Hello there, as i said before, today i make this follow forever to congratulate on reaching 1k followers. But in this ff, i only mention some blogs, because in the second ff, i mentioned more blogs but now they changed name,and hiatus.

 Now let’s start

First, with some red velvet blog

@4-velvets @bredvelvet @dumblets @thvelvet @leaderirene @theseulgis @r-velvets @velvet-net @seulge @ireone @yeriprotectionsquad @beautyeri @joytiful @irxne @baechys @wen-rene

 And then soshi and jessica blog

 @kimtaeyoen @kimtae-yeons @kintaeyeon @taenys @taendelion @taengisc @jumataeng @jessicajuns @jesseseo @ibleedpastelpink @justmyperfectgoddess @soonkyuism @sooyyoung @hyo-edits @hyoy3on @kwonyuri @ninthwish @taenine @ninepeas @sicabrows @sicameow @sunnytastics @younas @yoonyvl @tipannies @tiffaeny @sonuyhshidae @ayoshidae @taenuts @ot9s @taeblush @queenhyo @seductyeon @shui-xian @snsd1k @sonesource @sooyoungss @sooyounqster @taebaeul @taelak @taengay @taenggeum @taeyeontime @taengxic @taesunamo @taesyeon @foreverfany @tellmeyourwish @girls-gen @gldnsky @candyeon

 And others 

@femaleidols @femaleidols @dazzlingkai @obtaevion @baekhyuntella @meiqie @kimsowcn @gfriendidthat @pastilpop @peachgyus @peachsom @sshinhye @sowonis @jieunnie @svteditors @svtgfx @syua @yeowangs @girlqroup @monoka @minchims

 And last but not least, sideblogs i am member 

@taengs @bearseulgi @kimteyons @taetseo @femadols @hiraimomo-s @girls-generation @girls1k 

 Thank you everyone for supporting me. love all. 


1/ reasons to love apink: their family-like bond

Hey there! Here’s my first follow forever for this sideblog~ I just wanted to say thank you to all the lovely people who light up my dash and the wonderful mutuals who love me and are loved back! I am glad to have reached a small yet nice goal of 200+ followers and I hope ya’ll keep coming because i have a lot of stuff to offer ^^’ P.S. I didn’t just slip into the diamond life, I crashed into it..Full speed…Thanks a lot Vernon.

0 - D

@17dad ☆  @17vernsol ☆  @4-velvets ☆  @66h ☆  @94seulqi ☆  @95-shua ☆ @95scoups  ☆ @addictingkpop ☆ @akkindax@anamtomy  ☆ @angel-in-slow-motion@aynamjoon  ☆ @baechny  ☆ @baekbynn  ☆ @baexact  ☆ @bhbaekhyun  ☆ @bright-and-soonkyu  ☆ @btsock  ☆ @bubblehansol  ☆ @byun-taeyeon  ☆ @byxing  ☆ @cafewoozi  ☆ @chanyeollipop  ☆ @chenlightning ☆ @chenslut@chentasticc@chentlemen-first@chentric@chentrollchenlovechen@cheolhan@chewy-broccoli@chhansol@cute-kimchi ☆ @doublejungs@du-yu


@eatmysoshi@enlight-nme@ewhansol@exo-chen-ninja@exo-chensitive@exojongbae@galaxychen@growlingbaekhyun@hansoltheist@hansvernon@hanwooz@hatsuyuki-ai@helloflowerboykai@hobitastic@holyvernon@honeyjonginn@hoon-seok@hoshibee@ichigo-lait@idlevernon@innochence@intokai@isexoreal@its0kaythatsl0ve@jacksonfied@jeonghanii  ☆ @jessiicajung@jihoonly@jishooua@johnniesuh@jongdae-the-greatest@jongdaemybae@jongdaerivative@jongdaesjaan@jongin-shii@jonginout@jonginssoo@jongwaaae@jonqin




@qthansol@redvelvetbutterfly@redvlvets@rvocal@ryuhaii@scoups95@sehin@sehuneta@sehunsets@seuhgi@seulginims@sicabrows@sicaholic@sleepwithoneeye-open@snsd1k@snsdsooyeon@softsuqa@solosuho@ssventeen@su-lay@suga-can-punch-me-in-the-face@suhocean@suhodelights@suhotho@sunshine-nim@suntaes@t-yong@taelixirs@taesyong@taeyeon@ugghtae@ughkyungso@v-hansolchoi@vvon–woo@wecanbemended46@wennist@whatsol@wonxoo  ☆ @x0dus@yeolence@yesung@ygyixing@yidanxing@yixingmyunicorn@yoongidae@yoongiijpg


Hello cuties! i’ve recently reached my first 1k yay! *throws confetti*, Honestly i’m so happy and i want to thank you guys so much so i decided to make a follow forever!

I’ve been on tumblr for years but it wasn’t until i joined the kpop fandom that i started to meet a lot of wonderful and lovely people and made my tumblr experience more enjoyable!

And i know it might not be a big deal for some people, but for me it really means a lot. i was not expecting to make friends from all over the world and that’s really amazing!

Thank you so much for filling my dash with amazing posts edits/gifs/graphics wow y’all are really awesome, and thank you for liking the stuff i make even tho i still need to learn a lot to be as awesome as you guys are!

Also, this is not just for the people that i follow and make my dash amazing but also for the people following me, you guys are really amazing, without you this blog wouldn’t be the same.

Also guys if you don’t mind checking and following these blogs because they are amazing :3

Networks: girlsqeneration taeng-s

Bold: mutuals♥ || italics: favorite blogs♥ (~ ̄³ ̄)~ 

°˖✧ # - C✧˖°


050807 0619pm 197ft aceoa aestaetic  ambrosaur allforchaerin bangminas beautifulgeneration blondeyoongieblosseoming  boxxsaltzbrandinatorcapttaeyeon chaelins choiswimming  cu-tae

°˖✧ D - H✧˖°


daisynous dorkyshidae eatmysoshi endlesslyiu entertaengme everyday-unnieday exidorks fanytastic801 favoun femaleidol foreverfany galxias girl-groups hayi-emoji honeytaeng hongbyn hyo-aholic hyo-edits hyons hyoris hyostagram hyyeris

°˖✧ I - L✧˖°


ibleedpastelpink ibsul-ui icepearls icesicales idolizesicat incrediyeol interes-taeng j-eti jessbiann jessicajungs jessicarjung jieunswifeu jinkiplz jinksus jjong joohyun-s joytiful jumataeng jungsooyeonssi justmyperfectgoddess kai-fanys kakkaiwa kangseulgih kmsjongin krystals kwonyuri kyungriee la-rosa-del-sur leaderirene lightiffany

°˖✧ M - P✧˖°


michishiqe mintyflame miy0ung miyoung-tiffany mumoos nalizzy nineli9hts ninepeas oh-sicas ohkrystals ohsehuntrash ohsojins okawaiidesu ot9s otsoshi panggoo papayaloving pilsuks pinklightstick ppanie ppanies pohroro pornshidae purelovefx

°˖✧ Q - S✧˖°


queenhyo queenqian qirlsday reinbei red-velz rubysica s1cas s-ooyoungs scjin seo-mate seoguma seolar seolhyunsdimples seotaku seouldestroying seulduction sicabrows smtownbaby sn-sd soehyun soijns sonuyhshidae  soojng soojunqa soonkyuism soonkyuyam sooyoungss sooyulti sooyyoung suelrene sulliyaa sunmiah sweetdelght

°˖✧ T - Y✧˖°


taeblush taecutie taeyeonedits taenghoul taendelion taengay taengisc taenggeum taengkims taengtime taeoff taeologist taepathy taeyeonies taeyeon tellsmeyourwish tiffanyssi tipannies tpani theseouless uglymaknae unnieverse wetchenwontaektv wu-fan yoonsics yoonvelyz yoonyvlyoungielove youngjisyuri-shiyurioppa​ 

blogroll :)


in celebration of MAMACITA’s 1st win (yey!) and having a certain number of followers (like how?),i decided to make a follow forever~so yeah,i finally made a new follow forever~technically,this is my 1st follow forever under the url of seoulfvls but i’ve done some follow forevers before.

this is a simple way of me saying thank you to these blogs that makes my tumblr life worthwhile,because of these blogs,my dash is alive and my blog is filled with great things.

these blogs are my senapis!they make the awesome graphics and gifs.i wish i can be good as them but nope.can’t do./sobs

thelastmanstandingsuju, littleshinee, sjrulestheworld, kittyinabarrel, hyukson, taekwoonies, domino-fxheechul-ssi, sojuberry, choidings, sj-andanteuk, superandyyblueprincez, duckflyfly, namnambunny, chorgasm, mingstrategy, zelow, myungq, sicabrows

the blogs that keeps me updated!twitter/ig updates.fansite updates and how,when and what to vote for bias groups,i can rely on them to keep me on track.thank you for your efforts!

monkeilii, haeface, fyinfinite, fyeah-vixx, fuckyeah-fx, starlightsgift, paetoi, targetsj

the blogs that gets most of my love and affection :)

rubmesomevixx, thegreatmingdynasty, phoenix-vixx-fire, korean-language-learning, parkjngsoo, milk-caramel, hyuker

the blogs that i have been following for years now.i’m 4 years old btw.i mean my blog is 4 years old. teehee~

littlelostgirlworld, gwiyoming, yewooks, yoonhoney, haehyukyumin, mincoffee, orangeneko, boks, mrstarcraft

like wow!i always see these people whenever i go on tumblr.i may not be following them but i feel so thankful that they still reblog and like things from me.thank you guys.there are a lot of people that i’m seeing who reblogs stuffs i post whether it be edits,gifs or updates and i’m really grateful that there are people who haven’t gotten tired of whatever i do in tumblr.thank you so much everyone!

hprilu, ukemin, mysupermensuju, nocasj

so there goes the crappy edit on top of the messy things i’ve said.sorry if i made some mistakes on your urls.please let me know and i’ll fix them.sorry to come up with this crap but i hope my sincerity and greatfulness reached you guys somehow.thank you everyone!

hello! so after almost 2 years of having this blog i reached 700 followers which i never thought was possible, and im very thankful towards all of my followers! so i decided to do a follow forever, so lets start this !

mutuals are italicized 

favs =  ♡

# - C

@164-cm @1bora @91joohyun@9snsd @ayoshidae@bangirene@blackpinktrash@boombayass @celestyul@csmicgirl ♡ 

D - G

@dspceo @e-xid @etherealtwice@fawnave @felicitae @galaxy-sicanova @gingerfany@gzbrin

H - K

@haengah@hangeuk@hiraisoori ♡  @hyejonqs@ifntark@interes-taeng@intothenewworlds @j-oohyuns@jessica-ah @jessicasboyfriend@jieons @jiyoungbliss@jjks@jumataeng@jungsisxaesthetic@justmyperfectgoddess@kjennies@kwonyuried

I - O

@limitedmercy@ludaist @maerinah@mellowsica@mstiffanyhwang @ninthwish@ohseolovingly@ot9s

P - S

@parklunatic @partymp3 @pinkimyeri@pinkjonghyun@pinklightstick@prncessjin@queenhyo@r-velvets@ratotax@seoihyuns @seolangel ♡ @seolhyunist @seosicatae@sicabrows@sicameow@softyul @staygirls @svnnyjjang@syngies

T - X

@taeblush@taendelion@taenggeum@taenthusiast@taenuts@taephne @taeyeahon  @taeyepn@teangsic@theimmiscible @tipannies@twices@vnabashcdly ♡  @wheeimple@wonwoocute

Y - Z

@xmyvoice@yeahkrystal@yeosunight  ♡ @yerirussianroulette@yewonce@you-make-me-woozi@younas@yujubin

hi everyone! the year has finally come to an end and I’ve decided to do my first follow forever to celebrate the beginning of the new year!

all those in bold are my fave blogs and senpais~ there is something i admire about each and everyone of you >.< so thank you for making my dash entertaining with each and every post. you’re all amazing!

as for my followers, i wish i could list every single one of you but regardless, i want you guys to know that you’re all the best! thank you for following my blogs, especially those who have been there for a long time. thank you for reblogging and liking my stuff, especially on momoneki (prev. oncextwice/ doraemomo), since I only make edits/gifs on there even though they’re bad. I’ll hopefully be able to improve this year though!

i love you all and hope you have a wonderful new year filled with love and happiness! hope you all achieve great things in 2016!

without further ado, below are the list of my fave blogs

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                  wow !!! i can’t believe i’ve finally hit 1k – i mean, i really can’t believe there are a thousand people that follow my blog & actually stick around for all the loud gay sobbing every time a girl group announces a comeback. so much has happened since i started this blog & i’m so happy that i get to come on my dash & see so many great people. this is unnecessarily sappy & i don’t want to bore anyone to death so i’ll end it with this : all of you guys are amazing. thank you for making my dash such a great place to be & thank you for loving girl groups as much as i do – there can never be too much girl group love. thank you & as always, stay lovely! —— steph.

                  if i forgot someone, i’m so sorry. i’m not good with lists & i did this in a bit of a hurry to get it out. i love all of my followers & i love everyone i follow. bolded are particularly favorite blogs that never fail to brighten my dash!

                  acciofanyayoshidaebaeireneswifebearseulgiblondeyoongiebootycalljungchoiswimmingcurlymckayexidorksgingerfanygwiseomihangeukhyolightsicepearlsicesicalesidolizesicatjessbiannjinksusjustmyperfectgoddesskelofrpkrystaengkwonyoongskwonyureemariasnsdmilkseulgimiyoung-tiffanymotherphockerninepeasot9sotsoshipany-ahpinklightstickpornshidaequeenhyoseo-gay-for-hyunseulductionseulgysextaengsicasboobssicabrowssicassquadsn9dsonuyhshidaesonyeoshigays !!!sooyyoungsweetdelghttabi-loves-to-choom – taeblushtaecutietaehiuntaeitseotaengaytaenghoultaengoulstaengxic – taeyeonscrayonteaphanieswetchenyoonsicsyoonvelyzyuanfensyulyoonsyvlsic


Hi guys, I’ve reached 500 followers and i am very happy because of that, so I’ve decided to make the 2nd follow forever to thanks to all for being here with. I hope I will get more followers. The reasonI am still here is that u r my honest friends/unnie/oppa. Although you don’thelp me so much, I admire very much. Therefore, I follow u.
 If I don’t mention u, plz inbox me to check ur blog
Thanks all, I love u ♥♥

 Bold & Italic: friends/unnie/oppa / Italic : normal

# - H

-suelgi 0-fivethirty 050807 4-velvets adrenatae ajummataeng asoomatic astrospace bae-sica baekyoons beastloren beautifulgeneration bigbaeng blosseoming bolly-soshi boryes bredvelvet capttaeyeon chaelins cheolyans dazzlingkai dohdoro doresque eunoos eventvr exolutely fan-qins favoun femaleidol florensic foreverfany fqzpocky gingerfany girl-groups girls-gen hangeuk hersheyjerzey hexoxogon heylululu honeytaeng hongbyn hyo-aholic hyo-edits hyolights hypertone

I - O

ibleedpastelpink icepearls idolizesicat incrediyeol ireone jangyongjesseseo jessicajuns jessicajungs jiongah jiyeolie jongdeer joohyun-s joytiful jumataeng justmyperfectgoddess kai-fanys kangseulgih khaenine kim-choding kimhy0yeon kris-wu krisinsanity la-rosa-del-sur le-twinkle———-twinkle leaderirene leuhans luludeery milkyfany monoka naerong ninepearls oh-sicas ot5velvet ot9s

P - Z

pinklightstick pohroro parknamja redvlvets rookies- s-ooyoungs s1cas sailorseo sehunskin seonflowers sicabrows sicats sn-sd snsd-snsd soehyun soojng sunnytastics taecats taecutie taelak taendelion taengisc taeologist taesunamo tiffiana tipannies tohososhi vel-vets wen-rene wendeu wendeurs wooyoung wu-fan xehunter xiumania xiuminsdreams y-oongie yoonyvl yosics younas zulakire