sick fires man

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It's been awhile since you wrote about Chrobin so maybe you could do that serious fever thing with him too? More Chrom love!!

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He paced back and forth like a madman. Chrom’s face was pale and tense with concern, but nothing like yours. You were gaunt and pallid and sickly, and your temperature was terribly high.

You’d contracted an awful fever shortly after discovering you were pregnant, the north winds invaded your happy days and presented you with illness.

The entire castle was worried for their queen, but none perhaps so much as its Exalt. Chrom could barely stand seeing you in pain, much less suffering in such a way. He could only pray you would be in a better state when they finally let him back into the room.

He’d been far too protective of you when he watched them try and heal you the first time.

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drags my limp and overheated body over to the desktop
see i just
i just spat too many sick fires man
the grind was too intense
im just lucky i made it out alive times are fuckin rough out there when you have the sole responsibility of dealin out awesomeness like the complete badass you are around the clock just to sate all these peasants totally destitute of the delirious biznasty
im up to some delirious biznasty right this very second if im being absolutely honest here
i have to compose some more delectable fine art pieces for the crowd i can hear it hungering it is unequivocally ravenous for my mad technicolor nuggets of pure golden mspaint content