say anything, but looked at me sceptically.

You want me to tell him how I feel?” She asked disbelievingly.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, chuckling.

“But… wait, aren’t you two together?” She asked me, and I looked at her for a moment before bursting out into laughter. People had asked us that before - it was inevitable, but I didn’t think someone so close to us could genuinely believe it.

“Me… and Jughead?” I asked, clapping my hands as I laughed. I looked up to see she just looked confused. This just made me laugh even harder.

“You aren’t a couple?!” She asked in amazement.

“No!” I exclaimed, still laughing. “Are you serious?”

She frowned, running her hand over her hair.

“But, you’re always saying I love you to each other, and the way you look at him…” She looked genuinely distressed and I tried to stop laughing. I grinned at her.

“Betty, I’m like 900% gay.”

I revelled in the look of shock that took over her face as she stepped back. 

“What? Since when?!” She asked, eyes wide, and I chuckled.

“Since forever. It’s just not something I flaunt about. It doesn’t define who I am, and it shouldn’t be something I have to tell people before they choose to become friends with me or not.” I told her.

“No of course not!” She exclaimed, “but, you just never seemed…” She frowned, gathering her thoughts. “So you aren’t at all attracted to Jughead?”

I gagged, my face scrunching up in disgust as I mimed throwing up.

“Absolutely not. Boys are gross. I don’t know what you see in them to be honest.” I said, still revolted by the idea of Jughead and I together, and she laughed.

“He’s my best friend, and I love him, but it was never, and will never be like that between us.” She began to grin. 

“Oh.” She said quietly, looking a lot happier.

“So, now that that’s cleared up, will you tell him?” I asked her eagerly. She smiled shyly, looking at her feet.

“I don’t know, maybe. Are you sure he feels the same?” I rolled my eyes. They were both so oblivious.

“Yes. Trust me, I know him better than he knows himself. Now go!” I put my hands on her shoulders, turning her around to face the direction we had just come from.

“What, now?” She asked, looking terrified. I grinned excitedly.

“Yes! He’ll be at Pop’s.” I began to push her in the direction of the diner, and she blindly walked forward, still frowning as if she didn’t really know what was going on.

“You got this!” I shouted, chuckling.

I was happy for her, and for him. They were good for each other. I knew he wouldn’t neglect or forget me, even if he got a girlfriend. He wasn’t like that.

Later that night, I received a very excited text from Betty in all caps. I didn’t have to read it to know it had gone well. I texted her congratulations and she thanked me profusely for sending her (literally) in the right direction. She seemed so happy, and I knew I had made the right decision.

Just as I was falling asleep I got another text, this one from Jughead.

Thank you was all it read, and I smiled. He didn’t need to say anything else.

This is a little different but I love best friend Jughead.

Could do a part 2?

Requested by the lovely @coffeeandwhining ​ <3

(Please request something I’m uncreative and sad)

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I want Whitley to step off a cliff and fall into a pit of spiked and while he's slowly bleeding out for Weiss to stomp on his face with her sick heels killing him instantly ... I mean what

Weiss stop talking to yourself in third person it’s weird

How Will I Know [15/17]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader [AU]

Warning: Language. Angst. Drama. The Dirty. Plot Twist.

You’re engaged to James Barnes, at your fathers request and you always did as your father asked. That is till Steve Rogers waltzed into your life one night with those blue eyes haunting your dreams and the life shattering grin of his. Your families at odds, refusing to get along, the ring on your hand binding you to another man when you just might be falling for another set of blue eyes. Are you willing to say I Do in white and take this to the grave, or are you ready to defy your family and live something you’d only heard stories about?

Miss Something?

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Worship me. (Yongguk)

Hi! ♥ AHEM. Ladies and Gentleman ((???)), my first full smut! And what on fuckin earth, it’s 8 pages long. EIGHT. I thought it would be ridiculously short but this is my longest scenario so far. I started it on March 1st when I had a fuckton of shitload of Yongguk feels, it was horrible, and I gave up on it. So yup, sex sex sex. Super long smuts are probably the most boring things ever, mea culpa.
Also let’s say it’s a gift for hitting 200 followers~ everyone loves Yongguk.
P.S: you know you have to play Body & Soul hehe. also got kiiiiind of inspired by Selena Gomez’s Write your name

In which Yongguk thinks having sex to get inspiration for his lyrics is a good idea.

Today was finally the day of your interview for a job you had been eyeing for months. If your boyfriend didn’t push you to apply, you would still be rolling around in your bedroom wondering what to eat for dinner. You felt like you just spent centuries sitting on these uncomfortable chairs at the office and your butt was about to fall off. All you wanted was to give up and come back home to cuddle with Yongguk who had his week off. You remembered his words: “You’re not allowed to come home until you’ve done this interview!”

You slowly walked home, and opened the door just as slowly, dragging your heavy and numb feet that quickly got sick of heels. The clicking of those got you noticed by your boyfriend, singing out from upstairs: “You’re back!”

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im tryin to put together a rly halfassed lup cosplay and i cannot figure out what she’d wear that i can also wear and rock rip (and also doesnt break the bank) 

things im certain about: red cloak, umbrella, these sick high-heel boots i own. blonde wig? 

everything else: ????????? 

if yall got ideas……im open to them

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ya hi hello yes i just wanted to thank you for your amazing superhero au the deets are fantastic and i'm currently hung up over the trojans being the supersquad from the next town over and can you say pizza parties???? i'm having a hard time right now but i'm grateful as heck

THE TROJANS ARE GIFTS TO THIS AWFUL UNIVERSE please protect all of my children. honey i hope you feel better here’s a dumb ficlet about superpowered idiots at a backyard party because im weak. go to the fucking pizza party minyard.

[original au]

It was suspiciously easy for Kevin to open his weekend to accept an invitation to a Trojans’ dinner party. Neil may not be as social as the rest of the Foxes, but even he knew how many hoops one had to jump through to skip out on training.

“A dinner party?” Renee says. “Will I have to wear a dress?”

“Oh,” Kevin says. He’d apparently never thought about that. “No.”

“Who else will be there?” Matt asked.

“Just us,” Kevin says. “Just us and the Trojans. At their tower. The Trojan Tower.”

“Do they expect us to bring food?” Allison asks with a weary drawl. “You know all we can make is pizza. Like, the frozen kind.”

Neil is apparently the only one who notices the guilty glance Nicky gives to Andrew. Andrew himself looks bored, but he hasn’t disappeared yet, so he must not be too against free food. Aaron, however, isn’t as passive.

“No,” says their medic. “I’m not going.”

Nicky let out a needy whine. “Aaron, I thought you liked dinner parties.”

“This is a pizza party,” Aaron told them, probably wishing he could have his brother’s power this instant. “And I don’t like either. I’m staying.”

“Go to the fucking pizza party, Minyard.” Wymack conveniently choses that time to reveal his presence, a pleased Dan on his heels. “I’m sick of this team wanting pissing off every other hero group in the country and if there is going to be an opportunity for you to go out and make friends for once, go. I’ll make it a mission if I have to.”

“We’re leaving now,” Dan says, holding up her keys with a gloved hand. “We’ll pick up pizza on the way, and we’re getting every kind. Can’t let them show us up, right?”

The Trojan Tower is surprisingly humble for one of the best teams in the nation. It’s a quaint place on the edge of the city with a big yard for training, recreation, and the occasional inter-team pizza party.

Neil’s never been to a social event where nobody wants to kill him, so it’s already better than he expected, but he’s still amazed to find that he’s actually enjoying himself. The Trojans have always felt like such a professional team to him, but they’re also the kind of minds that have figured out how to play Exy with powers and a legitimate rulebook called HyperExy, so yes, Neil is having a damn good time. Maybe too much of one.

“You’re an idiot,” Andrew tells him, standing over his immobile body and looking fairly unamused. Neil hasn’t seen him since he refused the HyperExy challenge, so he must have disappeared somewhere. Probably poking around the Trojan’s things.

Neil tries to push himself up by his elbows, but his strength is nonexistent at this point. He hates how quickly his power drains him, but he can’t complain. It’s a hundred times better after Andrew’s ridiculous training requests. He flops an arm. “I can still move.”

Andrew ignores him and drags him onto one of the free picnic blankets, where he abandons Neil. He returns a few minutes later with a stack of pizzas and an energy drink Neil likes. He drops the can onto Neil’s chest and sits next to him.

“You should have played,” Neil tells him, trying not to make his struggle with the can obvious.

“People get angry when the goalie is invisible,” Andrew says with disinterest.

“There were people flying on the court, Andrew,” Neil emphasizes. He finally gets the can open, thank god. His energy starts to come back when he takes a swig. “They would have liked you.”

“He’s right.” Neil turns his attention to the approaching figure of Jeremy Knox. Andrew doesn’t take much notice to him, preferring what’s probably his tenth slice of pizza since Neil last saw him, but Jeremy doesn’t seem to mind. He takes a seat across from them on the grass. “You should have heard Alvarez. She was almost too into the idea of an invisible player.”

If Neil remembers right, Alvarez was the girl with the laser vision. She’s part of the reason Neil blew out so quickly with how fast he had to be to dodge her.

“Did you have fun, anyway?” Jeremy asks, turning his attention to Neil.

“It was a mess.” He loved it.

“Our team’s always had a more favorable impression of you Foxes,” Jeremy admits. “We knew you’d like it. I’m glad you accepted the invitation. Some of our team members were a little weary at first, but you guys seem to fit in well.”

Neil follows Jeremy’s gaze to where some of the Trojans are gathered in awe as their resizing teammates tests Renee’s strength. He’s the size of an eighteen wheeler, and she’s still not breaking a sweat. Allison stands by with a smug look on her face as she collects money with every new size. Matt and Seth have gotten into a marshmallow challenge, while Aaron is on probably his fifteenth round of chess with some girl with a tail.

It is a relaxing sight, seeing everyone so free of tension. Neil shrugs. “You’re better than most hero groups around here. Most people aren’t as accepting of a turned villain,” he says, nodding over to Kevin, who’s been talking nonstop to the girl playing goalie earlier, probably about their city’s statistics

“A hero’s a hero,” Jeremy says. “Sometimes it’s a villain that understands that the best. Kevin’s actually been talking to me about another transfer, when Moureau recovers.”

Neil’s starting to understand why Kevin likes these guys so much.

“I should probably go talk to him about our city’s Hero Code. He’s been asking for a while.” Jeremy jumps to his feet. “If you recover fast enough, we’ll be playing another game later.”

“I’ll be fine,” Neil says.

Jeremy nods. “Well, it was good to meet you, Strikefoot.”


That earns him an appreciative smile. Jeremy disappears in a sharp crack of shadows and reappears not too long after at Kevin’s side, making the former villain jump. Andrew takes their newfound privacy as opportunity to shove a slice of pizza into Neil’s hands.

“I’ll only play if you play,” Neil tells Andrew between nibbling at the slice.

“Then you’re not playing,” Andrew says.

“Kevin will want you to play,” Neil continues. “He’ll learn that the Trojans will want you to play and then nobody will stop asking for you. They’ll probably think you’re too chicken to play.”

“I don’t care,” Andrew says. “They’ll give up eventually.”

“He’ll be satisfied after showing you off. If we win.” Neil pauses. “He might listen if you want to go home early then. No more reason to keep you here. I’ll go with you since I’ll be too tired to do anything else, and I’ll recover by the time we get home.”

Andrew considers this for a moment, scanning over the overexcited crowd before him. He’s already gotten his fair share of food, and he’s probably satisfied with his investigation of the Trojans by now. He flexes his fading fingers in thought, a habit of Andrew’s Neil’s always found hypnotizing to watch.

“I won’t drag your ass to the car,” Andrew finally tells him. “If you can’t move, I’ll leave you here.”

“Okay,” Neil says, even though Andrew would anyway. “Let’s go to the lake for training tomorrow.”

“Fine,” Andrew agrees. And sometimes, it’s as simple as that.

you know at first blush giving Samus Aran, Space Warrior high heels does seem like some Sakamoto-level sexist bullshit but think about her history

Samus has a long history of immediately grabbing onto any powerup available to her, no matter how stupid it makes her look, how it clashes with the rest of her aesthetic, or how much actual physical and psychological harm it causes her in the long run

so wherever she got those heels, it probably went something like

armsmaster: yo samus I’ve got these sick heels for you, they’ll look great when you’re out relaxing and want to look nice

samus: nah, I’ll pass

armsmaster: they’re rocket heels, though

samus: GIVE