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Yesterday in my sickly stupor I thought about that scene from Hunchback of Notre Dame when Phoebus almost died while watching Esmeralda kicking ass and taking names and of course what dorks came to mind?

Keith doesn’t seem pleased with this turn of events but he really can’t say anything with how much he and his bf argue

As much as I gush over Rey, I think that Finn is an equally amazing character, and John Boyega is a fantastic young actor. Which is why all the hatred towards him pisses me off. Outside of the blatant racism, all the criticism against him, like Rey, doesn’t make much sense.

“He worked for the First Order and betrayed them.“ Because he was stolen from his family at birth and brainwashed into doing so. That’s one hell of a dark backstory. One not many people talk about. And why the hell are you siding with a group that destroyed several planets just because they could?

“He’s just a coward.“ Sorry, did you miss the bit where he went with Han to take down Starkiller base and stood his ground against Kylo Ren? Yeah, he lost, but still, he defended Rey and the lightsaber from someone far more powerful than him. That’s way braver than anything anyone else in the franchise has done, including Luke.

“He is selfish.“ Again, remember when he infiltrated Starkiller base to save Rey? And fighting Kylo? And while we’re talking about selfishness, Han only helped Luke and Leia for a paycheck. That’s it. Sure, he change his mind later on, but so did Finn? So why is Han called a hero and Finn selfish and cowardly?

People will endlessly defend white villains (The Loki’s, the Magneto’s, the Christian Grey’s etc.) but a black hero who worked for an evil army AGAINST HIS WILL running away and fighting for the Resistance is apparently a bad character. Jesus Christ.

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Amidst everything else Star Wars, I would just like to remind people that during Disney’s Star Wars Weekends from 2008 to 2013, a regular feature was “Dance off With the Star Wars Stars.” All of them are great, but 2009 is my personal favorite because you get a lot. Including but not limited to:

• Chewie in this outfit:

• The ladies of Star Wars (including Padmé AND Leia together) dancing to “Wannabe”

• Basically the best thing that Darth Vader ever did which is have a choreographed routie to “Can’t Touch This” with STORMTROOPERS (though tbh, 2010′s routine to “Beat It” COMPLETE WITH SPARKLY GLOVE was great too)

• “Can I call you Annie?”

• Not letting the Wookie win leads to a free-for-all dance which includes THIS ( @joons) :

The only thing I wish I had was someone trying to come up with a canonical in-universe explanation for these shenanigans. Basically: Watch all of these ok? Ok good.