American White Ibis ~ Schneesichler ~ Eudocimus albus 

Hello! :-) White Ibis hanging out at Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehab Center. (Note: The birds depicted here are not injured and recovering in aviaries, they are wild birds who can decide to fly away when you approach them ;-).

2014 © Jesse Alveo

Young Scarlet Ibis ~ Junger Scharlachsichler ~ Ibis rouge ~ Eudocimus ruber

The name comes from the vibrant orange-red color of the adult birds as can be seen in one of my previous pictures and which is result of the bird’s diet (red crustaceans).  

2013 © Jesse Alveo

migrate the Bass
southerlies of frigid wrecks
what do you offer Friesian pastures
kilowatt harvest
green blades knife the milk sky
graziers broken perennial life
K-9 sirens sound their passing
the windflowers are generating city lights
gales conspire in bottle necks and telephone wires
you brought no good news from the treacherous Strait

©David Sichler