American White Ibis ~ Schneesichler ~ Eudocimus albus 

Hello! :-) White Ibis hanging out at Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehab Center. (Note: The birds depicted here are not injured and recovering in aviaries, they are wild birds who can decide to fly away when you approach them ;-).

2014 © Jesse Alveo

Young Scarlet Ibis ~ Junger Scharlachsichler ~ Ibis rouge ~ Eudocimus ruber

The name comes from the vibrant orange-red color of the adult birds as can be seen in one of my previous pictures and which is result of the bird’s diet (red crustaceans).  

2013 © Jesse Alveo

on the beatitude of a merciful passport
me and old steel grey
swindle the archetypes of chase
our diminishing reprieve
under the fall of a planet’s eye
mother father child
devil god the wise
the old
the trickster
the hero
our collective unconscious
bottle distorted like parties
I’m tailored in the color of mesosphere
looking down on a blue pill
I think I can swallow this bacteria whole

©David Sichler

Witch winds of healing spells and brilliant spores
caress lace sails hoisted by Munchausen’s crew
knives concise
virus from vice
squeeze the tiny vessels from fictitious wounds
sailing self-made circles in the onion footprints of satan’s grease
igniting viable adversaries to challenge conservative speak
human imprints pepper the emptiness in-between
the universe is indifferent
Machiavellian Gods are within

©David Sichler

Wilhemena Smith

There are creatures harder to tame than wild horses
resolute heart
lead these biased minds with a noble ride
the answer flickers an apparition
between your eyes and a white bird in flight
the jockeys have relinquished their chase of the enigmatic Mister
retrogression will read of a masquerade
ending with an unmarked grave
fours years before the masculine gender
released feminine equine dreams

©David Sichler

This soporific sound

 click click click

inducing sleep as I drift

 always checking for blind spots

the way I was taught

 with the temper you kept

 attempting to steer me from mistakes

on the flux of change

 your profile is safe in my mind

 I traced it as a boy

 the focus of my pride

 in my rear view mirror now

 sleeping parents rest

 the sun draped across our faces

 the child driving the wise

 swapping vulnerable eyes