Lance Duty

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Lance always bonding with people quickly and deeply. He somehow always found a way to get people to follow along with him, no matter what he was trying to do. 

Growing up Lance always found ways to make sure his siblings went along with his pranks or him sneaking out to look at the stars. It was like a secret language, the only talking needed was a quick sentence or two and nobody ever questioned Lance or his motives. 

Lance couldn’t count the number of times he looked at his older siblings and simply said “I’m in my room sleeping, alright?” They wouldn’t simply nod and Lance would go do whatever he wanted undisturbed by his parents, knowing full well that his parents would never bother a sleeping child. 

This went on until Lance left for the Garrison, his siblings would cover for him and go along with whatever Lance said. Lance called it the “sibling bond” and he thought that it was the coolest thing ever. 


Lance was sitting in the kitchen of the castle, watching the space mice act out a dramatic scene from an old Altean movie. He was homesick, that was the only word Lance could used to describe his emotions. It felt like a giant hole had opened up in his chest, threatening to swallow him whole. He felt off, like he hadn’t really connected with anything or anyone and despite the mices efforts to cheer him up he still felt disconnected. 

After the mice were done with their scene Lance gave them a few claps and patted them all on the head and slowly made his way towards the common room, finding his team relaxing. It didn’t take Lance long to flop on the couch and enjoy his down time with his team. Yet Lance’s mind was still wondering back to his relationship with his siblings and he couldn’t help but wonder if the team would do the same as his siblings. There’s only one way to find out. 

Lance pulled himself up from the couch, stretching his muscles and groaning at the slight burn. “If anyone ask, I wasn’t here,” then he left, noticing his teammates slight confused expressions. Well he didn’t really leave he stood outside another door and waited. 

Lance was only waiting about fifteen ticks when he heard Allura walk into the common room, immediately asking where the Blue Paladin was. Lance held his breath, anticipating their responses and was shocked when their responses started to flood through the door he was standing behind. 

“No, haven’t seen him.” Pidge returned her attention back to her book. 

“Nah, not since lunch time.” Keith continued to twirl his knife in his hands. 

“Have you checked his bedroom?” Hunk rubbed his neck. 

“He might be with Blue.” Shiro closed his eyes again and attempted to continue his nap.

Lance smiled and started his way down the hallway he was camped in. Just like home.


Lance was a child at heart, he tended to disappear when he wasn’t on the castle or he would attempt to use his “sibling bond” in situations that were a bit to serious for that. 

The team understood this and followed Lance through his shenanigans and pranks whenever Lance needed or wanted them to. Yet during missions the team changed slightly and they would each take turns on “Lance Duty.” 

Whoever was on “Lance Duty” had to make sure Lance didn’t disappear or pull a prank at the wrong time. They had to keep their eyes on him at all times, kinda like babysitting a five year old. 

The team never really minded though, this was Lance, this was his personality. Every time a new mission started people would call being on “Lance Duty” since they enjoyed spending time with their Blue Paladin. 

He always knew how to crack a joke or lower the tension. He would do impressions or pull new stunts on people, when the time called for it. 

Of course Lance never minded being watched on missions, being the youngest of his family he was always being watched by his siblings. Lance felt more at home when it happened and soon that hole in his chest that made him cry for his family started to fill. His team was his family and Lance started to learn that you don’t need to be related by blood to be a family. 

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“riley is my sister. i’m her only brother. and her only brother is telling you whatever happens, don’t hurt my sister.” 

  • Robert: I'm here for a coffee, not a pity party.
  • Vic: Good, because I am over the one you've been throwing yourself for the past month. Everyone is.
  • Robert: Good to know. (wants to get up)
  • Vic: No, no, we're not done here. Have yoou apologised to Rebecca yet?
  • Robert: Why?
  • Vic: For being absolutely vile to her.
  • Robert: Can you stop shovin' your nose in my life when yours is just as pathetic.
  • Vic: Robert, you're all over the place, having a go at anyone who matters.
  • Robert: Rebecca doesn't matter.
  • Vic: Well, do I matter? Cos you're having a go at me and I am not to blame for any of your problems. None of us are.
  • Robert: Oh, so it's all on me then, yeah? Nice.
  • Vic: No, I'm not blaming you, I am just worried. This isn't you, Robert. (Robert gets up and leaves)

veenia  asked:

The sand siblings are not blood related right?

What makes you say that?

Temari, Kankurou and Gaara are indeed related by blood. After Gaara’s birth, Chiyo states that he was the third one (after Temari and Kankurou), to which Karura voices her desire to see Gaara’s face:

I’m not sure if there other explicit indicators in the manga that they’re blood related, but I know that it isn’t stated anywhere that they aren’t blood related.