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But we’re a million worlds apart..

DEH teens as things I've heard at high school
  • Jared: I'd never intentionally hurt a baby, but if I'm asked to hold one I'm dropping that shit.
  • Connor: I'm gonna kill myself! And guess what? it's your fault! Just kidding I have depression.
  • Alana: I just bombed that test! Ugh! I got a fucking 97%! Wtf!
  • Evan: This morning my cactus betrayed me.
  • Zoe: *on the phone* if you're not here on time I will break both of your legs… okay, I love you too bye.

You know what my younger, eleven-year-old sister said after hearing Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?

She said, “The orphanage isn’t what makes me sad. It’s that [Eliza] did all that stuff and then no one even knows her. No one tells her story.”

That stuck with me.

it’s a late evening and magnus is absentmindedly flipping through channels while alec is dozing with his head against magnus’ thigh after a long day, magnus running his fingers through his hair. at one point, magnus flips past a basketball game, snarks ‘what team’ and alec, without missing a beat or even opening his eyes, mumbles ‘wildcats’

which results in a sleepy alec having to explain to a stunned warlock that isabelle used to be obsessed with high school musical so alec had to smuggle her out to watch them all in the cinema because their parents would never approve of such frivolous nonsense. and while alec talks about how he still remembers all the plotlines and characters because his little sister loved it so much magnus realises that one day, he’s gonna marry this man 


Janet Jackson recording Don’t Stand Another Chance. It was written by Janet Jackson, her brother Marlon Jackson and John Barnes. Marlon also produced it and provided backing vocals along with brothers Michael, Tito, and Jackie. The song was released as the lead single from her second album Dream Street (1984).

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 Anon prompt: “Hi! All hail Jughead Jones. I’m in love. Anyway, could you write something where the reader is really close to Archiekins and Juggie asks Arch about how to get close to the reader? Thanks xxx”

A/N: I sure can! All hail Jughead P Jones!!

Jughead slumps down onto one of the library couches across from me, I smile stupidly at him.

“Mister Jones.” I say.

“Hey, Y//N.” He smiles at me.

Hands reach down around, fingers clawing at my sides enticing laughter from me as the unknown culprit tickles me.

“Archibald Andrews! If that’s you I swear I’ll end your existence!” I manage between laughs.

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I was singing Bohemian Rhapsody couple weeks ago and my little siblings heard that so now everytime someone says “mama?” and waits for an answer someone else goes “just killed a man” and it became terrible habit when my 3 year old brother started doing that too. Now it sounds like we are killing around 20 people a day.