sica troll =)

anonymous asked:

do you have the sources to that taengsic post? please i need to see more of them.

- the cake one you can find on youtube, etc. but you can see it happening here

- same for the scarf one, here is the video (it happens around 1:12)

- here is the video of the incident (thank god for sunny btw), keep an eye on jessica who is at the end. there’s also this gif (she’s the one with the bun flying by)

- here is one of many photos from when jessica cried and these gifs of ty holding her hand, you can also find via youtube

- for the forehead kiss there is a gif and a video (at 3:59), here is the video of her wiping taeyeon’s tears after ty beckoned her for something.

- the scary movie one (she actually says i better take jessica but same thing) is here

- sooyoung giving us that information would be here

- for this one, you can watch any of snsd everything with them two in the old days and she calls her taengoo 24/7

- this and this are the gifs of taeyeon in the candy shop, it’s also in the tts show, don’t know which episode sorry

- the backhug moment is everywhere, because it’s a legend

- the taengsica schedule and also the present thing is there (but the original translation i can’t find that i read she said ‘i’m very happy sica and fany blah blah)

- here you have sica being a troll to a taeyeon fan

- jessica, the christmas boyfriend 

- also ufo was like taengsic galore so here’s where i found all their replies about each other as a special gift

- for ty talking about the turn out of them just scroll down this until you see taeyeon’s little area and then jessica’s name in that area. 

i hope this helped :)