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Jimmy: What was the worst lie Seth ever told you?

Josh’s Version:  We had a rabbit name Petey, a very sweet black rabbit, but she smelled horrible.  She had a hutch in the garage, and one day I came home and Petey was so cute, and she was sleeping, and I was like oh everyone has to come see Petey she’s so cute, she’s sleeping.  She was dead. 
And my father was like, I was inconsolable, and he told Seth you have to go bury Petey and he gave him a shoe box and a shovel and said go get this done, and we’re going to have a ceremony.  So as I’m crying in the house Seth goes outside and he puts this rock, this nice headstone there, and a half hour later we come out and have this nice ceremony.
And the rock was always there, if we went sledding we had to build up this snow bank so we wouldn’t go over Petey’s grave.
And like 15, 20 years later, we’re having dinner and talking about the rock, and Petey’s grave site, and he’s like oh yeah Petey’s not there.  And I’m like what do you mean?  And he’s like it was New Hampshire in the winter, and I couldn’t get that shovel in the ground, so I couldn’t dig, and Petey - rigor mortis had set in, and she wasn’t going to fit in that shoebox, so Petey went in the garbage.  He came out with this 15 years later like I’d be cool with it…

Seth’s Version:
Jimmy: Tell us about the fake death of Petey..
Seth: Oh hold on, Petey died! Petey was straight up dead.
Jimmy: The fake burial, real death of Petey
Seth: Hold on, hold on, first of all, my dad came up to me and said, I want you to bury it, because I’m not good with dead things.  Because I love dead things.. like most 13 year old kids … when I heard Petey was dead, I ran downstairs.  First of all, New Hampshire is the granite state.  It is so hard, it is like ice cold ground.  I went out there with a shovel, gave it a solid 30 minutes, and got like this much dirt.  And then Petey and I had a moment.  And by the way I waited like 5 years before telling anybody, and I thought it would be like hahah good story ol chap, and the three of them just stared at me like I was a murderer. 

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