sicilian pictures

A few of the things we brought back with us from our trip to my village, Alcara Li Fusi, Sicily this summer.

Two homemade types of cheese, 10+ liters of olive oil from my piece of land, eggplant preserved in oil, wild oregano from the mountains, wild blackberry jam, hot pepper in oil, local salt.  Makes me nostalgic every time I have one of these.  

The quality of everything is like 1000x better than anything I can find in the U.S.

“Chances are if you have come across the Sicilian flag, you may have wondered what it was or what it was supposed to represent.  But don’t fret, we’re here to give you the 101 on it’s history and meaning!

In 1282, the flag was first adopted after the successful revolt of the Sicilian Vespers against Charles I of Sicily.  It has been the official public flag of Sicily since January 4th, 2000 advocating its use on public buildings such as schools, city halls, or any other place where Sicily is being represented.

It features the trinacria (triskelion) in the centre, the winged head of medusa and 3 wheat ears.

  • The 3 bent legs represent the 3 points of Sicily’s triangular shape
  • The bent leg is a Spartan symbol of power
  • The wheat represents the fertility of the land
  • The wings on Medusa’s head represents the freedom of the land
  • Medusa’s head is to represent the beauty and splendor of the island, and is also said to protect the island from invaders and ward off evil.
  • The colour red represents Palermo, and the colour yellow representsCorleone.
  • Theywere the first two cities to found a confederation against the Angevin rule.

The trinacria is actually a very ancient symbol, it dates back to when Sicily was a part of Magna Graecia”