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do characters in modern fairytale retellings know their life is a retelling? bc they act like they don’t even notice. i’ve never read a retelling where the main character is like “huh… wait a minute… my name is ELLA and i have TWO STEPSISTERS who are SUPER MEAN and i’m about to go to  BALL…. this is ringing a bell”

like, i want a retelling where the mc realizes what’s going on and is like “oh shit i am NOT having this” and then like, uses their knowledge to their advantage? like they realize that if their life is a cinderella retelling then their step siblings are probably going to destroy the beautiful dress they painstakingly sewed, and they should probably make sure the dress is safely protected at a friend’s house

OH. or a retelling where even though they do this, the retelling insists on happening anyway?? they save the dress, but then their step siblings tear up the painting they’ve been working on instead. they wear boots that can’t fall off to the dance, but somehow they lose one big dangle earring as they run away. the Retelling will Not Be Stopped, Ella-who-insists-on-going-by-their-middle-name-but-no-one-listens-to-them, the Retelling Must Have Its Sacrifice

This AU ain't gonna write itself. Prepare for feELinGs

Minato was 7 when he first got to know death. He’d crawled out of their toppled over car, broken glass cutting the skin of his palms, his forehead bleeding. A bright light blinded him when he got out and the next he knew was the scent of the emergency room. He was being patched up and his father had died. He heard them tell his sobbing mother that his dad’s neck snapped when the car was flipped and that it was a miracle the boy was even alive.

That day he and his mother sobbed together as they held each other in their arms.

A week later was the burial.

His mother carried his youngest brother, just a 3-month old baby, in her left arm. Minato stared at little Yusuke who looked at the sight with confusion, lamenting that he would not know the greatness of their late father first-hand. Kou, his 5-year old younger brother, wailed, mom’s grip on his hand firm.

Mama had too little hands to hold everyone, that’s why Minato held his only sister’s hand. Naoto was only a year younger than Kou, her hand was tiny in his. She also cried, shaking as she sniffled behind her free hand.

Only Minato and his mom didn’t. Mama was too tired to cry. She’d been up late every night since, crying alone and falling asleep like that only to wake up early to care for them the next day. He would often sneak into bed with her, comforting her with pats like she did to them when they were sad. Minato, on the other hand, had decides that he needed to be strong. He had to grow up quicker so he could protect his family. Crying would be a sign of weakness. Being weak would make Mama worry. He didn’t want to make Mama worry.

A month later, Mama had gathered them all in the living room. She looked as distraught as she was when Papa died. Minato knew that whatever it was killed her inside.

And it killed him too.

She told them that she couldn’t take care of them anymore, that they’d have to go to the orphanage. The money she was making was not enough to sustain them all.

Minato wanted scream, but he didn’t. Instead, he held Kou and Naoto who cried in his stead. If this was the only way to alleviate Mama’s burden, so be it. Mama would kee Yusuke however, he was still only a baby after all.

Mama packed for Naoto and Kou while he packed for himself. She then dressed them all up, taking her time. Her hands stroked Naoto’s long, soft hair as she brushed it; her fingers straightened Kou’s clothes more than they need to be; and, her hold on Minato’s arms lingered on his shoulders before they left. When they finally got there, she hugged each of them close for what felt like an eternity. She didn’t want to let go, but she had to.

She promised them that once everything had blown over, and that when she can finally afford to, she’ll see them again.

Minato held each sibling in his hand, watching as their mother left them behind. That night, Minato cried in the bathroom where no one could see him.

The orphanage was a mess of children being loud. Minato didn’t like it, neither did his siblings. The three of them mostly kept to themselves in the living room. Occasionally, two laughing silver-haired kids and an angry brown-haired one would run in and then straight back out as they played. They would interact at times. Well, mostly it was one of the silver-haired kids, a girl named Miki.

She asked them if they wanted to play, to which the silver-haired boy – Akihiko – mildly complained but otherwise didn’t protest and the brown-haired kid shrugged. Sometimes they would, especially Kou and Naoto. Minato, on the other hand, chose to look over his siblings more often than not. He had to make sure they wouldn’t get hurt. Moreover, he had to make sure no one would hurt them.

It was his personal promise to Mama.

Naoto was the first to leave them.

A couple had come by one day, saying that they were looking to adopt because the woman didn’t want to give birth. They spotted Naoto while they were all watching an episode of Spoopy-Doo and immediately fell in love with her. They claimed she was perfect as they cooed over her soft hair, her soft skin, her long lashes that brushed her cheels, her round eyes that shone with the brightness of the stars, and the intensity with which she focused on the show.

Minato remembered brushing her hair every morning and night like their mother used to; he remembered tending to any wounds she might get from playing like their mother used to; he remembered the glint in her eyes whenever he told her a bedtime story like their mother used; and he remembered staying up all night to protect her from monsters under her bed like their mother used to. He told the couple all of this, struggling to keep his voice even as he bit back tears. They listened intently, making note of what he had said.

He knew she would be okay under their care.

That was the day Naoto Kitagawa turned into Naoto Shirogane.

The next was Kou.

They had been outside, playing catch together on a Sunday afternoon when another couple came by. This time, they feared that they could not rear a child amd worried over the lack of a possible heir for the family.

Kou had greeted them upon their arrival, like he always did because Kou was a good boy. He flashed them his signature bright smile and bowed cheerily at them. Just like that, they fell in love. His charm, his kindness, his social nature would lead their family when time came.

Minato remembered times when he had gotten angry and Kou was there to calm him down; he remembered Kou dragging him outside to play with others because he wanted his older brother to have friends; he remembered Kou trying to emulate him when he was the only one around to save Naoto from bullies. Once again, he told the couple this.

As he asked the couple to take care of him, he knew that Kou would be loved either way.

That was the day Kou Kitagawa turned into Kou Ichijo.

Their trio was down to one.

Minato didn’t expect to be adopted himself. He simply clung on to their mother’s promise to return as if it were his life support. He couldn’t wait to tell her about his siblings’ new families and to visit them together so that they could be complete again.

But Mama never came.

3 years passed, but Minato never lost hope. Mama had promised she would return, so he believed she would. He didn’t grow to resent her for all the time he spent waiting, but there had been a few close calls. Several couples had almost adopted him but thankfully changed their minds. From then on, he tried to make himself as invisible as possible. Hanging back, never speaking, in order to avoid getting chosen. Mama could be back any day.

On his 10th birthday, someone he recognized came by. It was his aunt, she looked like the weight of the world was on her shoulders and she told him why.

Mama had become sickly after leaving them and, three years after, she had died of a seizure.

Minato’s heart broke with her promise to return. For the first time in years, he had cried a river.

The burial was strange.

Minato felt dead inside like his mother must have felt when his father had died. He watched with lifeless eyes as she was lowered, tired. Across him was Yusuke in the arms of a familiar man. He was so much bigger now and he at least seemed healthy. That was good. He wanted his siblings to be well.

The man, Minato recalled, came by a lot when he was younger. He often painted pretty pictures with Mama or simply told her what to do. He didn’t like the old man for some reason, he never has, but if it meant Yusuke would be cared for then he was fine with it.

After the ceremony, Minato approached little Yusuke who had been set down by the man. He took his youngest brother in his arms and cried.

Yusuke didn’t know what was going on or who Minato was, but he too cried. He cried because Mama was gone, he cried because he would miss her.

The man soon came back to collect him and Minato watched as the last of his family got taken away from him, leaving him alone.

His aunt adopted him that day. It was better than staying in an orphange filled with children competing for attention.

Minato nodded, he didn’t have a choice.

That was the day Minato Kitagawa became Minato Arisato.

5 months later, the orphanage caught fire.

“Why do you fight like this for other people? Why?” - Gaara

“Because they saved me from loneliness. They accepted me as I am. They like me and that is why they are important to me.” - Naruto

“I will give up. It´s over.” - Gaara

“Naruto Uzumaki …. One Day, we meet again.” - Gaara

The Fight that changed everything. Naruto Episode 75 - 80

I can´t help, but watch this Fight let me end in tears. Anytime.

Mikaelson Sister – You Will Be Missed

Words count: 1801

Warning: SAD


Requested by anonymous:

Hello I would like to request a tvd and to mixed in where y/n is the sister of the mikealsons but very powerful creature filled with other supernatural powers . Then y/n dies in mystic falls and y/n is best friends with the mystic gang . So when y/n dies the mikealsons and the gang meet at her funeral . All the characters say something meaningful specially klaus and Stefan because y/n would have best most besties with Stefan he says something like he loves her . Then as a ghost y/n says I’m here

You’re an original. A sister of the Mikaelson. You are a very powerful creature. You’ve lived for more than a thousand years and seen so much. It was hard for you to make new friends, because people die, and not everyone wants to be a vampire. So when your siblings and you settled in Mystic Falls for a bit. You decided to enroll in the local high school, that way you’d be able to make new friends. And friends you made.

Despite who your family is you befriended the mystic gang. You were closer to Stefan which meant that he wasn’t about to die anytime soon, being a vampire and all. Now something happened when your mother turned you into a vampire, unlike your siblings you were filled with supernatural powers, making you just as strong as Klaus if not stronger.

When your family left to New Orleans you decided to stay, it was hard to say goodbye to your family especially Klaus. You two were very close to each other. You were never daggered and were always by his side no matter what. You knew he was damaged because of Mikael and that he just needed love. So you gave him all the love you could and hoped that one day he’s meet a girl that’ll show him how amazing he was.

All that was great and amazing. Until came a day when something unexpected happened. It was a shock everyone didn’t know what to do, what to feel. You died. You were stacked with a white oak stake.

Your family came to Mystic Falls at once, you were going to be buried there. The place you were born. It was a rainy day, the sky was gray as if it was mourning you and was saying goodbye to you. Everyone you loved or cared about was there, all standing around your grave where your headstone stood. It was a secluded area that belonged to your family. Tears were running, people were sniffing everyone was just a mess. How will they move on? How will they live without you?

“I knew (y/n0 the first one, here in Mystic Falls.” Caroline said as she silently whipped her tears away. “She was so nice to me, I couldn’t believe she was an original. I knew I could always count on her no matter what. She gave me advice on men and she helped me gain respect from everyone who thought I was just a dump blonde. I owe her so much, she deserved more than she got.”

“Uh… (y/n) and I bumped into each other one time, when I was leaving school.” Matt who was standing next to Caroline said as he tried to compose himself. “I knew she was a vampire, and for some reason I thought she was going to kill me, which she only laughed at. I never understood how much kindness could come from a person as easily as it came from her. She saved my life more times that I could count and for that I thank her.”

“When Elijah and (y/n) came into town, I had a feeling that I could trust them.” Elena said as Damon held her hand. “More (y/n) than Elijah to be honest… she just had that shine around her, she was confident, honest, honorable and powerful. Yet she never once harmed me or anyone I love. She always did the opposite actually, she was always one call away. I’m going to miss her so much.”

“Guess it’s my turn…” Damon said quietly, before he cleared his throat. “I never make friends easily, people aren’t always found of me and my personality, but she thought otherwise. (y/n) managed to slip past my walls and camp inside. She and I became fast friends, she was my drinking buddy, I could rant to her for hours and she’d sit and listen carefully. She acted as if I was her younger brother. For some reason I always wished for an older sibling and she filled that roll all these years ago, and now I feel as if I lost a sibling.”

Elijah knew it was his turn to speak, yet he couldn’t say anything, Hayley took a hold of his hand and gave him a squeeze. Telling him that she was there for him.

“Um… I never… I never thought about losing a sibling.” Elijah said a tear escaping his eyes everyone and then. “Especially not (y/n) she was just so full of power and confidence, but more importantly she was kind and forgiving. Who would ever want to harm her? She and I were close, she was close to me and my siblings. But-but I uh I knew I can always count on her to cover my back no matter her personal interests. For a long time she was the only light and amazing thing in our family. Losing (y/n) is the hardest thing I had to go through in life.”

“She is the most supportive person I knew.” Hayley said holding Hope in her left hand as Elijah held her right one. “When she found out I was pregnant she came down to New Orleans at once, and helped me. Whenever I called her for help or advice she was there for me. She was the first one that showed me that not all vampires are alike and there’s more to the Mikaelson’s than meets the eye. Because of her I have Elijah by my side, and that is something that I will never forget.”

“After losing Freya, I was beyond happy to get a sister.” Finn said, and he looked at Freya and turned to your coffin. “(y/n) and I were great friends as we grew up. She was the only one of my siblings that haven’t once looked down on me, or showed me disappointment. I am more than glad to be her brother. I know she will be missed, as much as she was loved.”

“I haven’t really spent that much with (y/n) as you all did.” Freya said comforting Finn. “But the time I did spend with her, I could tell that she was defiantly different from the rest of us Mikaelson, no one with our past should have been that… good, but she was. And how she did will remain mystery. I was looking forward to getting close to her after everything calmed down here and in New Orleans.”

“(y/n) had an amazing life, she was a great sister.” Rebekah said while she tried to stop her sobs. “She was the kind that stands by you when you needed somebody to be there. She was a sister, friend and a warrior in and out. I remember when we were young, she’d go out of her way to make us all happy, which confused me as to why. She was the youngest after all. I was so happy that I got a sister when she was born. She was truly a caring person, and I know a part of me will always be missing now that she is gone.”

“What really puzzled me was her ability to always believe the best of everyone, until they proved her wrong.” Bonnie smiled sadly as she remembered her time with you. “She had a big hear and enough love for everyone. She was admirable and compassionate and and she deserved so much more than she got. Her ending was supposed to be happy. The best way to describe her is that she’s a friend that would stick by in any weather; he is the type of friend friend that would stand in a storm, with rain pouring down on his head, holding an umbrella, calmly and carefully, to make sure that my own head did not get wet.”

“My baby sister, was more than just a sister, she was my best friend.” Kol said tears streaming down his face, he was looking down unable to look anyone in the face. “When we were young she’s wake me up every morning so we’d be able to watch the sun rise. I was so annoyed at her for that, but looking back that was the most peaceful time we had and now that she’s gone, I only want to go back to that time where it was only her and I talking and having fun. She was my shoulder to cry on through every heartbreak. She was an amazing sister.”

“Um… (y/n) is the only one who I never daggered. She was my baby sister, if I could I would’ve given her the world.” Niklaus said as he whipped the stray tear before giving up as more escaped from his red eyes. “She was so different from me we were the total opposites yet we were the closest. I remember every minute we spent together, she was so mad when I daggered one of our sibling and tried too hard to get me to un-dagger them. She loved this family more than anything. I love her so much. I’ll be telling Hope stories of her brave and amazing Auntie (y/n). I saddens me knowing that my daughter will never know her auntie and my sister will never know her niece. It is a cruel world we live in, and (Y/N) has been always far too good and pure to live in it. I miss her, I can’t believe she’s gone… forever.”

“(Y/N), was an amazing girl, I’ve never met anyone like her.” Stefan said crying the most. “ As time went on we became best friends… I’ve been looking for some to love all my life, and the minute I met her I knew she was the right one for me. But I never thought that I’d ever have a chance with her. She was far too beautiful far too good for me. But as time went on she made me feel loved that I wasn’t a monster we grew closer as time went on, and my only regret is not telling her how much she meant to me. I wish I could’ve told her how I loved her, how I wanted to make her mine, I thought we had forever. But you never know. She truly will be missed, she impacted so many people, and the world will not be the same without her.”

You as a ghost from the other side cried as you watched everyone talk about you, you wanted to reach out to every single one of them, you wanted to comfort them and tell them that you loved them. Hearing Stefan confess his love to you broke your heart as you wanted to tell him that you felt the same as he had.

“I’m here.” You whispered but it fell on deaf ears. They couldn’t hear you. They couldn’t feel your presence. That was it, you  live has ended.

imagine how much better the Thor movies would’ve been if Frigga were actually written in a realistic way rather than a ‘women don’t talk when the menfolk are talking’ way

I mean she’s a powerful magic user and more importantly she’s a MOM. Thor and Loki wouldn’t have gotten away with SHIT. The entire goddamn plot never would’ve happened, no wonder they dumbed her down.



anonymous asked:

I just wanted to let you know that Chalo and Priya and Teddy and you all actually help my depression and anxiety. I have a legitimate prescription from my therapist to look at your blog more. I always get really excited when I see something you've posted.

I wasn’t prepared for this, and it’s touching my heart more than I know how to say.

The Joker x Reader - “The One You Love The Most”

You older brother, Jonathan Crane, was showing The Joker his latest psychological weapon when things went wrong. As a result, The King of Gotham won’t be able to see your face or hear your voice again until The Scarecrow finds an antidote. If he can find one, that is…

You just got out of the shower and take a look at your cell: 6 missed calls from your brother. Must be something important. You immediately dial back his digits and he picks up right away.

“Hey, Jonathan.”

“Sis, is J back yet??” he yells in the phone, panicking.

“No, I don’t think so. I was in the shower for the last 15 minutes. I can barely hear you; where are you?”

“At my cabin, bad signal in the woods!”

“What was that? Your voice sounds so distorted, can’t really make out what you’re saying,” you frown, taking him off the speaker to see if it will help any.

“I think J is on his way to the Penthouse. Don’t let him see you or hear your voice! Do you understand? I’m coming!” your older sibling shouts, looking around for his car keys.

“What?” you ask, confused. You just heard bits and pieces.

Don’t let him see you or hear your voice, Y/N!”

“Huh, why?!”

“Just listen to me, I don’t have time to explain, the signal is terrible!”

“What did you say? You’re cutting out!” you move around the bedroom, hoping for an improvement.

“Don’t… let …him… … … OK?” the muffled warning barely makes it through before the call is dropped.

“Jonathan? Hello?…”

You try to call him a few times without success; it goes straight to voice mail.

What in the world is going on?! you wonder, getting dressed for the evening.

Suddenly, you distinguish heavy steps on the hallway, then a door being slammed.

“J?” you get out of the master bedroom, quickly scanning the premises.

There’s clamoring coming from upstairs and you follow the noise.


No answer but you find yourself in front of his office; the commotion is coming from inside. You open the door and step in. The Joker is breathing so loud it startles you. His forehead leans on the filing cabinet, broken glass at his feet.

“Are you alright?” you rush by his side, touching his waist.

“Get out!” he hisses, wheezing, struggling to keep it together. “Something is wrong, get out!”

“I just talked to Jonathan and…”

J turns his head towards you and in a split second you find yourself crushed against the wall, his hands around your neck so tight the bones will snap soon. The strong pressure is extremely intense; you can’t make a sound. You dig your nails in his skin, trying to push him away but he still won’t let go. His eyes are bloodshot, there’s nothing inside but the abyss. You feel you will pass out soon.

“Boss, what are you doing?!” Frost dashes inside, followed by other henchmen. Jonny attempts to pull the Joker away and he won’t budge. More of your men jump him and finally manage to separate you two. J keeps on snarling and growling, just like a rabid beast. You fall to the floor, coughing and deeply inhaling, hungry for air. The last thing you see is your boyfriend fighting everyone, completely out of control and them finally managing to pin him to the floor while he still wants to reach you so he can finish what he started.


“Hi sis,” you hear your brother’s voice as you open your eyes. His fingers rest on your bruised up neck, holding a cold compress around it.

“Jonathan…” you barely whisper, straining to talk; your voice sounds raspy and it hurts so bad your eyes get watery.

“Don’t talk, please. Your vocal cords are inflamed and swollen; he almost broke your neck,” your sibling gulps, worried sick. “After I called and couldn’t reach you, I tried Frost and all the numbers I have on my phone. I’m glad I was able to get a hold of your people.”

“Where’s J ?” you mutter, trying to get up. The burning sensation in your throat makes you fall back on the pillows.

“Stop talking, Y/N. He’s fine now,” Jonathan releases his grip, taking a sit on the bed.  The look in your eyes gives him no choice but to explain what happened. “I was showing him what I’m working on and he yanked the canister out of my hand to take a better look. It accidentally opened and J was exposed to the gas; I had my mask on so it didn’t affect me. The room filled up so quickly with the thick fumes I couldn’t see anything anymore. He ran out before I could stop him,” you brother explains, repeatedly kissing your right hand, feeling very guilty his only sister was affected by this new invention. Otherwise, he wouldn’t give a damn.

“It makes you… kill people?” you struggle to swallow; it’s so difficult to even breathe right now.

“It makes you…let go,” he sighs, giving up on asking you not to talk because you won’t listen. ” Once you are exposed to the vapors , all the anger, chaos and rage you keep bottled up inside will surface in a few moments after … after…” he stops, staring at the ceiling.

“After what?” you touch his arm, curious and upset in the same time.

After… you see the face of the person you love the most or hear their voice…or both…” Jonathan glares at your hand that he keeps on kissing.

You feel you heart sink.

“That’s… that’s fucked up!” and the effort of trying to speak loud makes your throat constrict even more.

“It didn’t sound like a praise; you would normally be thrilled with something twisted like this,” he sniffles, attempting to joke.

“Not if it impacts my life,” you get on your elbow, your husky voice shaking with anxiety.

“Well, if you ever had any doubts if he loves you or not, now you know.”

“It’s not funny!” you cut him off, coughing up a storm and he helps you up so you can sit by him.

“I know, I’m sorry…” he remorsefully apologizes for his mistake.

“Is there an antidote?”

“Not yet; I wasn’t planning to make one but now I’ll have to. The rage goes away on its own if he doesn’t see you or hears you for about 30 minutes. But he will react to seeing your face or hearing your voice every single time. You’ll have to cover up your face with a mask around him and don’t make a sound. Not until I find a remedy…ok?”

“Did you tell him?” you inquire, whimpering.

“U-hum…as expected, he wasn’t very happy…and that’s an understatement…” Jonathan squeezes you to his side and you start crying on his shoulder.


You sneak in the master bedroom, wearing one of the cute masks you usually use when you go on heists. The Joker is by the window, deep in thought, gazing outside at the light up Gotham buildings. He feels your presence and turns around, analyzing you as you approach.

“Stay away from me, Doll !” he sneers, biting on his lower lip.

You nod a no and continue to approach.

“Go lock yourself in one of the bedrooms and don’t come out!” he commands and you stop in front of him, pointing towards your mask. “I know what your brother said, but I don’t trust myself. Go!” he points his finger towards the door, backing out.

You boyfriend notices the marks on your neck and lowers his hand, distressed.

“I… I do a lot of stuff… but this wasn’t intentional,” J mumbles, mostly to himself but you heard it anyway.

You nod a yes and he stops you when you move closer.

“Go away, Y/N!”

You ignore his request and seem so eager to hug him that The Joker doesn’t push you away; he hesitantly places his arms around you, tightly holding you.

After a few minutes, you break the embrace and he sadly watches you head towards the door, thinking you are going away. But you just turn off the light and now it’s dark. Only the faint glimpse coming from the outside nightlife illuminates the room.

“What are you doing, Princess?” He distinguishes your shape as you take off your mask and he closes his eyes. “Don’t do that! Get out of here!”

You are not afraid though: you trust Jonathan and what he told you. As long as J can’t see or hear you, you should be fine. You drag J in bed, cuddling to him and he doesn’t really fight it. You won’t know, but he is very scared he will open his eyes and see you even if it’s dark. He keeps his eyelids shut together so firmly it stings and you kiss them, signaling him to relax.

“You shouldn’t stay here,” he grumbles in your ear, but doesn’t let go. “I can’t believe you’re the trigger for me, Pumpkin. How embarrassing for The King Of Gotham to care about his girl that much, right?… I thought the catalyst would be Frost,” he sniffles your perfume, then finds your lips and kisses you.

Your chest is going up and down in a silent laugher, until the pain in your neck makes you stop.

“That’s a good one, hm? I’m hilarious…” The Joker concludes, but he sounds unhappy; not the usual sarcasm you would expect. “Jonathan hid all your pictures we have around the Penthouse and erased the images of you from my cell. Apparently, I can’t see you at all. Or hear your voice. This really sucks, Pumpkin,” he buries his face in your cleavage and you brush your lips on his forehead. “Does this mean we can’t have sex until he finds the antidote? Because you get so loud and scream my name and all…Are you laughing again? Yes, I’m funny…” he sulks and you cover his ears. “What does it mean, Doll?” he tries to guess. “Earplugs?”

He takes you kissing him as a yes and he’s correct.

“Hey, maybe loud music too, just in case…” he rambles on and he gets another kiss. “Is that a yes? Cool. But I like to hear you,” he pouts, glad he distracted you away from the real issue for a while.

You are grateful he distracted himself from it.


Your brother is working like crazy to find a cure for his psychological weapon. Two months have passed and the experiments failed so far. The last attempt was last week at Jonathan’s hideout. J was chained to the wall and you took off your mask. You didn’t even have a chance to speak a word: the second he saw your face, he went insane, fighting to get to you and your sibling, wanting to tear you both to pieces. The Joker was struggling so violently that the chains were hurting his skin and you had to sedate him in order to make him stop.

Another unsuccessful trial.


Three more months go by and nothing. Every time the Scarecrow finds something, it just doesn’t work. His genius and skill have the right approach, but something doesn’t click together. The whole ordeal makes life very difficult for you and J: he hates it that he can’t see you or hear you at all. You detest wearing those masks you used to like, not being able to make a single sound: you write things on paper or text him, the only ways you can communicate.

You can’t even cry or laugh in his presence; it makes you so depressed when you have to run away from him in order to bowl your eyes out due to your frustration reaching insufferable heights. And you can’t laugh out loud at his jokes; The Joker assumes you are by your body language – the silent chuckle doesn’t please him. He misses you giggling at his stupid pranks and the puns he comes up with just for you. The silence is becoming unbearable. And he thought he would be happy with you not talking so much all the time.

How embarrassing for The King Of Gotham to care about his girl that much.


Something kind of worked yesterday: Jonathan tested the new formula and after J heard your voice it took about 30 seconds before he lost it, not an instant reaction anymore.

Your brother wants to do another experiment today after adding a new component to the equation. While he’s putting everything together, you are preparing your boyfriend in the lab.

“I’m sooo sick of this!” The Joker fusses, taking his jacket off. “Why is he so slow in finding a remedy??!” J cracks his fingers, irritated. “Come chain me!” he urges you, mad before the trial even begins. “I really miss you, goddammit!!” and the chair he’s supposed to sit on gets kicked and knocked to the floor. You silently watch his tantrum because you can’t say anything anyway. It breaks your heart since you are aware The Joker didn’t even realize he admitted that aloud.

You hug him from behind and he cools down, taking deep breaths and fixing his green hair that’s not perfectly sleek as a result of the outburst. “Fuck, I really wanna see you, Kitten!” he chews his words, holding your hands and he feels your kiss on his back.

You take advantage of the fact that he’s not facing you, rapidly yanking your right arm away and press the button that seals the lab. The hissing sound makes him turn around.

“What are you doing, Y/N?” he asks, confused.

You are very aware this is not the best idea ever, but you can’t help it. You’re more impulsive than he is.

“It’s Ok, baby,” the words echo in the lab and his eyes get big, already slave to the trigger.

“Stop talking! Get out!” and he pushes you towards the door, frantically breathing.“What’s the code? Open it! You have a few seconds before I won’t know you anymore!”

“Only me and Jonathan know the code. He’s upstairs, he won’t help.” You take your mask off and crush it under your feet before he can stop you. “Look at me!” you force his face towards you and he shuts his eyes, shaking from the pressure building up inside him. He can’t control it for too long. “Open your eyes, J. You already heard my voice, seeing me won’t change the outcome. All the same now,” you keep your composure and he finally blinks, gazing upon his woman after so many months.

“Run!” he growls, the intoxicating anger taking over more.

“No,” you cup his face and those deep, almost inhuman sounds he’s starting to make give you goosebumps.

“Hide, do something!!!!!” The Joker pushes you away with all his strength and you trip on some cables, falling down on your side.

“Try not to hurt me,” you whimper while he bangs his head against the heavy glass door, the world starting to fade. His fingers scrape the electronic pad, J’s last attempt to make the doors open so you can flee.

You slide on the floor towards the corner of the lab, trembling and bracing for what’s coming, doubtful about your decision. The Joker grunts and switches his position, the bloodshot eyes searching around to see if there’s someone whom he can tear apart. That’s the only thing he wants: to kill, break and crush.

You watch him come closer, snarling; he definitely noticed you since you didn’t even try to hide.

“J, please stop…” your shaky voice pleads as you bring your knees up to your chin. He has such a feral expression on his face it makes you cringe. “I will fight you but you’re stronger,” you gulp, tears falling down your face. “Calm down, OK?”

He’s getting closer.

“If the person you love the most triggers this, why can’t they stop it? Please stop!!!” you beg, so tense every muscle in your body twitches with anticipation. ” It’s me…” and you don’t have a chance to continue because he charges at you, grabbing and slamming you to the floor, punching and trying to choke the life out of you. You kick him and fight his rampage, sensing you’re going to lose the battle soon.

“Stop! It’s me! Stop!” you punch him in the face as hard as you can and he gets a bit dizzy, releasing his hold for a moment. You take advantage of it and push him aside, crawling away, coughing and crying in the same time. You feel your leg being scratched and scream in pain while The Joker wants to pull you under him again.

“It’s me, stop!” you shout, blood dripping from your busted lip and the taste of it makes you gag.“You’re k-killing me, s-stop…” you stutter when his fingers find their way to your neck again. You grunt under his weight, wiggling and clawing at his shirt, trying to get him off you. “ You’re…k-killing m-me…” you manage to repeat and he pins your hands above your head, enraged  you’re feisty.

Since he’s not strangling you anymore, at least you can talk.

“You s-said you miss me,” you squirm to break free. “You’ll miss me even more if I’m dead!” He stares at you, not understanding the meaning of what just came out of your mouth. “ Don’t kill me…” you look in his eyes and he keeps on staring back. “ Please…let go… you’ll miss me more if I’m dead,” you whimper, not breaking eye contact.

The Joker’s face comes really close to yours and he sniffles on your scent, intrigued. His nails and cold rings dig at your wrists and you contain the burning ache, continuing to speak.

“Don’t you recognize me?… It’s me…It’s me,” you carefully remove your left hand from his hold so you won’t provoke him more. “Don’t you recognize your girl?” you gently touch his cheek and he growls, confused. “It’s your Y/N, don’t kill me…”

You are so stiff, getting ready to fight in case he attacks again. But his head unexpectedly drops on your chest, his body relaxing a bit. He’s wheezing so loud you’re afraid he will faint.


Jonathan dials the code to open the lab, wondering why the hell it’s sealed. He steps inside and gasps when he sees the signs of a struggle, broken vials and blood on the floor.

“Jesus…” your brother mutters, stunned when he realizes you are trapped against the far wall with The Joker’s head in your lap, his arms wrapped around your knees. He’s breathing is erratic and seems in a deep daze.

“Sstttt,” you gesture, exhausted. You and J are full of bruises and cuts, your clothes ripped and stained with blood.

“What the hell happened?!” Jonathan whispers and kneels by you, wiping some blood from your lips.“Where’s your mask?!”

“I’ll tell you later, let him sleep. Can you bring me a blanket?” you quietly demand, still shaking from the incident.

“Of course,” he crinkles his nose, getting up and strutting towards the exit, eager to find out about the events.

The Joker mumbles something you can’t understand and you stroke his cheek, relieved. J was impossible to control without an antidote and yet, he didn’t kill you.

How embarrassing for The King Of Gotham to care about his girl that much.


I am in a stage of mourning right now from just finishing City of Heavenly Fire, and the tears can’t stop.
Sure, Jonathan is a homicidal maniac, but that was the demon blood talking. And, after the illusion and his final moments, I really want an alternative where Jonathan had has life from the very beginning.
Where Jonathan and Jace are buddies, Clary and Jonathan are rightfully brother and sister, possibly Jonathan and Clary as parabatai, and many more possible rightful alternatives.
This series is heart wrenching, and I enjoyed every page-full of it.
I will be posting more FanArt for this series, for healing purposes.

Little Sister

Words: 1661
Estimated reading time: 9 minutes
Characters: Emma, Snow, Regina, Robin, Hook, Henry, Charming, Peter Pan, Sister!Reader

Request:  Hi, I really really love ur writing and I was wondering if u could do another Peter Pan X Reader where the reader is Peter’s little sister and only around 4/5 years old. Something happens resulting in the reader appearing in storybooke and Peter arrives searching for her. Please that would be brill! :)  - anon

Warning: Fluff

A/N: I am so sorry it took so long for this request to be written! Really sorry, but I hope you guys will like it anyways. :)

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Gods Among Us: Chapter 1

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is the first installment of my Tobirama x fem!reader fic. The fic covers pretty much all of the reader’s life and then some shh so strap in for the long way round. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_   I went with an oc-ish reader for this fic, so it’s still in second person but the reader has a lot more background and development like this. you also get cool powers I gave the reader a name so it would be easier to write interactions, and that’s pretty much it. Enjoy!

Chapter 2; Chapter 3

“Where no gods are, spectres rule.” - Novalis

You hear the screaming first. Shinobi are not supposed to show emotion, but mere rules will never mask a mother’s grief. Fear grips your heart with icy fingers. You dash into the house, your younger brother Izuna hot on your heels. In the front room, you stop cold, shaken to your very core.

Your mother weeps over your eldest brother, who lays in a growing pool of blood. She has his head in her lap, painting his face with tears. Grim-faced, your father kneels next to your mother and places a hand on her shoulder. He gazes at your brother’s body, his eyes stony and distant. Shinobi do not show emotion. When she notices you, the eldest child, your sister Misaki, wipes the tears from her cheeks, rises from her place beside your parents, and gestures for Madara, now your oldest surviving brother, to follow as she ushers you and Izuna into an adjacent room.

Izuna, four years old and wide-eyed, whispers, “will niisan be ok?”

Your sister hiccups, then composes herself before looking Izuna in the eyes. “Izuna, our brother is gone now. He was an honorable shinobi, but now we can only honor his memory.”

“Will he come back soon? He said he was gonna teach me how to throw shuriken.”

Misaki gazes at Izuna with eyes full of sadness. She pulls him into a tight hug, letting her tears fall anew. For once, your younger brother doesn’t squirm.

You fidget with your sleeves and glance back at the front room, where your brother and parents are, half expecting him to groan and sit up. But your brother is gone now. Dead. Forever. No coming back. No more playful wrestling on the tatami mats, no more affectionate hair ruffles after dinner. No more legends and folktales by candlelight, and no more fishing together by the river. It doesn’t feel real.

Madara, standing by the door with his head lowered, grits his teeth and clenches his hands into fists. He stumbles, surprised, when you rush over and hug him, but he finds his balance and makes a halfhearted attempt to pry you off, mumbling something about his bloody armor. You respond by tightening your grip on him, and he gives up, hesitantly returning the embrace.

You press your head against his chestplate and feel his tears trickle down the back of your neck. You stay that way for a while, softly crying into each other’s arms. At last Madara whispers, “I’ll keep you safe, Nikawa. I’ll become stronger and protect you and Izuna and older sister with everything I have. I’ll keep you all safe from the Senju.” His grip tightens. “Even if it’s the last thing I do.”

Your brother’s funeral is quick and simple. The clan holds a brief ceremony in honor of all those lost during the battle, and the male relatives of the deceased then bury the coffins in the woods to protect the Sharingan’s secrets. The living have only the family shrine and their memories to remember the dead. The Uchiha women gather to console each other, but their words only terrify you.

“The first loss is always the most painful.”

“I hope his death was quick.”

“He died with honor, as a valiant shinobi. Be proud of his memory.”

You don’t want your family to only be memories for you to weep over, and you don’t want to be a mere memory for your loved ones to mourn either. So you seek out Madara and beg him to train you. At first he protests, but with your late brother’s memory still fresh in his mind, he soon relents, agreeing to teach you basic ninjutsu and taijutsu so you can defend yourself.

Training is difficult at first, but becomes easier with time. You display an uncanny talent for controlling chakra, quickly surpassing boys your age who have trained for years. Taijutsu and weapons training takes more time, but you refuse to give up. Impressed with your performance, Madara agrees to continue teaching you.

Your mother takes ill a few weeks after your brother’s death. She struggles through the coughing fits and fevers, refusing to rest. Only your sister’s pleading convinces her to stay in bed when your mother’s illness takes a turn for the worse. When your mother becomes bedridden, she orders the servants to keep all of you out of her room, lest her disease be contagious. You, Misaki, Izuna, and Madara spend many hours waiting outside your mother’s bedchamber, helplessly watching the servants and doctors scurry in and out. Worry and fear hang over you like a cloud.

You father checks on your mother every day after he is done working, updating the four of you with a curt “she hasn’t improved” after each visit. For all his strength on the battlefield, Uchiha Tajima is powerless against disease. The doctors are at a loss–nothing seems to help. Your mother dies three days later.

When the servants finally let you and your siblings into the room, your sister and brothers rush to your mother’s side. Despite their tears and pleading, your mother remains still. You’ve lost another loved one, so soon after your brother. You want to scream.

You hang your head, tears rolling down your cheeks. The world did not need death and slaughter. Why couldn’t everyone live in peace? No war, no violence, just families playing together, loving each other. In peace. You just want a world of peace.

As your mind returns from the realm of hopes and musings, you notice a black tendril reaching out from under the bed, lapping up your siblings’ tears. It writhes along the edge of the bed, pulling your family’s grief into the shadows. You lift the edge of the tatami mat to investigate, and a hideous creature pops out.

The creature is no larger than your foot, with a round, black body and stubby limbs. Its eyes, settled above a grotesque mouth full of wicked teeth, cast wildly about the room until they both rest on you. Tongue lashing the air, it lets out a delighted cackle and lunges. You back away, kicking and screaming at it, but the little monster remains fixated on you, easily dodging your panicked thrashing.

You feel a pair of calloused hands take you by the shoulders and turn you around. When you turn back, the creature is gone. You look around at the concerned faces of your siblings kneeling by your mother, the stern expression of your father in front of you, and the weeping countenances of your mother’s servants standing along the walls. They show no sign of fear or surprise. That’s when you realize: they can’t see the demon.

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