siblings who love and protect each other fiercely

onwardmotley  asked:

I'm hoping for a future enemy-mine style teamup between the Paladins and Team Lotor (the Pilots? the Generals?) against a larger threat, both because it'd be cool and those are always fun thematically, but also because Keith and Acxa could (if they're siblings) deal with all of that, and their respective teams could react to the family reveal. and be baffled that their red paladin/sharpshooter SiC has a sibling like that (i know this is unlikely to happen but it'd make me happy SO.)

Proposed thoughts to fuel that hunger because I love that scenario too:

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Give me CarWash siblings

Give me carwash siblings who grew up together and were each other’s crutch for dealing with their dead mother and distant father

Give me carwash siblings where Carolina joined PFL because she was older and they lost contact for years and only found each other when Wash arrived one day in the Mother of Invention

Give me carwash siblings that fought and wrestled and competed with each other for attention but loved each other fiercely and were prepared to kick someone’s arse for their sibling

Give me carwash fraternal twins and Carolina’s older by a few minutes

Give me carwash siblings where there’s a fairly large age difference between the two (and Carolina is the protective older sister)

Give me carwash siblings who didn’t know each other growing up but found each other in their teens

Give me carwash siblings where Carolina was raised by the Director but Wash was given up and Carolina always knew about her baby brother David and has to keep quiet when he suddenly becomes a Freelancer

Give me carwash siblings who didn’t know they were related until season 10 when the Director tells Carolina and they have to sort out all that shit by themselves on some foreign planet while trying to stop a civil war

Just give me all the carwash siblings