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But we’re a million worlds apart..

DEH teens as things I've heard at high school
  • Jared: I'd never intentionally hurt a baby, but if I'm asked to hold one I'm dropping that shit.
  • Connor: I'm gonna kill myself! And guess what? it's your fault! Just kidding I have depression.
  • Alana: I just bombed that test! Ugh! I got a fucking 97%! Wtf!
  • Evan: This morning my cactus betrayed me.
  • Zoe: *on the phone* if you're not here on time I will break both of your legs… okay, I love you too bye.

Spent 7 hours on 7/25/17 working on this page in my sketchbook. An hour was spent just on the cactus. At least an hour Elmore was spent on doing justice to Connor. I hope you all like!

secrets - jonah marais & daniel seavey

warning: includes lowkey sexual references so if you ain’t ready for that then just go ahead and skidattle

a/n: requested by anon


“jonah!” i screeched throughout my small apartment in LA. i had moved here when i turned sixteen, which was about four months ago, to be with my older brother, daniel seavey. yes, the daniel seavey. he is in a band called why don’t we and they are doing exceptionally well. i knew that he wouldn’t be coming home anytime soon and i really missed him so i had come to visit. in the amount of time that i was staying with the why don’t we boys, i had made some great friendships with corbyn, zach and jack. i also bonded more with daniel and better yet, i began to fall for jonah. because i didn’t want to part from my new best friends, my brother, and the guy i was falling for, i decided to move into my own apartment just a block away from the boys’ house when i turned sixteen.

even since the day i came to visit, jonah and i have each been falling harder and harder for each other. last night, jonah had come over to my apartment and spent the night. what he told daniel and the other boys was that he was coming over to help me with the music that i was starting to work on and that he had fallen asleep as it got later. but that was not the case.

“yes, baby?” he asked, popping his head into the bathroom where i was. i looked at him through the mirror and pointed to my collarbone, up my neck, and below my ear.

“i told you to not leave any hickeys,” i whined to jonah.

“i’m sorry. i just couldn’t resist. i wanna be able to show everyone that you’re mine,” i pouted at his words.

“we can’t do that yet, jonah. you know daniel would flip shit,” i sighed, trying to cover my five or six dark hickeys with foundation and failing horribly. “how am i gonna cover these?” i asked, more to myself than to jonah.

“what if you just, don’t?” he suggested.

“are you kidding me?” i laughed. “oh. you weren’t kidding,” i mumbled when i realized that he didn’t laugh along with me.

“i’m not kidding. why don’t you just see what happens?”

“but what if daniel sees them?” i asked.

“we’ll figure it out when we get to that point, i guess,” he smiled, leaning in to make more hickeys.

“mmm, i don’t think so,” i moaned, leaning back to escape his lips that i loved endlessly.

“aw, man,” he pouted, sticking out his bottom lip but then biting it because he knew it made me feel some type of way.

“stop,” i groaned, slapping his shoulder and pushing him out of the bathroom.

“okay, but hurry up. we have to be at the house in ten minutes and it takes five to get there,” he told me. i hurried and applied just a bit more foundation to the hickeys before turning off the light and leaving the room.

“ready?” i asked as i rose from the floor after tying my converse.

“yup,” he smiled, opening the front door for me and locking it behind us. then he ran over to the passenger side of the car and opened that side for me as well.

“thank you, cutie,” i smiled and planted a kiss on his cheek as i climbed into the car. he blushed before climbing into the driver’s side and backing out of the driveway.


one hour later

“wait!” zach exclaimed. “we’ve been sitting in this room for an hour and i am just now noticing that y/n got some action recently,” zach laughed, clearly referring to the hickeys.

“holy shit! i didn’t even see that!” jack laughed.

“oh my god,” corbyn joined in on the laughing. i felt my face heat up and jonah’s was as well.

“who? what? when?” daniel mumbled, almost inaudibly.

“jonah, why aren’t you talking anymore?,” corbyn winked, shouldering jonah. corbyn is the only one out of everyone who knew that jonah and i are together.

“jonah? did you leave the hickeys on my sister?” daniel asked bluntly, making dead eye contact with jonah.

“i-um… yeah?” jonah replied as more of a question. i put my hands over my face to hide the pure embarrassment of the fact that everyone in the room now knows what jonah and i were doing last night.

“can we talk for a second?” daniel asked jonah, standing up and walking into another room with jonah on his heels. we all sat in silence as we waiting for jonah and daniel to come back. when the finally did, jonah sat down right next to me and wrapped his arm around me, planting a kiss on my temple with took me by surprise.

“what just…?” i asked jonah.

“nothing, baby. let’s just say he knows we’re together now,” jonah smiled.

“mhm,” daniel hummed. “just because i know doesn’t mean i want any pda coming from the two of you,” he mumbled, making us all burst into a fit of laughter as jonah took his arm away but continued to secretly hold my hand out of sight from daniel.

no more secrets, i guess.



Janet Jackson recording Don’t Stand Another Chance with her brothers, 1983.

The song was written by Janet Jackson, her brother Marlon Jackson and John Barnes. Marlon also produced it and provided backing vocals along with brothers Michael, Tito, and Jackie. The song was released as the lead single from her second album Dream Street (1984).

more murphy siblings headcanons

specially for @sincerely-insanely-me 😘

  • connor and zoe were the same height for like, 10-11 years
  • they looked really similar as kids
  • so people often thought they were twins
  • which isn’t too far off cos they’re 11 months apart
  • connor still thinks it’s cool that they’re the same age for a month each year but ssshhh he’s not supposed to be mushy right?
  • when he hit his growth spurt he just went grew so fast his whole family was stunned
  • he gets the tall genes from larry
  • but larry had always been tall, even as a kid
  • zoe was now sore about being the shorter kid
  • but cynthia comforts her by saying that she’s the shortest in the family (since zoe is a couple inches taller than her)
  • which isn’t exactly the most comforting but zoe takes it anyway
  • and he looks really badass/scary but inside connor is just a teddy bear
  • but if you tell anyone that he’ll make sure you’re taken away quietly and disposed of
  • he loves to read
  • and his eyesight is really bad
  • because when he was young he spent too much time lying on his bed and reading
  • he wears contacts most of the time because he kept breaking his glasses getting into fights in middle-high school
  • also his hair is shoulder length and zoe is secretly jealous of it
  • but he lets her play with it all the time so it’s alright
  • he gets most of his haircare tips from her
  • she knows all the right products and how to style it
  • cynthia thinks he looks amazing with the long hair
  • larry still isn’t too sure what to think but he doesn’t hate it anymore
  • connor also has a dog
  • she’s a black labrador retriever
  • they got her when connor was 12
  • to teach him responsibility or something, according to larry
  • she’s not a certified therapy dog but she knows when connor is upset and always comforts him
  • her name is skywalker because the murphys are huge star wars fans you can fight me on this 
  • skywalker is connor’s best friend and follows him everywhere around the house

they’re kind of a hot mess because i was supposed to be writing my essay when i did this, but i hope you like them 😅

You know what my younger, eleven-year-old sister said after hearing Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?

She said, “The orphanage isn’t what makes me sad. It’s that [Eliza] did all that stuff and then no one even knows her. No one tells her story.”

That stuck with me.