sick fisher

Carrie Fisher

She was woman who struggled with depression, addiction, alcoholism, bipolar disorder and the pressures of Hollywood stardom. She fought against all odds and won. She endured everything the world could throw at her and she did it with a joke on her tongue and a ‘fuck you’. She was an outspoken mental health advocate who wanted to make the world easier for everyone like her. She fought and she joked and she was so unapologetically herself. She was the greatest hope we could have ever dreamed of. I am so proud to have been on this Earth at the same time as her. I am so proud to have had her as a role model.

Carrie, our protector, our princess and our hope, you will be missed greatly and forever. Rest in peace, god knows you’ve earned it.

I swear if I was an English teacher and a student sent me a short story in which all these celebrities die to represent the feeling of dread/doom that comes with an upcoming fascist regime, I would have told them to be less heavy-handed with the symbolism BS and to maybe tone it down a notch or five