sicabrows asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you used a PSD or texture on these 2 posts? Because I really like the colouring! /post/67160925631/taeyeons-emotional-singing and /post/67189290922/favorite-tiffanys-quotes. n_n

I used this psd -> but I changed almost everything so it looks like this rn ->
Feel free to ask if you have more questions ^^

sicabrows asked:

hey hey hey happy birthday ruby!! you're 22 now and 22 is also jessica's oh! jersey number so this means YOUR LIFE WILL BE AMAZING AT 22 YEARS OLD!! hopefully that'll mean you being able to see vixx too! anyways have a great one!!

NICOLE!!!!! CUTEST MESSAG EVER AWARD!!! ;; i hope my life at 22 will be amazing too…. you and sica said so. thank you so much. i have great expectations for 22 now. <333