we got really tilted at 3 am and recorded @cordyyceps doing some SICC STUNTS

Hey everybody, do you want to support actually good teen music? Well do I have the band for you! Its The Taco Truck! They are a cool cool band and they have cool music. The recently released a new album and its lit. 

Sid sings, plays piano, and the guitar. He’s the bomb diggity and has a sick sense of style. Emma plays the guitar and has long hair and i think it looks cool on her. Alex plays the bass and his glasses are super sick. And last but not least Cesar plays the drums and boy does he play them fantastically. 

Despite their goofy name, the music is really good and not all jokey. It started with Alex and Cesar (who have been friends for a while) meeting Sid and playing at a talent show with them and in 2015 Emma joined. Their first EP titled “South County” was recorded during the summer of 2015 and was released November 1st. 

Anyway this is a super cool band and i highly recommend it!