sibling relationships are my weakness help

Competition in the SB world and beyond.

This is strange, but one of my pet peeves is seeing someone ask me a question that they’ve asked on other blogs. And I thought it was strange, untill I remembered that a lot of the big “black girl submission” pages, won’t accept submissions that were sent to similar pages.

And it got me thinking, how, even on social media, we have this desire to be the best, to be looked up to, to bee seen as special, unique and spectacular.

In the sugar bowl, people don’t talk about it, but there’s this pressure, to get the best gifts, go to the most extravagant places, get the highest allowance while have to make the least effort.

In the beauty industry, there the desire to discover the latest trend, get the most like, have the most followers, get the best sponsors and stay flawless everyday.

In my uni, there’s this pressure to get the highest grades, be in possession of the most helpful material, have the best relationships with the toughest professors.

In my family, there’s little desire to be the best child, my siblings and I are aware of our strengths and weaknesses, and we se this to help each other out without knowing it. For example, I’m always in the know of who is in trouble, why and how they can fix it. So I’m always forewarning my brothers of trouble to come, and telling them how to fix it to look like a good child.

 My older brother knows how much I detest cleaning, so he always volunteers, which means I don’t end up looking like the child that ‘never’ wants to clean. And for him, I always volunteer to cook, which hides that he literally has not cooked in months (this is a massive deal in my house). 

My little brother fills us in on whats happening in the house while my older bro and I are living away. That way we are ready for whatever we come back to. In return, we take care of his contribution when it comes to family gifts, we buy him the shoes he wants, supply endless sweets.

I love that structure I have with my brothers and I wish other parts of my life were more like that.