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Now We’re Even | 2,056 words | SFW | For entertainment purposes only

It was a morning just like any other. Chester lay next to her. Shirtless, breathing deeply, hair completely out of control. Just how Grace liked it. Then there was Goose, snoring softly with her head nested within the crook of Chester’s arm and with her bottom paws pressed into the side of Grace’s legs as if to keep her tucked into place. Grace had been all around the world, but this was by far her favorite sight to see. 

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Why I feel MacCready is upset about giving Austin the cure in hole in the wall.

OK, so I personally haven’t played the Hole in the Wall quest with MacCready as my companion (and I have yet to find any videos of people who have so I don’t know what he says) but I have heard he doesn’t like when you give the cure to Austin, the sick boy. Which is weird because he normally appreciates it when you help kids and families. 

So why is it he doesn’t approve of saving a little boys life?

Because, the cure from vault 81 is a broad-spectrum cure of diseases and his son Duncan is dying of an unknown disease. 

Yea there’s another possible cure, prevent, that you help him get from medtek research. But  think about it a sec; you managed to get a potential cure before he even mentions it, and he’s excited because; yes, he has a chance to save his son. 

And then he has to watch as you give it away to someone else and he’s back at square one. 

After a little while he probably realizes he was being selfish, Austin was someone else’s son and he wouldn’t  wish the misfortune of losing a child on any parent. But in that moment he feels betrayed because sole survivor, though unknowing, was robbing Duncan of a cure. 


OM&M- You Make Me Sick (Live)


Had to document this funny live feed moment

The entire convo of Austin throwing food at Liz. From 7:54 pm.
Austin: Is it the chicken or the marinade?
Liz: The marinade.
Aus: Why are you being a bitch?
Jmac: ooooh
Liz: I’m not being a bitch. I’m voicing my opinion.
Aus: You’re not even trying to be nice tho. I just made this for you tho.
Steve: How come when you have an opinion (mumble), but when she has an opinion she is a bitch?
Liz: yeah.
Aus: Being a c.u..well I’m not going to say it.
Liz: Well you’re being a dick.
Aus: Well you just said you hate my chicken
Liz: I never said I hated it. I said I’m sick of it.
Austin: But is there something wrong with the marinade? What’s the problem.
Liz (laughs) You called me a bitch.
Austin: well you’re being one. What is wrong with marinade?
Liz: What are you going to do if I don’t tell you?
Jmac: Mommy and Daddy are fighting.
Austin: Because she is being mean to me. I hate when she does that.
Liz: Steve this is how not to act (give Austin a look).
(Talking over each other)
Austin: Your vegetables suck. You put ketchup in them?
Steve: Zing
(Austin spills vegs on himself. Liz laughs and he throws vegs at her).
Aus: (angrily) There you go! That’s what you get! Ok? Vegetables all over you. (Liz looks down at shirt).
Austin: You think this is funny?
Liz: JMac look what he just did to me!
Jmac: I didn’t even see that. Wow. You’ve got stuff on your boob and your face.
(Steve high 5’s Austin)
Steve: She wouldn’t tell you what was wrong so she kind of deserves it.
Austin: That was mean, so I got you back.
Liz: You better get the hell over here and clean me off.
(Austin sucks veg off her chest)
Aus: Hey! I asked you what was wrong. You wouldn’t tell me what was wrong.
Liz: You dirtied my clothes!
Aus: It happens. Sorry. Are you going to clean up?
Liz: Look at what he just did to me! What a ***** *****!
Aus: Oh you are going to call me names like that?
Liz: You’re a ***** *****. Clean it.
Aus: Which is it?
Liz: You called me a bitch.
Aus: I said you are acting like a bitch not that you are a bitch.
Liz: Why did you do this to me? Why would you think it was a good idea? Like who does that to their ***** gf?
Aus: Oh God please. When you’re acting like that? C'mon for no reason telling me how bad it is?
Liz: There is a reason! I was being honest!
Aus: Sometimes being honest is also being rude. Said Tyra Banks one time.
Liz: (smashes vegs in his chest. Runs away laughing and screaming)
Aus: Why are you near my stuff? I’ll go right into your stuff.
Liz: (screams) No No!
Aus: Ok then we have to call a truce.
Liz: I’m so mad at you. Why would you do this?
Aus: Because you were being mean when I tried so hard to make you something nice.
Liz: (getting heated) That doesn’t mean you have to throw vegs at me. Who does that? A ***** 10 year old steve!
Aus: I ask you whats wrong with the marinade and you have to be mean about it.
Liz: I didn’t like it! Um! Because it’s bbq flavor mixed w/Italian veg medley it just does not go. I don’t like it. I’m over it. I think the chicken tastes horrible and I don’t like it.
Aus: Then why did you make vegs that don’t go w/bbq chicken?
Liz: You were the one that made me add tomato sauce and now it is all over me. You didn’t say you were sorry.
Aus: I’m not sorry. It was funny.
Liz: You throw food all over a gf, you think that is the right answer?
Aus: Sometimes. If there is nothing else to do.
(Liz gives look of disbelief).
Aus: I thought it would look funny. I thought we were having fun.
Liz: Austin, this is something you do w/your friends. You don’t ever, ever throw food at a girl. You got it in my hair. I don’t deserve that.
Aus: Then don’t be mean about marinade.
(Liz polls Jmac if he would do that to a girl. He says yeah, but not in public).
Aus: It’s like pelting chocolates.
Liz: I can’t wait to tell Vanessa, she is going to think that is so ***** up.
Aus: All right, Liz. Why don’t you relax.
Liz: I’m out numbered.
Aus: All I asked is why you didn’t like the marinade and you couldn’t tell me.
Liz: It should motivate you to make better marinade and not be nasty and throw food on me.
(talk between 3 about the marinade and Donnie Darko and how he wasn’t calling her a bitch but that she was acting like one.)
Liz: I just cannot believe that you threw food on me. I’ve dated a lot of guys but none of them threw food at me. Just saying. You just lost some points.
Aus: Oh please.
Aus: How many times have you pelted chocolate at me and I told you to stop?
Liz: Does chocolates do this? (Looks at her shirt).
Aus: No, chocolates leave welts and burns. I’ve never thrown them at you.
Liz: You have food in your beard.
(talk of how Austin hit Meg w/chocolate and hurt her eye. Austin says she knew he was messing around.)
Liz: You are in the dog house.
Austin: Oh please. I stood up for myself. The live feeders were applauding me at home for standing up for myself to you.
Liz: No their like wow what a douchebag. Who throws food on a girl.
Austin: There are a lot worse things than throwing food on a girl. Besides you were being mean to me. It was embarrassing.
Liz: Vanessa he just chucked food at me and it was all over me!
Aus: She was being mean to me and she got what she deserved.
Liz: But does that call for someone to throw vegetables on them?
Van: No.
Aus: Oh please. It was a harmless food fight.