the dawn of the sickfic / h/c writers' workshop

Hi, guys. J of @lickstynine here. This is a new blog I’ve just made, @torturing-characters-101, aka the Sickfic and H/C Writers’ Workshop.

The goal is to have a bunch of popular sickfic / h/c writers and aspiring sickfic / h/c writers come together to talk about technique, inspiration, ideas, resources, anything vaguely relevant to our writing.

I made this blog so that basically, all the writers that want to answer questions can become mods, and then the ones with questions can send asks and we answer them, as well as just posting tips and advice and whatnot. We may also reblog useful stuff like prompts/inspo/etc.

If you want to join as a mod, send me a message. If you have any questions, send a message or an ask.

Most importantly, if you think this is a good idea, please reblog. I want to get as many people involved as possible so we can turn this blog into a vast and knowledgeable resource.