BANGTAN REACTION: How long they will date their girlfriend before to ask for marry her

Rap Monster: He’d take a while to get married, Namjoon seems the type of guy who wants to enjoy as much as possible of the dating to finally get married and start a family.

Jin: five our six years is the necessary time to you and Jin build a serious and sicere relationship to finally get married.

Suga: I imagine eight our ten years, because with him things would be calmer and deeper.

J-Hope: I think that things would happen naturally and in a fun way, you would date for five or six years and wouldn’t even notice time passing. Marrying would end up being only something more added to the relationship.

Jimin: I believe that three our four years would be the sufficient to him make sure that wants to get married.

V: He looks like the kind of guy that being in love would get married in a short time, maybe two our three years.

Jungkook: It would take a long time, if it happen. Jungkook doesn’t look like the type of guy that really want to get married as the rules, I imagine ten or fifteen years.

~ADM Cherry~

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