• <p> <b>Sherlock :</b> Twins freak me out. They always know what the other one is -<p/><b>Eurus :</b> -Thinking?<p/><b>Sherlock :</b> Yeah. And they're always completing each other's -<p/><b>Eurus :</b> -Pie?<p/><b>Sherlock :</b> Exactly. Its creepy.<p/></p>

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Headcanon where the RFA members has little siblings. Zen's little sister with Yoosung's personality ( even traits and hobbies ), Jumin's lil sis with 707/luciel's personality ( memes and crippling depression ), 707's (" his " too) lil sis with V's personality, Jaehee's lil bro with Zen's personality, Yoosung's lil sis with Jumin's personality and V's ( if you could include him ) lil sis with Jaehee's personality. Thank you so much ! Sorry if this is confusing.

oooh this was fun to write, i hope i got it right and did your request justice! same @ the 707 description tbh


  • His little sister had always been obsessed with cats
  • When she was a baby, Yoosung gave her a cat plushie that she called Miss Meow
  • Even though she was a very mature and quiet girl, she still slept with it at the age of 12
  • When Yoosung told her that he would study to become a vet, she squeeled!
  • Which was rare as she usually didn’t express much emotions
  • “Then you can make sure all cats are healthy and happy!”
  • He promised to do her best, and she made him sign a contract that Miss Meow would always be first priority to him if she “got hurt”


  • He was kind of jealous of her, as she got a lot of attention and was always considered the cutest family member with her blonde hair and soft cheeks (he was better looking!)
  • And she looked good without working for it! All she did was play video games all day, while he worked out a lot to look this good
  • She was sensitive though, and often came to him crying if she had done a bad test at school or complaining that she wanted a boyfriend
  • “You’re just 15, princess. You don’t need another man in your life than me, he will just break your heart” is he her brother or mother scientists can’t tell
  • Always worried about Zen’s eating habits, so she usually packed him cute lunches and had dinner ready for when he came home from rehearsal (unless she had stayed up all night to play video games and was asleep)


  • All this time we thought she was just too busy to date
  • Hahaha no, this guy is to blame
  • “All men are wolves!” 
  • “But I like women”
  • “All women are wolves!”
  • Seriously he would growl if someone even said her name, being dramatic was his thing 
  • How could a 14 year old be this intimidating
  • Oh yeah probably because he was tall and muscular
  • Don’t let his good looks fool you, he’s totally the mom friend of his friend group


  • Jumin couldn’t for the life of him understand his little sister
  • ?? Why did she waste her money on stupid things instead of investing them ??
  • ?? Why was she constantly sneezing without making a sound ??
  • “It’s called dabbing, old man” *dabs*
  • Would always hug Elizabeth the 3rd whenever she visited
  • “Look, she loves me!” 
  • “No kitten, that’s animal abuse”
  • Sometimes she would just sit quiet for hours and he got slightly worried, but then she laughed and showed him a stupid picture and he knew she was back to normal
  • She could pick up on his subtle mood changes, and would spam him with cat memes when she knew he had a tough day

707 (and Unknown/Saeran)

  • Let’s just pretend they have always been a happy family okay
  • With Saeran who was too serious and Saeyoung who was practically never serious, she was the middle thing who made sure things got done
  • She was calm and collected, which was a good thing as both of her brothers were the complete opposite
  • Always there for them! Choi supporter #1 right here
  • Loved nature and to take pictures of it, so she would often drag them outside to get some fresh air

  • Her little sister was his number one supporter and had a lot of respect for him
  • She was very mature and always worked hard, so he had a lot of respect for her too!
  • He was glad she was grown up enough to apprecite his art, but give him critisism when he needed it
  • Made sure V always met his deadlines if he had request for photos, and often helped him plan photoshoots
  • He thought it was a little worrying that she at the age of 13 drank coffee as he had heard it wasn’t too healthy for children and he was worried that she didn’t get enough sleep, but she insisted that she just liked the taste of it

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okay so goin on the whole origin of duel monsters thing,,.... do u think exodia was all from one person and just got sealed into 5 different slabs because of how powerful it was or like 5 different people just had arms and legs and a head.. like it's probably the first option but I prefer to think the second option. imagine if the monster created out of ur own anger was just a leg. amazing.

this ask is honestly the funniest fucking thing


After a giant huff, Roma glared at the chemistry problems in front of her in frustration, and not because she disliked chemistry (even though she did).

Roma: Okay. So I had a bad day. I don’t want to talk about it.

Jeremiah: You’re telling me. On the subway ride, her and Danny were so…awkward. Didn’t talk much, which is strange if you think about how they’re apparently best friends

Roma, growling: It’s none of your business. Stop trying to hyper-analyze everything I do–

Jeremiah: I don’t even know what that means! Momma, tell her that I do not do that!

also i get really iffy about ocs from canon fandoms ( fairy tail, haikyuu, etc. ) who are related to one of the main protags // antags in the story ? or just related in general. like if the person isn’t stated to have a sibling at all….idk, i just feel like its kinda odd? is that just me?

that one txt post thats like… “having siblings gave u interpersonal skills that only-child kids didnt have”

Like nah, it gave me social insecurity and caused me to blame myself for everything, being the youngest of five, when we were all mentally ill and hurt eachother on a day to day basis to the point that if they ever tried to show my affection I flipped out and did mental acrobats to figure out if they were planning something to hurt me/blame me for later.

But I suppose I can appreciate the sentiment.

Seliph/Julia C-A Support

Written by  heroineintraining


Seliph: Phew… How are your wounds, Julia?

Julia: They are not that grave, fortunately. And you?

Seliph: Mine are the same.

Julia: I’m so relieved. When I saw that Emblian soldier charge at you, I almost couldn’t breathe. It was all I could do to keep them at bay with the Book of Naga…

Seliph: I’m proud of you, Julia. You’ve become a strong warrior in your own right. The Book of Naga suits you.

Julia: Oh…

Seliph: What is it?

Julia: … Can you hear it? The way the book sings?

Seliph: Now that you mention it, there’s a strange… humming in the air when you carry it. Do you think it’s because I have inherited some of Naga’s power myself?

Julia: I believe so. The book has this warmth and melody to it…I can feel the power of Heim himself as I wield it… But… Sometimes I just wish it would disappear. With this book…Julius…

Seliph: Julia… I cannot explain how sorry I am for what I just said. I simply felt the pride of a brother who has had the chance to see his sister grow stronger… Yet I forgot of the book’s past. I had wanted to move past the war, and look to the future…

Julia: While I remain fixated on the past.

Seliph: … It must be hard to watch me fight as well.

Julia: Hm?

Seliph: You want to protect me as much as I want to protect you… But in your defense I wield the very sword that left you fatherless. I…

Julia: Seliph…

Seliph: …

Julia: Sniff…

Seliph: Sigh…

Julia: Seliph, I’ve told you a bit about our mother…

Seliph: Right. You’ve shown me all of her favorite places in the castle at Belhalla.

Julia: I think, someday soon, I’d like to tell you more about my father. And about Julius…

Seliph: Are you certain that’s what you want, Julia? You’ve been through so much…

Julia: You have too, Seliph. It’s just like you to be so concerned about someone else.

Seliph: …

Julia: But I want to do this.

Seliph: If that’s what you wish… I think I’d like that. And I’ll tell you all about my life in Tirnanog.

[Seliph and Julia have reached support rank C.]


Seliph: Hah… So you and Julius carried the flowers all the way to Mother?

Julia: Oh, the servants tried to stop us when they saw the dirt, but we simply ran faster! She chuckled when she saw the mess we brought with us, of course, but she was so happy… Father was displeased, but he just sighed. He was never openly mad at us, at least as far as I could tell as a child. But after what Lewyn told us… I’m surprised he didn’t resent Julius and I after he discovered Mother’s heritage…

Seliph: Julia… The circumstances of your birth are in no way your fault. And you are in no way sullied by them.

Julia: Oh… Were my thoughts so obvious, Seliph?

Seliph: They were written all over your face.

Julia: Ah… But there you are, once again letting me lay all of my problems upon you as burdens… And I had wanted to hear about your childhood!

Seliph: Ah, well, despite being a prince I’d have never been allowed to get the abbey as filthy as you said the castle was that day. We had to clean up after ourselves, look after the younger orphans taken in by the sisters… I was always busy, even before Isaach’s liberation grew in power and influence.

Julia: It sounds like you had little chance to play as a child.

Seliph: That wasn’t the case at all! We were always outdoors. In truth, half of my fondest early memories are of me wandering the Isaach plains with my friends.

Julia: Julius and I were close with Princess Ishtar of Freege, but just being around you and your comrades from Tirnanog, I could tell how much you’d been through together.

Seliph: It was strange, definitely, becoming a leader. Somehow, I couldn’t connect in quite the same way with the other members of the army afterward. Odd to think of such a small tragedy amidst larger ones…

Julia: I know one person isn’t much of a consolation, Seliph, but you do have me…

Seliph: Ah, that’s true! Say, Julia… We never had that trip to Miletos’ shops that I promised you.

Julia: That’s right… And even after your coronation, we’ve been so busy with restoring Jugdral that we never had the chance.

Seliph: That’s why I’m going to ask Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena about the villages near the castle. I think we should take an afternoon off and explore together.

Julia: I would love that, Seliph.

[Seliph and Julia have reached support rank B.]


Julia: I don’t believe I’ve eaten this well since your coronation feast, Seliph!

Seliph: Hah, that pub’s food was excellent, wasn’t it? Would you mind walking around a bit? I’m not quite ready to return to the castle.

Julia: No, let’s… Ooh, look at that stand!

Seliph: “The finest wares of Askr,” huh? Let’s see…

Julia: Ah! That brooch… The turquoise-inset is lovely.

Seliph: And there’s a matching one, too. Shall we buy them?

Julia: Seliph?

Seliph: The Renais twins have their bracelets, correct? It would be nice if we had something similar.

Julia: Seliph…

Seliph: Ah, sorry, it’s not like me to be so sentimental.

Julia: No… It makes me happy to hear you say that. That, despite everything, you want to be close…

Seliph: I’m glad, Julia… And when the time comes to return to Grannvale, you’ll be by my side supporting me, right? Your early years were in its capital… In a way, you are closer to our people’s needs than I could ever be.

Julia: Seliph, you have grown for and lived for Grannvale your entire life… I could think of no nobler a king. But when we return to our kingdom, as brother and sister, I hope that we will be able to spend as much time together as we have here in Askr. The world’s brighter when I’m with you, Seliph, and I don’t want to lose that…

Seliph: Julia…

[Seliph and Julia have reached support rank A.]

Funny story, and now I'm shook

So I was reading a Shadowhunters fanfic on wattpad, and in the casting I see the whole “Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood”. So I’m like okay, and I read the fanfic and think nothing of it…

Then, I’m just now reading a Percy Jackson fanfic, and I see “Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase”, and I’m like ‘wait… are they-? Nah!… wait let me google this.’


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