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Obscure Tokusatsu Costume Ideas for Halloween: Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider has plenty of costume ideas from the void of obscurity that not many fans have thought of yet:

Black 07 (Kamen Rider Black Manga)

Back when I did the Shin file, I mentioned that Ishinomori was toying with the idea of a more urban street look for Kamen Rider. Black 07 is one such experiment that did emerge from this.

He is like the real Kamen Rider Black (or at least the manga version) but he has a blue leather jacket (although fans like drawing the jacket in a basic black), a grey scarf, black biker boots, pants and leather gloves covering his cyborg form.

Kamen Rider 3 (Original 1972 version)

During the planning of a third Kamen Rider, one proposed idea was to make FBI agent and ally Kazuya Taki into a Rider. This plan led to a one shot manga story, which led to a cash-grab knockoff character years later.

A basic Ichigo costume but with a few minor tweaks. First and foremost is the fact that there are 3 stripes on the costume with the middle one being red. Said red stripe seems to go down all the way to the boots and on the gloves like with Stronger. Another is the helmet is black in color, something that would later be used for Kamen Rider 2.


In the 80s, Ishinomori toiled endlessly with the design for ZX, one of which actually looks better than the final costume. This red ZX is very simple in terms of detail, with the only intricate part being the belt design.

Dark Wizard

Dark Wizard is one of the few Stageshow Riders who actually looks pretty cool, as he is an evil copy of the real deal with an amethyst gem motif.

Franken Bat (Kamen Rider X)

Can’t decide whether to go as Dracula or Frankenstein’s monster? Why not do both and be a powerful Kamen Rider villain too!

Kamen Rider Rebirth (SIC)

An upgraded Birth System piloted by Date-san!.

Kamen Rider G5

There is no design for this…only mentioned by its creator Sumiko Ozawa as being in development at the end of Agito.

There has been a lot of fan sculpts of what it might look like so feel free to google search.