sicilian architecture

Incompiuto: an Italian architectural style characterized by “contemporary ruins." 

In 2007, members of the artist collective Alterazioni Video began to notice an interesting trend in Sicilian architecture: abandoned, unfinished public buildings dotting the landscape with "contemporary ruins.” Now, the nonprofit Incompiuto Siciliano aims to publish a book that offers “a new perspective for looking at these forgotten buildings — ones that don’t fall into ruin after they are built, but rise into ruin before they are built." Learn more here.


Palm House Lubiechów near Wałbrzych was built in 1911-1994, in the surrounding area of the castle Ksiaz, on the the command of Duke of Pless and John Henry Książ XV von Pless, heirs to a fortune of Hochberg (owner of one of the largest estates in Europe at that time). 15-meter glass building where date palms were planted was a central object. The viewing gallery was created on the roof of palm house. Most remarkable, however, is the building blocks of palm house - walls for creepers and tunnels forming a charming alleys were built of porous tufa, brought straight from the slopes of the sicilian Mount Etna.

The Signs as Architecture
  • Aries: Romanesque architecture. Sprawling manors, dusty curved windows, hallways that have no end
  • Taurus: Elizabethan architecture. Geometric windows, palaces with an abundance of mysterious wings, elaborately carved staircases
  • Gemini: Plateresque architecture. Massive hand carved columns, ornate decorative facades, floral carvings that span the entire building
  • Cancer: French Renaissance architecture. Sand coloured chateaus on a hilltop, elaborate roofscape designs, lavish internal furnishing
  • Leo: Portuguese Renaissance architecture. Massive rounded ceilings so far up you get dizzy looking, intricate decorative designs that flow down the wall, the imposing Cathedral
  • Virgo: French Colonial architecture. Storybook cottages on the river, canary yellow walls and off white crown moulding, paper lanterns hanging off the veranda
  • Libra: Sicilian Baroque architecture. Marble curves and flourishes, imposing gateways guarded by hand carved statues, elegant wrought iron balconies overlooking the city
  • Scorpio: Gothic architecture. Perfectly pointed arches, large stained glass windows, omniscient towers, the run down Cathedral covered in ivy.
  • Sagittarius: Beaux-Arts architecture. Sculptures of Roman gods and goddesses watch the gates, massive arched windows, richly detailed murals and mosaics
  • Capricorn: Greek Revival architecture. Colossal columns lit up with light from below, extremely lavish internal designs and furnishings, the rich widows palace beyond the gates
  • Aquarius: Russian Neoclassical Revival architecture. Brightly coloured facades, luxury mansions, geometric shapes and clean surfaces
  • Pisces: Mediterranean Revival architecture. Tropical palaces and villas, stuccoed walls and red tiled roofs, lush gardens around the corner