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Don’t Be A Fool (Smut)


Request: Could you write something that has to do with laur coming to the show and neither y/n or Shawn knows about it so there’s a little argument? But ends with smut.

Word count: 3,090

A/N: I don’t hate Lauren. 

Don’t Be A Fool (Smut)  

“I wanna love you with the lights on, keep you up all night long” You sang along with the rest of the crowed.

Though, you’d been with Shawn to what seemed like a million of his shows, you never got tired of singing the words aloud.

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Macbeth offers spectators no hierarchy or root causes of fear in the drama; it refuses to locate fear’s specific mode of generation or prioritize its possible sources. Fear is everywhere, and ubiquitously nowhere, in a play about being perpetually afraid but not knowing just what is so terrifying.
—  Allison Hobgood, “Fear-sickness in Macbeth,” Passionate Playgoing in Early Modern England

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for headcanons on how the Boys act when Gardienne is taking care of them because they are sick/hurt

Sick/hurt headcanons technically count as two-in-one, which I don’t do, so I only did ‘ Gardienne takes care of the sick boys’ headcanons. If you want boys are hurt headcanons, please send that in separately.

Anyway, here are your headcanons, Anon! I hope you enjoy them!


  • Ezarel hates being sick.
  • He hates it so much, he actually deludes himself into believing he’s having an off-day and is so convincing, nobody else suspects a thing until he collapses mid-experiment.
  • According to Eweleïn, Elves only get sick when really stressed, so step one to making Ez better is to get him to relax and rest.
  • It’s a lot harder than you think.
  • The man does not want to accept he’s sick.
  • He tries to move around as normal, do his work and continue as usual, but he can barely push the quilt off of himself, let alone walk.
  • You spend hours drilling it into his thick skull that he’s sick, and he’s not going anywhere.
  • He sulks a lot at first, but gives up when you reveal you’ll be taking care of him.
  • Suddenly, he’s quiet and complacent, he takes his medicine without a fuss, does as you say without a compliant.
  • You’re terrified that the sickness broke him.
  • But no, he just wants to get better quickly and as he gets better, the sass comes back.
  • It doesn’t take long at all before he’s full sassy smurf again.
  • After you’ve nursed him back to health, Ez is unusually kind to you and tries to make up for his whiny sick phase.


  • Nevra is an absolute pain in the ass when sick.
  • “Why meeee?”, “____, I need more blankets!”, “I’m dying of thirst. Do you think you could pass the cup of water sitting literally right next to me?”
  • The most irritating thing is because he’s a vampire, his ‘illness’ is the human equivalent to an off-day. So, he’s basically whining for the sake of whining.
  • Still, if Nevra’s come down with something, it’s got to be a pretty lethal bug, and everyone’s reluctant to let him out of his room until he’s better.
  • Honestly, you’re not even supposed to be in there but Eweleïn owes you a favour, so you get to play doctor to Nevra in her stead.
  • You end up playing Gaoler.
  • His melodramatics are already super annoying, but they pale in comparison to his escape attempts.
  • A large part of Nevra’s dislike of being sick is being stuck inside his room all day, so he’s always trying to escape.
  • It makes the whole ‘nursing’ thing pretty much impossible since you’re trying to keep him in and it gets to the point where you actually have to get Shaitan to guard Nevra’s room to insure he doesn’t get out.
  • Honestly, you spend more time trying to keep Nevra in bed than actually nursing to him health.
  • Fortunately for you, Nevra’s natural healing abilities means you only have to deal with his BS for a day.
  • Unfortunately, you inevitably catch his sickness and now you’re bedridden.
  • Lucky for you (or not so lucky, depending on how pissed you are), Nevra is more than happy to help nurse you back to health.


  • Calmly and quietly accepts he’s sick.
  • Is the easily the best of the three boys to take care of.
  • Like, he’s ready to do whatever it takes to get better, and trusts you explicitly.
  • If you told him he had to swallow a toad whole to get better, he’d do that shit without hesitation.
  • He always accepts your help gratefully, and tries not to be too much of a bother.
  • But the best thing about Valkyon is he’s very good at taking care of himself.
  • He’s got tissues and medicine in his bedside cabinet, and always keeps a bottle of water by his bedside in case he needs it. And due to his robustness, it’s very rare that he’s bedridden, so he can make short trips to the kitchen to grab whatever he needs.
  • Between you and himself, Valkyon never stays sick for long and is always back in tip-top condition within a few days.
  • After he recovers, Valkyon is always a bit more energetic than usual and can often be seen carrying you around the El guard as thanks for your wonderful nursing.
Attention Needed

It was moments like this that Maggie lived for.

Laying underneath her beautiful, sexy, hot girlfriend in her giant king sized bed after a long day of work and a hot shower wearing nothing but an oversized Stanford t-shirt. The room was dimly lit with the candles that Alex and taken to lighting while Maggie took her shower.

Maggie had told Alex that she had had a rough day, something about not being able to save an alien that was being targeted for their specific species, and she wasn’t in the best of moods.

And so Alex made it a point to make sure that Maggie was feeling loved.

She was being pampered with light, barely-there kisses all over her neck and cheeks by Alex, who had been feeling overly affectionate since Maggie had gotten off of work, not that she was complaining at all. The light kisses were so delicate and carefully placed that they felt like feathers being dragged across her skin. Every third or so kiss that Alex placed on Maggie, she whispered her love for the woman against her smooth skin and it ignited a chain of goosebumps down her spine.

Maggie, becoming extremely turned on from her girlfriend’s ministrations, had taken to writhing lightly and moving her head from side to side to allow Alex to give both sides of her face equal attention. Occasionally, Maggie would look straight up at Alex and allow the woman to press a light kiss to her lips before she moved back down her jawline.

It was safe to say that Maggie was feeling a lot loved at the moment.

After a while, Alex and taken to adding her tongue to the mix of feelings, lightly licking and suckling at Maggie’s skin, but not enough to leave a mark. Just enough to leave a wet trail down Maggie’s jaw and neck. Maggie moaned out light at the feeling.

Just as Alex made her way back up Maggie’s jaw toward her lips, Maggie’s phone rang loudly from the nightstand beside the bed.

“Leave it.” Alex whispered against her skin, not stopping her kisses.

Maggie knew that she couldn’t, though. She knew that it could be McConnell trying to get in touch with her about a lead on the case, and she couldn’t miss that.

She grabbed for her phone, making the effort to quickly kiss Alex’s lips before blindly answering it.


Maggie,” It was Lena Luthor, thank god you picked up. I need a favor.”

If Alex was interested in the conversation, she didn’t show it at all. She simply continued her before-mentioned actions with the same pace as before.

“Lena, this is ac-”

Yes, hello. I know it’s kind of late, but I really need someone to talk to and I believe it would sufficiently awkward for me to go to Alex about this.”

Maggie sighed lightly in slight annoyance. Was Lena her friend? Absolutely. They were practically sisters in law and she respected Lena. Not only because the woman was the CEO of an extremely successful business, but also because Lena knew what it was like to be in love with one of the Danvers sisters.  But this really wasn’t the time to being helping Lena with Kara.

“Lena, I-”

I know you probably have a million other things to be doing instead of listening to me vent about Kara, but you’re the only person I feel comfortable talking about with.”  

As Maggie went to answer, Alex nipped lightly at Maggie’s neck making her gasp lightly.

Maggie? Are you alright?”

Maggie swallowed the moan threatening to fall from her lips. “Uh, yeah. Go on. Tell me all about it.”

“Okay, well, Kara went back to help Barry with another meta-human catastrophe and didn’t even mention it to me! Like, I understand that she is an adult and sh-”

Maggie really tried to pay attention. She did. But Alex nipped at her skin again and Maggie couldn’t stop herself from reaching up into Alex’s hair and pulling her in for a heated kiss because Alex was driving her crazy.

“…and I’m just worried sick! I’m terrified that she’s gonna get herself hurt over there with absolutely no backup!”

Maggie broke the kiss quickly and hummed her response hoping that Lena wouldn’t pick up on the fact that she really wasn’t giving her her full attention.

With that, Lena broke into another full rant about her frustrations and Alex took advantage of Maggie’s free lips.

This went on for almost 5 minutes. Maggie listened in spurts, making sure to make hmm-ing and oh-ing where she felt appropriate. She even added a few “that’s ridiculous” claims to really sell the performance, but the last of her control left when Alex switched her body weight from her arms to her knees and began adding her hands to the equation. Roaming her fingers down Maggie’s torso until they reached the hem of the shirt Maggie was wearing. She pulled the shirt up until it bunched just under Maggie’s breasts.

Maggie watched as Alex slowly descended her body and leaned down to begin leaving a trail of wet kisses beginning from where the shirt met her breasts and leading down to where Maggie needed her most.

Maggie’s eyes closed immediately and her head was thrown back onto the pillow at the feeling of Alex’s talented tongue on her body. She began feelings more tiny nips down her torso and her jaw dropped in a silent gasp before she brought her bottom lip between her teeth to keep the sounds from coming out of her mouth.

“-I’m just so worried. And I’m sorry to have intruded on your night, but I really needed to get that off my chest.”

“N-no problem, L-Lena.” Maggie stuttered out. Alex was beginning to get dangerously close to her thighs and Maggie knew she was a goner the second she reached her destination.

Thank you, Maggie. Really.”

Anytime.” Maggie panted out just as Alex reached her hips. “I-I’m about to h-head to bed.” Alex moved just a tad bit lower. “I’ll talk to you t-tomorrow?”

Yes, of course. Goodnight, Maggie.”

“Night!” Maggie all but threw her phone and reached down to guide Alex to where she needed her most.

She forgot all about her bad day in that moment.


“Kara Zor-El! The next time you go to another planet without at least telling me first, I will ban potstickers being delivered to you, and don’t think that I don’t have the power to do so!”

“I’m sorry!”

Lena rolled her eyes and reached for her girlfriend. “It’s alright. Now, tell me allllll about it.”

Guardian Angel Bonus #4

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff || 6748 || more fics

summary: Oliver finds a half asleep Felicity in an elevator with a newborn // Oliver has to take care of a sick Dani in quarantine to keep a pregnant Felicity away from germs and illness.
word count: 1492
a/n: not a prompt… i’ve just been thinking about this idea for awhile and [shrugs] my brain can be fluffy sometimes I swear. (actually y’all wouldn’t believe what’s happening in the chapter of trust me i’m working on) but anyway…

[Part One] [bonus #1] [bonus #2] [bonus #3]

“Itchy,” Danica whined.

“I know, baby,” he said quietly as he rubbed her back.

He wanted to smack whatever parent allowed their sick child to run around an indoor playground, touching and infecting every piece of plastic in the place. The entire place had to be shut down and sanitized to the fullest extent because of an outbreak of chickenpox. He was just happy that Felicity hadn’t been there with them. She’d never had chickenpox and neither of them wanted to find out what would happen if she got them while pregnant.

So, here he was, in the apartment with Danica while his wife stayed with his mother-in-law until the little one was better. He was trying hard not to be mad, but it was difficult when his baby girl was suffering.

She coughed and nuzzled into his chest, “It’s okay,” he kissed the top of her head, “You know, daddy got chickenpox when he was little too.”

Danica tilted her head up to look at him, waiting for him to continue.

“My best friend caught them and then he came over to my house. He got his gross germs all over me and my sister,” he crinkled up his nose, making her giggle, “I was covered in itchy red spots just like you, but back then my mom put me and Thea into an oatmeal bath.”

“Oatmeal?” the three year old made a face.

“I know you hate eating it, but you don’t have to eat it just sit in it.”

“Ew,” she whined.

“It’ll make the itchy stop.”

She let out the most dramatic sigh, “Okay.”

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Okay spider discourse aside I’m putting a solid ‘no spider talk’ ban in place now bc I’m actually starting to get a little freaked.

He’s not my president and he ain’t my damn vice president either fuck that from now on I’m calling them Don and Penis like take all possible power from their names

Hopelessly devoted

Okay so this isn’t fluffy but to that anon I promise I’ll write another, fluffier one for you!

AN: Alex and the reader have been dating for a long time and he wants to admit that he loves her, but will he get up the nerve before it’s too late?
Characters: Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy,
Pairings: Alex X reader
Warning(s): swearing
Spoiler(s): none
Prompt: “can you do a super fluffy Alex X reader where he where hes too nervous to tell the reader that he loves her but then he does?” And “can you write Alex summers looking after the reader when she’s sick because he just loves her so much and he’s terrified that she’s gonna die.”


“Alex,” you moaned, still half asleep, as you felt your bed sink with an added weight, “it’s too early.”

Alex Summers chuckled, pressing his lips to your forehead and marveling again at how lucky he was to have up you by his side.

“It’s 8:30 Y/N, I think it’s late enough.” He countered, resting his hand on your back and rubbing comforting circles there. He knew you were still fighting against the pain of your illness, so you shouldn’t be going to class, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t spend some time with you.

Your head shot up, “It’s 8:30 already? Why didn’t you tell me! I was supposed to be in History 30 minutes ago!”

Alex shook his head, “Y/N, you’re sick, you need to be in bed, resting. Give the classes a miss for today, focus on recovering.”

You rolled your eyes, forced yourself up and blinked hard through your nausea and the rush of dizziness that flooded your senses. Your boyfriend, Alex reached to you, his eyes pinched tight with worry as you leaned into him, letting the hard lines of his body support your smaller frame.

You blinked away tears of frustration at your own weakness, your quivering voice punishing your ears as you told him, “It’s not that simple Al, I’m a senior, I can’t just miss lessons.”

“You’re not just missing lessons Y/N,” Alex replied, a note of pleading creeping into his voice as he realized again just how ill you were, “you’re sick. Really, really sick, and I do understand how tricky senior year is, it hasn’t been that long since I was in high school.”

You grunted in reluctant agreement, but Alex knew he’d won when you rested your head in his lap, letting his fingers run through your hair and massage your scalp.

“You’re annoying, you know that right?” You asked.

Alex laughed, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shut up and let me look after you Princess.”

You poked his cheek, “Big, strong man gonna look after little sicky Y/N? Don’t you have work?”

“Yeeees,” Alex smiled, “but not until 11, so until then I’m all yours.”

You smiled, thankful for Alex’s presence, even if you were a little resentful about looking weak and you cast your gaze to the bag he’d brought.

“So Mr Healing, what’s first?”


Alex left you, sleeping, two hours later, with hot soup in a flask and a note telling you where he would be and reminding you to take it easy until he could get off work. His heart pounded in his ribcage as he looked down at you, the strength of his feelings threatening to knock him off his feet every second that he lingered.
With the strength he had left, Alex forced himself to close your bedroom door behind him, instantly collapsed against the cold wood and slid to the floor, tears pooling in his deep blue eyes.
You were sick, so sick that he was contemplating calling the ambulance. Screw anonymity, screw protecting the school’s location. All that mattered was you.

When he’d first said that, in an argument with professor Xavier a week before, the realization had terrified him. Never before had Alex Summers cared about anything more than ‘the cause’, more than protecting the school or protecting Charles and Erik from the government, but somehow he’d found himself hopelessly devoted to you. He had realized, in that moment, that if you asked, he would give up everything for you. Havok, the X-men, the school, hell, he would sacrifice the entire world if it meant keeping you safe. Of course you would never have asked him to, you were far too noble for that, but even so, once he knew, he couldn’t get the idea out of his head. All week, all he’d been able to think about was settling down with you, buying a house, a dog, maybe having a few kids someday.

Alex Summers pressed his fingers to his temple, trying to force the images out of his mind, because with those images came others. You, pale and lifeless, dead of some unknown disease that doctors couldn’t cure; you, shocked and disgusted by his selfish wishes; you, pitying and embarrassed, explaining that he was a great guy, but you just didn’t think you wanted something that serious, not with him anyway.

“Woah,” the voice of Hank McCoy called awkwardly, “Um, is everything alright Alex?”

Alex sighed, “I’m in love with her Hank. I’m so fucking in love with Y/N.”

Hank shifted from foot to foot, unsure as to what a person was supposed to say when faced with their friend, slumped on the floor, with his girlfriend’s bedroom door pressed to his back and his face collapsing in on itself like a house of cards.

“Isn’t that..” Hank cleared his throat, crouching before the man, “isn’t that a good thing?”

Alex shook his head, “I’m in love with her, and I can’t help her, at least not without breaking the professor’s stupid rules.”

Hank frowned, “Help her with what?”

“She’s sick. Like really sick. She’s fainting and she’s nauseas, she’s coughing all the time, and her fever is absolutely through the roof. The professor said no ambulances, no hospitals and no doctors, but I’m sure that if he just saw her then he’d change his mind.”

“Well that seems like an easy fix then, just show her to the professor.” Hank countered.

Alex sighed, “That’s the thing, she’s too proud. She thinks that if he sees her like this, he won’t let her join the X-men when she graduates next year and that’s like, her dream.”

Hank nodded, “Oh.”

“She thinks that, if she doesn’t become an X-man, she’s letting me down, like I won’t want to be with her if she’s not out there, kicking ass and taking names with me.” Alex explained, talking more to himself than to Hank at this point, “I wish she could just see that she’s enough for me. Just her. Just us, that’s all that I want, all that I need really.”

“Have you told her that?”

Alex’s head shot up, his eyes wide and scared and looking, in that moment, like a helpless boy, the same helpless and passionate boy that Hank had met four years ago, with the short temper and flare for the dramatic. That boy was in love, Hank thought to himself, he was in love with a girl as fierce and proud as he was, and it was a combination of that very same pride and his deep love that was tearing him apart. Alex knew he wanted to help Y/N, but he couldn’t bring himself to betray her trust for fear of losing her forever.
Hank sighed, resigning himself to what now needed to happen.

“No, I haven’t.” Alex answered.

“You’ve got a class to teach Alex, go. Maybe things will be clearer afterwards.” Hank suggested, clapping his friend on the shoulder and helping him up.

Alex nodded absentmindedly, giving Hank a grateful smile as he made his way towards the outside field in which he taught PE. Hank sighed again, watching his friend’s back disappear and went about setting his plan into action.


You awoke to the sound of your door opening, and the familiar sound of Hank McCoy muttering under his breath.

“Oh my God.” he said, his eyes flittering between your sickly complexion and your pale, almost blue lips. Slowly, his eyes travelled back to yours and you flinched when you saw fear there, maybe Alex was right, maybe you should’ve seen the professor, “Wait here.”

You raised your eyebrows at the older man, “I can’t exactly go anywhere, can I?” You joked feebly.

As Hank left, you felt the icy tendrils of dread clutch at your stomach and you longed for Alex. He was everything you hadn’t known that you needed, everything that made you feel whole and accepted. All you wanted was for him to be proud of you, to look at you and see a woman he would be glad to spend his life with, not some weak, half trained mutant who needed constant looking after.

You still remembered meeting him. He’d been a junior at the time. You were in the grade below and, if someone had told you then that Alex Summers would be the person you trusted most in the world, that he would be waiting for you to graduate so that you could go to university together and that he would be the person whose kiss would one day obliterate you entirely, well, you would’ve laughed at them. It had taken him more than a year to ask you out, finally getting up the nerve one week before senior prom. The subsequent six months had been the best of your life, so it hadn’t come as a surprise to you when, one morning, as Alex arrived at your door with breakfast in hand and his biggest smile plastered on his handsome face, you had realized that you loved him. Really, truly, honestly loved him. Not that he knew that yet.

It was solely for his benefit that you let the professor check your temperature, solely for him that you let Hank carry you to the ambulance and it was solely for Alex Summers that you let the doctors inject you with sedatives. Because even after all your fuss, you knew that all Alex wanted was for you to get better, and you would subject yourself to anything for him. Absolutely anything.


Alex practically ran back to your room after his four back-to-back classes ended, anxious to see your face, anxious to tell you that he loved you, anxious assure you that you were already perfect in his eyes. You had nothing to prove.

“Y/N I need to talk you you, I-“ he called as he opened the door, panic flooding his veins when he was faced with an empty bed and a shame faced Hank McCoy in your place. Scenarios flashed in his mind again; you, pale and motionless, you calling out for him and finding him gone, you coughing up blood into an empty room, you, giving in to your illness and him, not being there when you needed him to be.

Seeing his friends panic, Hank stood quickly, “She’s fine!” He assured, “Calm down, she’s just at the hospital.”

Alex felt the terror in his chest loosen and his body sagged with relief, “What-how?”

Hank shrugged modestly, “I figured, if someone besides you brought the professor, maybe she’d actually let him help her. Luckily, I was right.”

“Can I see her?” Alex asked, figuring there would be more than enough time to thank Hank later.

“Of course,” Hank assured, “that’s actually why I’m here. I figured you shouldn’t drive in this state.”

Alex shot Hank another grateful look, his heart already pounding in his chest like a bird trying to escape a paper cage. He didn’t want to wait, not for a single second longer. You needed him, and he fully intended to be there for you.


You looked beautiful. That was Alex’s first thought when he saw you, asleep in your hospital bed. You looked beautiful, and more at peace than you had in weeks, whatever the doctors had given you, it was working. Your eyes fluttered open, and Alex felt himself smile as he leant forward in his chair to clutch at your hand.

“There’s my best girl,” he whispered comfortingly, “how’re you feeling Princess?”

The confusion on your face melted away into a tired smile when you heard your boyfriend’s voice and you gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

“Better than I have in a while. The doctors want me to stay for a few days though, apparently I’m not out of the woods just yet.”

Alex swallowed hard, trying hard not to let his fear show and failing miserably. You frowned and reached out to stroke his cheek, your fingers cool and dry against his warm skin.

“Shh, it’s okay, I’m going to get better, they just want to keep me in a relatively safe place while I heal. That’s all.” You assured Alex.

He nodded, leaning in to your hand and trying to send you his strength.

“And the best news is, professor X says that this won’t affect me becoming and X-man next year! Isn’t that great? You and I can still work together.” You gushed.

Alex swallowed again, scooching his chair closer to your bed, the memory of his confessions bubbling up in his mind like lava.

“I wanted to talk to you about that,” he started, forcing himself not to stammer and stutter, “Y/N, you’re my everything. I want you to be happy, and if the X-men will make you happy then I completely support you joining, but I don’t want you to think that, by being an X-man you’re somehow proving yourself to me. These last six months have been…indescribably wonderful, but-but you’ve had my heart for a lot longer than that, maybe even since the day we met, and I want you to know that I think you’re perfect. I don’t need this, all the fighting and saving the world and whatnot, all I need is you because-well, because I love you, and I think I always have.” He finished, exhaling as a weight was lifted from his broad shoulders.

Your eyes, wide and filling with tears, never left Alex’s face as a watery laugh bubbled up through your throat.

“I love you too Alex,” you confessed, “so much, so, so much.”

If there was a word for how you had just made him feel, Alex didn’t know it, all he knew was that, soon you were wrapped up in his arms and he was pressing fierce kisses to your forehead, your nose, your cheeks, anywhere he could reach and you were laughing in his ear and pulling him closer and he thought, damn, I could get used to this

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[ To: Hocus Pocus 8/21/15 at 7:39pm ✘ DELETED ] I got a serious question for you: how would magic work during foreplay?? I’m asking for a friend.

[ To: Loki 6/4/16 at 11:13am ✘ DELETED ] Dinner tonight? I saw this new fancy schmancy, Italian place that opened a little under a month ago- heard it was good. I, uh, made reservations so…. 

[ To: Loki 10/19/16 at 3:51am ✘ DELETED ] Hey, so Halloween is coming up and I wanted your opinion on costume ideas. Should I rehash my Headless Horseman or try something new? Could I pull of Jack Skellington? Wait, I got a better idea- Skeletor!

[ To: Glitterbug 12/28/16 at 9:44pm ✘ DELETED ] Are we doing New Years together? Like champagne, watching the ball drop, the infamous midnight kiss, y’know, the whole shebang? Or do you wanna skip straight to bedroom antics?

[ To: Darling 2/1/17 at 6:28am ✘ DELETED ] You wanna…hang out today? I just, I don’t want to be alone. It’s my daughter’s birthday..she would’ve bee▎

[ To: Darling 5/31/17 at 1:40pm ✓ SENT ] So babe, didja hear what happened to the guy who couldn’t keep up his payments to his exorcist?

[ To: Darling 5/31/17 at 1:41pm ✓ SENT ] He was repossessed!

According to Plan

I have one more final left, and it’s AP Lit
Am I ready for it? No, but oh well.
Leaving a Grant Ward imagine bc that’s all I could write and it’s better than finals :-)
I’ll be publishing a lot more this coming week too

Title: According to Plan
Pairing: Grant Ward x reader
Summary: “Ward imagine please!!! maybe one where he’s forced to torture you, but doesn’t want to?? in the end he runs away with you?” 
Word Count: 1,779
Warnings: violence, betrayal, knives, being tied down. No real torture is written though; I can’t stomach it.

Your name: submit What is this?

             You couldn’t believe it. He was the last person you wanted to see, but there he was, watching you as you struggled against the bonds at your wrists. As cliché as it was, you were tied down to a chair in a dark room. Your captor was a terribly familiar face.

           "It’s not going to work,“ Ward mumbled.

           His voice echoed in your head. You had heard it so many times before, but it sounded foreign to your ears. He looked older, more rugged. The mischievous look in his eyes was gone, now replaced with a hardened glare.

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anonymous asked:

What might the Assassins (and I'm including Desmond here) do or say while the Reader is taking care of them because of a sickness or a battle injury?

Altaïr: He’s a grumbling mess the whole time. Saying you don’t have to take care of him. But you’ll insist and he’ll sit there and huff and huff but he complies when you tell him you need to change his bandages or check his injuries. He secretly loves you doting on him.

Ezio: He’s pretty cooperative when it comes to matters like this. You usually take care of Ezio when he gets sick and this was no exception. You and he often had casual conversations while you bring him food and give him his medicine. But at some point Ezio manages to sneak in a kiss, and you get sick yourself.

Connor: “I’m fine.” “No you’re not.” “Take your medicine Connor.” “I don’t like it.” “You don’t have to like it you just need to take it.” Connor usually says that he’s fine and will often try to work through his sickness when you insist he needs to stay in bed.

Edward: All Edward wants to do when he gets sick or injured is to sleep it off. So he’s pretty compliant in such that he just sleeps so you don’t need to do much. You’ll just occasionally check up on him and makes sure he eats and stays hydrated.

Arno: When Arno gets sick the last thing he wants to do is have you near him. He insists that you can’t come into his room and has other people look after him. He’s just terrified he’ll get you sick as well, and he’ll die of guilt if he does.

Jacob: He’s so fidgety when he has to just lie in bed and rest when he’s sick or recovering from injuries and will try to sneak out only to get caught by you and give him a good scolding. The only way he’ll stay still is if you’re there cuddling with him.

Evie: She really appreciates that fact that you want to look after he and makes it as easy for you as possible, complying with all your requests and just overall being an A+ patient. You love taking care of Evie because it’s just so easy and almost relaxing.

Desmond: I have no words that can sum up how Desmond acts while he’s sick as well as this gifset sums it up.

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Dear Evan Hansen; Oh god. I have to do a speech tomorrow. In front of so many important people, AND it's being streamed on the Internet. So many people will be watching. I'm freaking out. I genuinely don't know if I can do it. Do you have any advice for me on how to stay calm?? I feel sick just thinking about going up and talking. Sincerely, your terrified anonymous friend, R x

Well, I believe in you! That’s for sure! Another thing is to take deep breathes. Listen to music that relaxes you and go over your speech? Or just make direct eye contact with the back wall or the camera… it’s better than looking at everyone and they’ll think you’re looking at someone. Good luck, R x!

So, I have part three of the Mafia!AU ready and right here. Quite anxious to post it because whenever it comes to chaptered things, it scares me. I don’t know why. But I hope you enjoy it and I’m so sorry for any mistakes!

Part 1  Part 2 

The search had been going on for two weeks straight and there was still no sign of Tiberius or Tony. Steve had his men looking all over New York, scouring for any signs of where they could possibly and each time, they came back empty handed. It was driving Steve insane because he didn’t know what was happening to Tony. He had no idea what that sick man was up to, if he had touched Tony or harmed him in any possible way. He couldn’t deal with the thought of Tony chained up, bruised and hurt from the torture that they had inflicted on him.

But that wasn’t something that Tiberius would do.

He claimed to love Tony, was infatuated with him so he wouldn’t hurt him as much as any other person would. But then again, Tiberius was unpredictable and he could lash out at any moment if Tony didn’t give him what he pleased.

And what he pleased could be anything.


Steve’s hands instantly curled into tight fists as he drove that thought away from his mind, not wanting to think about that possibility. He had to keep on believing that Tony was okay and if any damage had fallen on him, it would be fixable. He didn’t want to think of Tony, his Tony, being broken in small pieces and impossible to be fixed.

His Tony…he was too beautiful, too smart to be brought down to that.

There was a solid three knocks on his office door and the person didn’t even wait for Steve to give permission to come in. Luckily, it was Bucky who strolled through the door and Steve relaxed at the sight of his best friend. If it had been anyone else, Steve would have given them one of the biggest earfuls that they would have ever received. No one could simply just walk into his office as Steve viewed that as a form of disrespect.

And no one disrespected the big boss.

But there were a few people would could get away with such an act and Bucky was one of them.

“Any news?” Steve asked, his gaze completely on Bucky as the man walked towards the desk before shaking his head. “Nothing.” Bucky replied and Steve resisted the urge to break something because this was the fifth dead end this week. “We’ve looked everyone and interrogated all those that we could find.” Bucky said, his voice tired and his appearance worn. He had been up for the past two days trying to find any lead that could get them to a decent starting point. But as more dead ends came, the more Bucky began to grow tired and lose hope.

He wouldn’t never tell Steve that though because he trusted Bucky and he listened to him most of the times. If Bucky told him that they had no chance of finding Tony, it would crush the man and Bucky somehow managed to salvage all the hope that he had left. He wasn’t going to give up on Tony because he believed that he was still out there, alive. It was just that Tiberius had hidden himself very well and he was more than careful not to leave any clues behind.

Even those who they questioned didn’t know where he was now.

Steve took in a deep breath before releasing it slowly, trying to control his growing temper. “So what does this mean?” He questioned, his outer appearance calm even though on the inside, he was livid. “Natasha thinks that they could have gone to a different state or even abroad.” Bucky said, running a hand through his hair with closed eyes. “Sam is trying to see if he could find anything from the airports around the area, car rentals…” He trailed off and opened his eyes in order to look at his friend. “We won’t have anything until the morning so for now…we’re at another dead end.”

“Another dead end.


Steve leaned against his desk and stared down at the dark wood, multiple thoughts racing through his mind before running his hands down his face, his worry only increasing.

“Fucking great.”


Tony remained pressed against the wall ever since Tiberius had come to pay him a visit. It had started fine until he gripped his jaw and pushed him against the wall. Just replaying the memory in his head caused unpleasant shivers to course down his spine and it made him sick. The feeling of powerlessness, of feeling so vulnerable was just too terrifying to ever experience again. He had not had those feelings ever since his father and he never wanted to have them again.

The room was cold and dark, the sun having set ages ago and the moon being Tony’s only source of light. He could go and turn the lamps, switch on the heaters but he felt that if he moved, Tiberius would come back again. If he came back, he would do something far worse and Tony didn’t even want to risk it. So he stayed where he was and he hoped that the feeling of fear would go down enough for him to move once again.

Tony’s heart rate picked up immediately as Tiberius leaned into his space, getting too close for comfort. Tony tried to push himself into the wall but Tiberius had a pretty good grip on his jaw, using it to his advantage. Once Ty deemed himself close enough, he took a few moments to gaze down at Tony with his eyes raking over his features. Disgust was the first thing that Tony felt followed by fear as Tiberius leaned forward and inhaled, taking in Tony’s scent.

“You smell so good.” Tiberius whispered before leaning in until there was literally no room between them, his lips hovering just over Tony’s. “I wonder if you taste as good.” He questioned, sounding genuinely curious and Tony immediately tried to push himself away, all alarm bells ringing loudly. That caused the hand around his jaw to tighten so much that Tony whimpered, stopping in his movements. “That’s right. Be still and I promise I won’t break your jaw.” Tiberius murmured before chuckling darkly, wrapping his free arm around Tony’s waist.

“It’s simple, Tony.” Tiberius stated. “You do as I say and you won’t get hurt.” Tony resisted the urge to snort but held it back because he couldn’t risk it. “You’re so beautiful when you’re obedient and I’m sure Steve takes real advantage of that.” At those words, Tony’s eyes widened and he felt immense anger at those words because Tiberius was implying that Steve used and took advantage of him. Steve never did that at all and he never would.

“I hope you know that I love you so much. More than Steve ever would.” Tiberius continued, running the tip of his nose over Tony’s cheek and Tony inhaled sharply, clenching his hands into fists. “You can be happy here. Both of us can.” With those words, he pressed a small kiss at the corner of Tony’s mouth before letting him go and stepping back slowly. Tony glared him with eyes filled with hatred as he stayed pressed against the wall, wanting to keep the distance as much as possible.

“I’ll be expecting you down at dinner tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

Those were his final words before he exited the room and Tony finally felt safe to curl up into a ball, tears cascading down his cheeks.

“Sick son of bitch.” Tony spat out, eyes stinging at the memory before he pressed the palms of his hands into his eyes in order to stop the tears from flowing. He couldn’t cry now because there was no time for that. He had to find a way out of this mess so that he could go home and finally be out of this once and for all. His heart ached for the warmth and comfort of certain arms, wanting to bury his head into that broad chest and breathe in that wonderful scent.

He knew that Steve was doing his best to find him but Steve needed a little bit of assistance. Maybe he needed to find a way for help Steve find him. That was when the idea popped into Tony’s head and he smiled for the very first time in two weeks. They didn’t call him a genius for nothing.

But now, he had to figure out how he was going to make this work, how he was going to get what he needed.

Then he realized that he may have to dance with the devil after all.

*stares at wall of awkward writing* Okay then.

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clexa are staying the night at Arkadia due to a storm, and when the generators crash, clarke discovers just how terrified of the dark lexa actually is

lexa being terrified of the dark im-

okay. okay but when it gets dark, it’s dark. it’s not like in polis; the moonlight and stars being lexa’s constant salvation, candles sharing their warmth. this darkness is thick and all consuming. this darkness eats walls and floor and ceiling and clarke.

clarke has been calling out lexa’s name quietly, her eyes still adjusting to the dark, when she hears it. a whimper. a sound she would’ve never recognized as something coming from the commander; a sound lexa saved for the most precious of moments that they shared during the night.

clarke feels around for lexa, growing more and more desperate because she’s slightly disoriented and lexa sounds distressed; an emotion of lexa’s she’s yet to experience. so her movements become more rushed. chaotic. arms swinging as she keeps calling out to the commander, louder, more urgent. finally she stumbles into her; practically crashes into her, arms grasping and flailing.

lexa is trembling. she’s trembling and she doesn’t quite respond to clarke’s tight embrace; she simply clings to her elbows, hands shaking. she’s scared, and it scares clarke, too.

soothing comes easy to clarke, usually. set of practiced, well-executed phrases to put minds at ease. strategically placed hands to calm down and reassure. but it’s lexa. it’s not just another. she’s her - she’s her something that clarke isn’t quite ready to name yet, afraid of her and for her, of them and for them. it’s lexa and clarke is scared to find that she can’t help but feel what she feels. it’s distracting and counter productive and she can’t stop.

lexa barely manages to whimper “dark,” into her ear, and clarke simply hugs her tighter.

“I’m here. i’m here. you’re okay.” how many times do they have to tell that to each other for it to become true?

clarke guides lexa to a bed and lexa doesn’t stop shaking in her sleep; clarke strokes her back and gives her hair gentle kisses that sooth neither of them.

lexa’s terrified of the dark and clarke is terrified of everything the dark has just uncovered within her.

I can’t quite get past the fact that Jake looks and is acting so young. It’s fascinating to me how they’re portraying him in comparison to Simon.

He’s 22 and he is clearly not a monk but he’s inexperienced and a little naive. That’s all fine and it’s actually lovely but it really shows in his interactions with Simon. The way Simon has been presented in comparison with Jake sets him up as older, more experienced, potentially more jaded, he holds more of the cards as he thinks he knows better and he’s got his life in order. He takes and is indulged as you can tell he is used to getting what he wants - unfortunately, a trait many solicitors or barristers possess, in my experience! He’s a stereotypical “older man” in comparison to Jake’s sweetness and youthful glow and his endearing sensitivity.

Jake is going through a massive life changing time. He’s brand new in a demanding and harrowing job that takes its toll both mentally and physically. His mum is very sick and he is terrified of losing her and he has just found out that his dad is a cheating scumbag.

A very handsome older man with money and status and incredible tailoring shows an interest and flirts openly… Of course Jake’s going to be interested and pursue it. The thing is, in every interaction, Simon has had the upper hand, Simon has been in control. He steps closer, he’s the first to tease and flirt, he slips his card in Jake’s pants, he makes am eyes at him across a room, he kisses Jake… Jake has been pretty much stunned by every single move Simon has made. His eyes at the end of the scene in the corridor when Simon steps closer to him sum it up. Jake is just consumed by lust and attraction and is just a total goner…!

Perhaps Jake’s youth and inexperience topped off with his enormous heart and obvious capability for love precedes him. It’s interesting that when Jake (god he’s adorable) tells Simon there are leftovers in the fridge, Simon’s face is a picture. He’s endeared, definitely, and he clearly likes Jake but I think a part of him sees Jake as a young kid and although he isn’t discouraging it (because I think Simon secretly loves it), he’s not accepted Jake as an equal yet. He doesn’t see Jake as a permanent thing. This kid has basically moved into his flat and is making him pasta and Simon’s driving him to his parents house… It’s a lot and it shows Jake’s naivety.

Jake is clearly smitten and why wouldn’t he be?! Simon’s damn sexy, has money, has a flash car and a cool flat because of his pretty decent job and he’s an openly gay man who has shown blatant interest in him… Any inexperienced sweetheart (hell, anyone at all!) would potentially behave like Jake and see things as more than they are. Fall for the spell so to speak.

That said, we don’t know why Simon was using his phone but I think it’s for the reason we all think. He clearly really likes Jake as he’s doing favours for him and has allowed him to stay, plus he’s playing the “dutiful boyfriend” but he isn’t all in and allowing himself to be available. Me thinks Mr Reddington doesn’t do vulnerable all too easily especially not where love and relationships are concerned.

Cue Jake with his heart on his sleeve, his big brown eyes and oodles of sweetness and I have a feeling Simon will get a little softer around the edges. Jake is growing up fast and becoming a much stronger person who is in touch with his emotions and I think he’ll knock Simon off his perch without even knowing he’s doing it…

Wake Me Up When It’s All Over 1/2 
Pairing: Chris-centric, Chris/Darren, one-sided Chris/OMC
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 18k
Summary: A sad story about a sad little boy who will find a happy ending, or: the story of how Chris became homeless and then met Darren. Companion to this series of crisscolfer homeless au one-shots I wrote back in December. It is not necessary to read them first. 
Warning: Minor character death, drug use (not main character), sexual and physical assault, prostitution. 
Notes: Thanks to bbcott for beta reading, and to Mav and Bee for being flawless bitches and insanely encouraging. 

Read on AO3.

When Chris is five, his sister is born.

She’s tiny and wrinkly and screams a lot and Chris spends the first six months of her life hating her. She can’t play with toys and she sleeps all the time and “Be quiet, Christopher!” becomes the phrase he hears most often.

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witnessing the way that people attack, dehumanize, disrespect and judge other human beings (yes, celebrities are in fact human fucking beings, who the fuck knew right) makes my stomach churn because it is so gotdamn embarrassing that so many people are so quick to judge something that they are LUCKY they couldn’t even begin to understand. not a lot of people know about the severe emotional abuse kim was put through when the love of her life helped kick start and invest himself into her career/life when she first met the notorious BIG, the man who loudly destroyed her inside and out. he tossed her around, degraded her, made it no mystery that he preferred “light skinned women”, consistently shat on her complexion because of it, cheated on her with women who fit his criteria of “perfection, and was consistently made to feel like she would never be wanted in any area she strived to exist in, after all she was also a black, dark skinned woman in hip-hop and rap– no fucking walk in the park.

some people are lucky enough to never experience the toll an emotionally abusive relationship will have on someone, especially as a woman. and for lil kim, as a black woman, who because of her skin tone she’s had to develop a larger vision of our society probably moreso than any other group– i cant imagine how deep the graves are that have been dug inside herself, because emotional abuse from someone you love, and who claims to love you does exactly that– it turns a woman into a fucking graveyard, where all the things you strive to be and all the things you used to be end up suffocated by the weight of self-doubt, dysphoria, and self destruction. 

i give lil kim so many props, ALL OF THE MOTHERFUCKING PROPS, for being alive today and for being such a successful and important icon in hiphop and rap as a female artist. she has dodged the inevitable extinction of women who have been emotionally tortured. when your soul and a sense of who you are has just been so royally fucking snatched from yourself, you spend the rest of your life trying to fill that hole. and i identify with this, and people who are addicts (like myself) who are constantly trying to escape the reality of themselves and what they were left with once they’ve been robbed. we often hear cookie cutter tales about celebrities/other human beings that leave a judgemental sour taste in your mouth such as "well, her father was never around, that explains why she’s such a slut. must be daddy issues.” or “her mother was an alcoholic, so of course she is now too. and she’s famous, so obviously she has an eating disorder. gross.” and we look at those stories and say “how pathetic” and shrug it off but don’t observe and even TRY to empathize with the behaviors. we are all addicts in a sense. some of us eat too much, some of us steal, online shop at the wee hours of the night, hoard newspapers, have a lot of sex, compulsively buy makeup, smoke cigarettes— the list goes on and on. and so many people are lucky they don’t have an addiction that knocks on death’s door every time it’s practiced. but so yeah, it makes SENSE why lil kim had so much plastic surgery, right? i think no one bothers to even look another human being in the face sometimes and tries to see themselves. it’s either that, or they immediately see their reflection and deny it and jump on the defense. “oh, well at least i’m not THAT bad.” most of y'all are lucky it never gets “THAT bad.”

sorry this was all over the place but i have mad love for lil kim and my heart has just grown so fucking big ever since my own personal addiction started, and i have so much empathy for other human beings because of it and idk this kind of shit just makes me sick and scares me. it literally terrifies me that such a significant amount of people out there are like this. and it inspires me to be strong and not care what other people think of me because the people who judge me and ridicule my behavior don’t even want to try to know the person who really is inside right here and i want no part in anyone who acts like that. that shit is none of my business. 

What I’m most excited about for next Monday

1. Stan’s reaction to this fucking apocalypse

2. Wendy and Dipper teaming up to kick some ass

3. All of the weird, nightmare-fuel creatures that are gonna come out of that hole in the sky

4. “The nachos tricked me!”




I keep seeing this in the chronic illness tag so I finally took the time to watch it.  And I really like what he had to say.  I especially agree with the part where people want to blame something. 

I have often said that people face their own mortality because they are forced to eventually.  But people don’t always have to face their own fragility.  And when confronted with the idea that people just get sick for no reason, they find it is too terrifying.  They’d rather live in denial and blame the sick person than admit that crappy things can happen to anyone. 

So for anyone who is blaming themselves for their illness right now, or anyone being told that they deserve this or did this to themselves or they can somehow control their illness, I want to remind you that it is not your fault.  It’s crappy and scary and wrong, but please be angry and upset with your illness, not with yourselves. 

All my love,

Admin J

33921) I hate feeling sick all the time. Whether it’s from eating and feeling disgusted in myself or from not eating and then being constantly tired, suffering from headaches, stomach pains, body cramps and dizziness. It takes every inch of my fibre to wake up and keep going, yet from the moment I wake up to the morning until the moment I finally fall asleep, I’m just so sick. And I’m terrified that I will just feel this way for the rest of my life.