sicilian style


In the area around Castelvetrano, we spotted this beauty! An antique Fiat 500 painted in the “Sicilian Cart” style!

And lunch! Can’t get enough of these homemade sweet potato fries! These ones are baked in a Sicilian style BBQ seasoning, the seasoning contains Himalayan pink salt, garlic, lemon myrtle, organic black whole pepper, basil, fennel seed and bell pepper! So so yummy!! Obviously paired with my mums homemade chunky tomato sauce ☺️☺️


Nothing says Italian style like Dolce and Gabbana. Over the two decades that the duo have been designing, they have managed to sum up in a button, a blouse, a hair style, a handbag, exactly what it means be an woman. An Italian woman. 

On my trip to Sicily I was obsessed with channeling this look. I wore a grape print gown and was delighted when I saw grapes growing above my head outside of our hotel room. I wore black velvet dresses, white crochet dresses, cross earrings and my hair in a low bun in a centre parting. I saw chillies drying in the sun on someone’s windowsill and remembered the chilli pepper dress I saw in the collection. It was as if I’d finally reached the stage for the costumes that I’d so long admired.

You see, for me, travelling is like reading a magazine. Its a window to another world where you can experience, feel and inhabit another land and another being. And style is a massively important part of that. I love playing dress up and trying (not always so easily) to blend in with the locals. Sicily was like a mecca. I had studied it for so long and my obsession was great. I was ready and it was everything I thought it would be.

Dolce and Gabbana’s advertising campaigns always manage to perfectly encapsulate that Sicilian style. Something a simple as the boxy black bag that all the small stout, old Italian ladies wear is appropriated in the campaigns as a marker for Italian classicism, held here by a little girl.

Family is always so central to these campaigns. They feature a huge cast and play out all the classic scenes of Italian life. They care about kids in Europe in a way that just doesn’t happen in America or England. For them, children really are the fruit of the earth.

I knew I had hit the mark when a sweet old lady came up to us and pinched Romans cheek with foreign words of glee and then she looked and me, raised her hands in that way that old Italian people do and said “Bellissima!”