sick disney

lately i’ve been thinking about when/how jay and carlos started having feelings for each other/fell in love?? like they were best friends for a while but how long did it take for them to realize that they meant more to each other than they thought? idk here are some thoughts

  • it was really hot outside, so jay and carlos were just hanging out, unable to do anything too mischievous due to the heat. they were just lazing about in front of a fan–talking and laughing together–rather than their normal routine which was basically just ruining other people’s day. this made carlos see jay in a different way, despite the beads of sweat forming on his forehead and the t-shirt sticking to his chest. he saw him more as a companion, and less as an accomplice. it was a subtle yet powerful realization.
  • carlos had never been interested in pursuing girls, or anyone else for that matter. though over time he began to catch himself gazing into jay’s dark, captivating eyes for too long, or admiring the way he carried himself, so confident and carefree. it wasn’t long before he was studying the softness of jay’s hair as his nimble fingers pushed it behind his ear or the way he licked his lips after he spoke. carlos was aware that he had never seen someone in this way before, so it wasn’t long before he admitted to both jay and himself that he had these feelings.
  • it was shortly after the first time they had sex. awkward, loud, messy, sweaty sex. the both of them were catching their breaths, legs and fingers still tangled together. jay turned his head to gaze at the boy he had shared the most intimate form of contact with only minutes ago. carlos’ hair was stuck to his damp forehead, as were the sheets to his freckled hips. he looked more beautiful than ever before, despite the beads of sweat rolling down his neck, over the light, surfacing bruises jay proudly left him with. that’s when he knew this wasn’t just sex, but making love.
  • the fact that it was the peak of winter on the isle and carlos almost always had little to no coat on made it much easier for him to fall ill. sneezing, coughing, throwing up, and a burning fever. carlos was bedridden for the entire weekend, which didn’t stop cruella from going about her schedule as if her son wasn’t suffering at home. this gave jay an opportunity to step in, though, despite carlos’ protests. he couldn’t believe jay, someone who makes it his #1 mission in life to make other people miserable, would give up his entire weekend to stay with him until he felt better. when you watch someone you care about bring you soup and medicine, then sleep with you under the layers of blankets they brought with no worry as to them getting sick as well, you appreciate them in a different way.
  • jay woke up late one night to the small lamp across the dorm being shone on his face, which he soon realized was just another one of carlos’ late night study sessions. he stumbled over to the wooden desk and leaned against it, not even earning a glance from his studious roommate. he noticed carlos’ freckled nose wrinkling every few seconds, which he assumed is a habit of concentration. that’s when he realized he was smitten.

Yesterday in my sickly stupor I thought about that scene from Hunchback of Notre Dame when Phoebus almost died while watching Esmeralda kicking ass and taking names and of course what dorks came to mind?

Keith doesn’t seem pleased with this turn of events but he really can’t say anything with how much he and his bf argue