Too Close for Comfort: Wally

For all those who asked for Barry/Iris to get caught making out/in compromising positions/doing inappropriate stuff for family/friends to see, here’s this. It’ll be a series.

First up is Wally.

All he wanted was leftover pizza from home.

Life of a college student was hard enough, with rising tuition and book fees and gas costs. He figured he’d save a little to balance out all the spending he already had to do.

It seemed like a good plan. Go home. Crack open a can of soda (because for some reason, beer was never available when he was home), grab the four or so slices of pizza that he knew were still in the fridge, maybe get some work done as well on his engineering project. Hell he even had time for a nap before his next class.

But what he wasn’t expecting to find was a bra on the kitchen floor, followed by Barry’s voice coming from upstairs.

Before he had time to put two-and-two together, he couldn’t help but notice the scarlet speedsuit that resembled all too closely the one that Barry wore, laying on the dining room table, discarded and wrinkled.

Then it clicked. 

Because Iris wanted a baby brother. The White Shadow was not that. No, not that at all, if the loud moan he heard next was any indication.

And it dawned on Wally that the money he was trying to save on food, he’d end up spending on therapy.

listen…I know temari looks very grown up…but please…can we make it clear once and for all that temari is only a year older than kankuro and 2-3 years older than gaara. she did not fucking…change kankuros diapers or whatever the fuck. theres a difference between taking care of them in a big sister way and acting as if shes their damn mom….im just so tired of seeing people portray it as if temari is like 10 years older than gaara….just let her be a teenager

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Apollo, to Artemis: “Do you love me, sister?” // Both their hands were very cold. // They lay down, side by side, on the riverbank. // Artemis, in a voice as soft as moonlight through a dappled wood: “I was your first war, brother, and I will be your last.” // -saturn

. the dead anon poets society .


AU where Eizen and Edna switch places. Did anyone thought of this yet? No? Just me?

Anyway, there are some minor changes to Edna’s and Eizen’s outfit. Similar to Edna having Eizen’s glove and boots, Eizen has Edna’s ribbon and umbrella. Edna doesn’t have her brother gloves and boots yet.


Edna is traveling the world with her brother in Tales of Berseria, but got separated when he and Aifread went missing. She teams up with Velvet to find him.

One day, Eizen came back to Rayfalke and found that Edna got hellionized. He traveled the world many times to find a way to get her back to normal, but couldn’t find it. He knows that he should let Zaveid kill her like he would let Zaveid kill him if he turned into a dragon, but it’s his baby sister and has a hard time doing it. Then, Sorey comes and promises to find a way to purify Edna, so Eizen lend his power to Sorey in hope of turning Edna back to normal.

Unfortunately, I know near nothing about Tales of Berseria, so only Eizen get more detailed backstory. Other things, I’m still thinking about.  

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From what I'm gathering, is Farah younger than Luca? If so, how would he of reacted when Farah was born?

Luca wouldn’t know what the fuck to think when meeting his sister -  and as he’s staring at this lil baby he’s beginning to think maybe he liked things the way they were before, Leorio presses a hand on his shoulder and exclaims, “What’s this? Did Farah bring you a present when she arrived? She must really love you!”. He points at a brightly wrapped gift sitting at the foot of Farah’s cot.

Lus eyes light up at the little parcel, and tears it open to find the cuddly toy dog he’d been eyeing up for weeks

As he presses the toy to his chest, he looks back at Farah. He decides maybe she and him will get along just fine.

(Farah belongs to @armintie and @chainedintimacy)


Meet Karl




•kpop trash

•bts and exid biased

•knows all the dances to bts chorus’

•knows all the dances to girl group songs (he puts me to shame any day)

•loves kdramas and enjoys a good cry

•seokjin and hani biased

•vkook dynamic shipper

•hardcore hani x heechul shipper

•doesn’t believe me when I say he’s beautiful

•refuses to believe that he reminds me of idols mixed together

•respects everyone

•is currently watching ‘BTS on crack - sexual tension’

my brother is my problematic fave

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headcanon; rabbit likes drinking tea because of the calming effect it has, and it helps her run slightly better because it's warm. the tea part of tea does not help her run better at all, so she has to have extra checkups in case someone put milk and/or actual tea leaves instead of a teabag in her cup. ( i'm sorry if this makes no sense i am very tired)

noooo it makes sense!!!! i love stuff like this! i actually have a headcanon the spine used to drink coffee bc thats a Human Thing™  but he has a delicate little boiler and the boiler cleaning maintenance and gross stomach ache feeling werent worth it. he still drinks warm water out of a mug every morning

one yulemas rabbit got him this mug, he genuinely he loves it and got a matching “world’s okayest sister” mug the yulemas after that

Alright, now its time to write about my girl Aurelia and her relationships to her siblings.

@skyspireclan Aurelia and Cass is a relationship that really makes me laugh and smile. In that I imagine them getting into little fights. Like they aren’t serious in the slightest, small stuff like, “Omg Cass why did you do that?”, and Cass being like, “Because I really wanted a cool scar.”. Where Cass is headstrong and ready for anything to come her way, Aurelia is more careful with how she lives her life. They would have gotten closer as they both trained in their profession though. Aurelia would be there to heal her sister with all the broken noses and scars that Cass would bring her way. And while Aurelia would probably shake her head and be like, “You shouldn’t be so reckless.”, she secretly enjoyed these small moments with her older sister. To her, Cass is the bravest person she knows, and honestly wishes she was as brave and strong as her. During those healing sessions, it helped Aurelia realize she could be strong in her own way.

@mundanlirising Aurelia’s and Damianos’s relationship is one that was close in their childhood and continued to be close as they grew up together. She would hold his hand and reassure him every time Cass would lead them on an “Adventure”. They probably drew and colored together and played with dolls, simple things really. She didn’t want to do anything that would cause her sickly brother to exert more energy than he needed to, and she didn’t want to accidentally hurt him with her magic should it get out of control as it was known to do when she was a child. Being around Damianos definitely influenced her into wanting to heal people. Having to see him cough and look sickly hurt her, and she wished for a way to ease his pain. She watched as her older brother would recite weird words, words that felt they were not spoken by him, and became very worried for him. She wasn’t sure what to make of it, for all she knew it meant that his sickness was getting worse. It wasn’t until their own mother recognized what was happening and trained him herself that Aurelia realized that her brother had oracle abilities. And while she was proud of her brother and was excited to see him grow powerful, she was also sad as she wondered if he ever really needed her to begin with.

All in all, Aurelia loves her siblings so much and writes them as often as she can. It honestly scared her when everyone started to leave the Chasm and go their own ways. She wasn’t sure if she would make it without her brother and sister by her side, but with her own mothers encouragement she decided to take a big step and continue her training at the Archives.