sick glasses

Im sick rn, so i drew a super fast thing of harry to distract me from the fever 👏

It is nearly midnight and I really thought I was done caring about this but I just saw a post that said Aelin needs Rowan because she needs discipline and wow

Hold up now

You are saying that she should stay with a man who literally punched her in the face once because she needs the discipline he can give her???

Rowan ain’t her father and she is a grown woman. Screw that logic.

I didn’t like Aelin. I thought she was a total bitch, to be honest, and I believe she needs people around her who can keep her from being a terrible leader. But DISCIPLINING HER? Excuse me? First of all, Rowan did nothing in QoS that would suggest he is disciplining her, as he basically went along with every little thing she said. Second, it is not a guys job to “discipline” his significant other. Relationships should be balanced out, thank you, and even if Aelin is awful she is still a perfectly capable adult who doesn’t need a man to correct her behaviors through time outs and punches to the face.