So, while I was procrastinating I came up with this! A random idea to write to my favorite blogs on here how flawless they are and how I wish i had the talent they have in Photoshop. (pardon my english and the horrible graphic)

 Kelly: You’re hilarious, sarcastic, and a photoshop queen. I can’t even describe my love for your graphics, everything you do comes out flawless. Honestly, teach me your ways. Bbieber has been one of my favorites Bieber blogs since the beginning. I remember that you posted a gif tutorial and that helped me A LOT! when I was just starting to make gifs and was a clueless idiot and had no idea what to do, so that tutorial was a blessing! so, Thank you Kelly! 

 Danielle: Your flawless graphics make me throw up, in a good way. I can’t even comprehend how someone can be so creative, so talented in freaking Photoshop. Your work has no flaws, and you seem a really cool person even though we don’t talk a lot I can tell you’re super nice. Stay flawless. 

 Dani: How can I begin to describe my love for you and your blog? You’re queen at everything. Not even kidding, your themes are perfection, so are your graphics. I remember when we first started talking, you’re so funny, in 6 words I can sum up everything I think about you….you are the coolest Latina ever. Love you Dani!

 Dana: AH! I love your personality, your graphics, you in general. You’ve been nice to me since day one and I love fangirling with you over Justin. Our conversations about that are epic, lol. Anyway, your Bieber blog is perfection and I look forward to see what you’ll do in the future :).

 Jani: asdfghjkl. I love you loads Jani, you’re nice, you’re funny, you’re just amazing. You’ve been a good friend to me on here since we ‘met’ and I honestly appreaciate that, we live in the same country so maybe is because of that that we’re so close, lol. It’s nice to have you as a friend because I love 1D and your blog about them is gorgeous, Love you! 

 Lau: Ugh. Your blog is so perfect that I can’t even handle it, your colorings are amazing, your graphics ugh, perfection. Everything about your stuff is flawless, And you’re a genuine nice person. 

 Tere: Best Celebs blog my eyes have ever seen. it’s always perfect like 99.9% the time I go to creep on it, Your text posts are hilarious, you’ve always been nice to me, I remember when you were mesmerized and we randomly started talking and then your blog became like the king of all the blogs on here and i was so proud of you! lol. Ugh, photoshop queen at its finest tbh. Love ya Tere. 

 Celsey: I freaking love your graphics! We don’t really talk but just wanted to let you know that. I’m in love with them. 

 Ccrucio: Hi! So, I don’t know your name :s but you are ridiculously talented in Photoshop. I’m a huge fan of you and your blog. 

calling all sibunas!

plotwisted and i are hosting a s1 rewatch in the near future!

shoot us an ask or a dm on twitter (same usernames) if you’re interested!

we don’t know when it will be exactly, but we kinda want to know how many people are interested.

also, if you’re concerned about where to find the episodes, i sure have you covered with links, haha!

we’ll be video chatting on oovoo, so make sure you have one!


   Okay…I think it’s time to go to bed…I have so many comments about the things I reblogged.

   Mara is NOT a slut.
   House of Anubis won best show OVER ICarly,Victorious, and even Big Time Rush so FUCK OFF HATERS.
   House of Anubis really does deserve more recognition, just like BTR. Stop hating on it just because they have British actors/actresses.
   And if you don’t watch it because of their ACCENTS………….I’m fucking judging you beyond believe. That is the stupidest reason I have ever heard to not watch a show. Just……..NO.

   Oh and……………..JARA…………..JARA…………….JARA……….*Fangirls to sleep*

    *Dreams with HOA*