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Imagine being Eric's little sister, and him being super protective

“Where are you going?” Eric asks as he hears you getting your jacket out of the closet. You walk in, wearing a belly shirt and short shorts, “The mall.” He narrows his eyes, “With who?” You shrug, “Some of my friends.” “Any guys?” he asks. You look off to the side, chewing on your lip, “I don’t know.” “Y/n,” he says sternly. You roll you eyes, “Yeah, we might meet a couple guys, what’s the big deal?” “You’re not going dressed like that,” he says with a frown. You raise your eyebrows, laughing, “You’re not Dad.” Eric stands up, “No, but I’m responsible for you and I’m not going to let you dress like that.” You smirk as you walk over to him. “Eric, I’m not eight anymore. I’m a teenager. I’m blossoming.” He cringes when you say that, “Ugh, that’s exactly why you need to keep all of… that under clothes that fit.” “Whatever, I’m leaving,” you call as you walk out the door. “Who’s taking you?” he calls, waiting for a response but you’ve already gotten in the car and have ridden away.

Eric sits up when he hears the door open and you walk in wearing different clothes. “When did you change?” he asks abruptly. “Chill, I went to a friend’s after and we were trying stuff on.” He nods, “How was the mall?” “Fun,” you shrug, walking to your room. You start changing and Eric walks up, covering his eyes with a disgusted noise, “Agh!” “Eric!” you shout, slamming the door. “Close the door!” he yells back. “Can you leave? I’m trying to get ready for tonight,” you say, looking though your closet.” “What are you doing tonight?” he calls from the other side of the door. “I have a date,” you say in a sing-songy voice. “Tell me it’s not with that asshole-” “Dave’s not an asshole, stop calling him that!” “His name’s Dave,” Eric spits out, “Every Dave I’ve known is an asshole.” You shake your head, ignoring him as you put on your makeup.

The doorbell rings later and you sprint out of your room, wanting to get to the door before Eric. You groan a little when you already see him standing there, asking Dave where you’ll be going. “Thanks, Eric,” you say forcefully, pushing him out of the way.” “Ten o’ clock,” he calls, watching with a frown as Dave drives you away. Sixteen year old punk, he thinks. It’s bad enough he has a little sister to worry about but now Eric has to deal with all the gross guys sniffing around her. Fucker better treat her with respect, he thinks, hanging out in his room. He hears the door open upstairs and the footsteps coming down to his room. You burst into his room, crying. Eric gets up immediately, “What did he do to you?” he asks quickly. You sniff, “He t-tried to-” Eric’s eyes widen and he gives you a quick hug before bolting up the stairs.

“Babe,” he hears, seeing Dave walking towards the house, “Dude, let me talk to her.” Eric reaches him and immediately punches him in the jaw, making him fall over. “Get the fuck out of here!” he screams, letting his temper take over. Dave scrambles to his feet, getting back in his car and he speeds off. Eric’s face is bright red and he’s breathing heavily. He takes a moment to try to calm himself down, still fuming as he walks back in. He goes down to his room again and sighs when he sees you curled up on his bed with a blanket. “Can I get you anything?” he asks quietly. You shake your head and sniff and he bends down to kiss the top of your head. “Get some sleep,” he murmurs, turning off the light. He grabs his journal when you’re not looking and closes the door behind him. Eric sits down in front of the TV, scribbling angrily for a while. He also underlines Dave’s name twice, since he’s already on his shitlist.

be the person your younger siblings need

stand up for them, have fun with them, play with them, share things with them, involve them, don’t dismiss their thoughts/ideas/questions aka don’t make them feel stupid, apologize to them, validate them, love them

it’s not too late, you can start from today. be the older sibling they need especially if you didn’t have that when you needed someone.

Boy of My Dreams (open image in new tab for full size)

For the summer splatoon theme. Here in Finland, midsummer is believed to be a magical and perfect time for spells. One particular spell or believe that women like to do is to collect seven different flowers, and put those flowers under their pillow. Next night, you will see your future husband in your dreams. Since Kirsikka and Lappi family is (splatoon) Finnish, I wanted to draw her trying out this little myth.

And I am sure we all know who she wishes to see in her dreams tonight. ;Dc

If you want to try this out yourself, collect 7 flowers next Friday (24th day) and see for yourself who your future spouse will be.