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that’s what little girls are made of

Word count: 3,584
Rating: General
Pairing: Olicity (obviously)
Summary: Oliver learns pretty quickly that he’s useless when it comes to his sister’s hair. So he enlists the help of someone who…you know, has some.

Author’s note: Sooo…a while ago, I wrote a really quick thing called sugar and spice. I was rereading it the other day and a new scene came to me. Before I knew it, it resulted in this. Enjoy!


The fourteen-year-old groans as he rolls over in his bed and pulls the pillows over his ears, hoping to drown out his little sister’s shrieks. 

That, however, does nothing to deter her. 

“Ollie!” A shift on his mattress alerts him to the fact that she is now on his bed, and that just makes him burrow into his pillows even harder. “Ollie, wake up! Wake up! You promised you would help me get ready for school today!” 

He groans, cursing his past self for making that promise. He did indeed tell her that he would help her get ready for school, since Mom and Dad are both out of town on business. But he agreed solely under duress. That’s the only way you can describe Thea when she’s looking up at you with her huge hazel eyes swimming in tears. 

“A few more minutes, Speedy,” he grumbles underneath the pillow. 

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Hey everyone! Following on from last year’s hugely successful Volume 1, Siblings: An Illustrated Anthology Volume 2 is set for release this summer! Curators Laura & Andy plus 84 awesome guests have illustrated an all-new, even bigger zine featuring exclusive art of their favorite fictional siblings. Spanning traditional legends to games, books, T.V. shows, anime and more, we hope you’ll join us for another round of sibling-filled fun!

Teaser art:

Arielle Jovellanos (Parks & Rec) | Enduro (VLD)
Stephanie Priscilla (Digimon) | Andrea Vasquez (Stranger Things)
Sora (OHSHC) | Megan Fisher (Hocus Pocus)

Graphics by Janet Sung

Please follow the blog or Twitter for official updates, previews and eventual pre-order information. All characters in Volume 2 are new; this book contains no repeats from Volume 1. Feel free to check out the artists on our roster, the F.A.Q., or ask us any questions in the meantime. 

★ Hope you’re as excited as we are! Thanks for your support!   ★


Janet Jackson recording Don’t Stand Another Chance. It was written by Janet Jackson, her brother Marlon Jackson and John Barnes. Marlon also produced it and provided backing vocals along with brothers Michael, Tito, and Jackie. The song was released as the lead single from her second album Dream Street (1984).