for @scientificxmethod based off this video

When the Ghostbusters gained access to the firehouse with far more space than the area above the restaurant, many of them moved a few belongings into the firehouse. They each had a smaller apartment on the higher levels, but when they stayed at their own apartments more often, they served as storage areas. Holtzmann was currently trying to find a few old textbooks she’d misplaced, and was rummaging through what she thought were a few of her boxes. Unfamiliar with the stuff inside, she was about to close it up when a tape caught her eye. Glancing at the hastily written Sharpie on the side, she saw that it read “Erin/Princeton”. Curiosity getting the better of her, she popped the tape into the player. It was fuzzier, filmed with a handheld camera, and the sound came in and out. Realizing precisely what it was, Holtzmann grinned and watched with glee. 

The next morning, Holtzmann woke up bright and early, knowing when to expect Erin in the lab that day, and just before she thought the dark haired sicentist might come through, she pressed play on her iPod.

I saw him dancin’ there by the record machine. I knew he must a been about seventeen.  

Just the sound of the lyrics made Holtz grin, and she bit her lip to keep it together. Peering over towards the door, she turned up the volume a little.

The beat was goin’ strong. Playin’ my favorite song…