salt of a child

soft butter beaches carry scriptures of the feet
escorting insouciant halos syphoning inebriated needs
I hope you’re hand in hand for the ride
condensed in two days
the collective evaluation
on the oceans we’ve played
If you find yourself alone
raise your palm to the sun
wave to an old friend
the cosmic joker offers an end
prisms jailing minor glimmer crystallize on the skin
four billion years before helios swallows the sorrows of rips and pulmonary tides

© David Sichler

bakelite filibuster

between static hiss
analogue winds carry wire tumbleweeds
turpentine cowboys ride bareback copper beasts
lassoing luddites with technological fears
lamenting the changing world of microwaved dirt

the words are to stoke the furnace while the answers sleep
they’ll catch up the way tinnitus spooks ears
quasi helium graffiti
some bothered to see
some distant pilot
gleaning antimatter rantings from temper’s slipstream

the bulbs are burning out
ignite the apostle
knee deep in arcing filaments
elbow the new era
gunpowder punch draconian beards

© David Sichler

tom rode pick-up for falling cowboys
reins in hand
gap between his teeth
appeared like a frost on christmas eve
swag and two blue healers
running angry circles at the mention of tourists
he was prone to peripatetic feet
there’s no water or topsoil in
just precious stones
houses half buried and holes
holes for missing persons
opals have a way of making persons missing
travel a road that splits the arid in two
corrugated as iron
chalk dry
he won’t be there when you arrive
I imagine when he smiles
colts still gallop from the gap between his teeth

© David Sichler

The throat
as a corrugated road
rattles a traveling thought
ague conscience
allied to a barking hacksaw
severs from chain
the creaking rhythm of a cooling hot plate
talc rain skin pours from the belly of a domestic kiln
settling with inverted ease
snow dome plastic captives on an axis
borrowing and lending the same yellow dime

© David Sichler

I will blind the world with prism and sun
seduce with self-image while stealing data from the mind
bend light and truth
grind curious Angels to dust
build human dependence on addiction and lust
lead you to rainbows of broken glass shattered by your innocence of quasi ethics and trust
this is your immaculate prison
between tomorrow’s dwindling intravenous feed and the ever swelling past

©David Sichler

Young Scarlet Ibis ~ Junger Scharlachsichler ~ Ibis rouge ~ Eudocimus ruber

The name comes from the vibrant orange-red color of the adult birds as can be seen in one of my previous pictures and which is result of the bird’s diet (red crustaceans).  

2013 © Jesse Alveo