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“Does it ever feel like you’re dating the Grimm Reaper?”  Stiles questioned, grinning at you and easily dodging the pillow you tried to throw at him.

“He’s a harbinger of death, not the Grimm Reaper.”  You shot back, catching the pillow as he tossed it back to you.

“But it’s kind of like he’s the Grimm Reaper.”

“Not at all.”

“Just…. imagine it with me.”  He tried, eyes studying your bedroom ceiling as he laid on your bed.  This time he wasn’t expecting the pillow that hit him in the face.



Marie Lu’s Legend - Dream Cast

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I'm having trouble creating a bond between on of my characters and his little sister. I was wondering if you had any ideas on how I could build a relationship between them? He's kind of uptight while she's more reckless and adventurous

I have two posts that answer this for you. The first is one about how you can show two very different characters can be very close friends and the other is one I wrote about sibling relationships.  

When we’re mad at each other my sister and i do this thing where we try to sit on top of the other and like.. slowly spit on their face.. until we get what we want or until the other one is a hysterical mess.. yes.. as gross as it sounds… it’s like really gross but also funny.. mostly really gross yeah anyways the point is the batkids do this. Sometimes Bruce is minding his own business and then he hears damian screaming and he’s like oh yeah. Typical day. I bet that if I find him Tim is sitting on top of him about to spit in his face. Telling him to stop calling conner names. Or maybe hes being chased by cass, whos trying to rub her hand with spit all over his face for making a nasty comment about stephanie. Sigh. Coffee sip. Kids.

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Do you have any Snart Siblings headacanons from their childhood, present day or anything.

I’ve been sitting on this ask for a day or two because on the one hand, so many, but on the other hand I was like “but I explore a lot of them in my writing already so I’m not sure what to say” and then I freaking clued in that not everyone who likes my blog probably has wanted to slog through my multiple 100k+ word fics to get a read on how I explore the Snart sibling dynamics in the background of the fic.

Sorry I’m an idiot who forgets I engage with multiple disparate parts of fandom sometimes. In my head it all blends together most days. My headcanons have also changed a lot with new information we got from Legends, so the ones that come through in my fics aren’t fully ‘accurate’ anymore anyway.

Also, I’m gonna focus on headcanons for their childhood/backstory, and I’ll try to this with in point form, but I’m not good at random headcanons and mostly just give full backstory thoughts, so heads up on that. 

Under a cut because long, and mostly angst.

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moodboard || ME:A Ryder twins || Castor ‘Cas’ Ryder 

“I still remember you as a little girl who overwaters plants because she doesn’t know when to stop giving.”

Cas belongs to @saraparilla 

haven’t drawn the Fire Siblings in some time or at least my RWBY AU fire siblings…I also like how I drew them in a more cartoony form, I mean they’ll look better in the actual comic but for now cartoony is better. 

Big sister Red Fire, Blue Fire the middle child and of course baby sister Gaia Fire AKA (Iris Bloombell) Ill probably draw more of them at a later time.

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I don’t know what I love more about this scene:

  • Bjorn running to his mama for help
  • Mama B looking like she was about to murder whoever was hurting her cub
  • Superactivated Robotboy looking all innocent as he hides his blasters behind his back while Professor Moshimo and Tommy smile and wave at Mama B
  • Mama B being more concerned about feeding her “guests”, leaving Bjorn at the mercy of an angry fighting robot
  • Bjorn probably thinking, “THANKS MA!” as Ro casually drops in behind him
  • The fact that Ro was willing to shoot a 10-year old for tricking him and almost causing him to kill his father and best friend
  • Bjorn calling Bjornbot for help and BB immediately coming to his brother’s rescue
  • “JAAAAA!!!!”
  • SA Ro turning to face his #1 rival so dramatically



Ex-MBLAQ member Thunder gets a relationship in “Sign” MV ft. KARA’s Goo Hara with a little help from his sister, 2NE1’s Dara!

Are you loving this laid back RnB dance track?