here is a picture of my updated lights collection for yall! i am currently (and always) on a mission to complete my @LIGHTS physical discography. if you have and want to sell these hit me up:
any cds (other than the ones pictured)
black siberia
black siberia acoustic
pink clear EP
pink marble EP

i will pay good money for the remaining vinyl i need to find. if you want to sell any of these items hit me up! i’m also looking for promo cds 😬👍🏻

Siberia (feat. Max Kerman) (Acoustic)
  • Siberia (feat. Max Kerman) (Acoustic)
  • Lights
  • Siberia (Acoustic)

LIGHTS [ feat. MAX KERMAN ] - Siberia [ acoustic]

I would sail across the east sea
Just to see you on the far side
Where the wind is cold and angry
There you’ll be to take me inside
We’ll find ways to fill the empty
Far from all the hysteria
I don’t care if we suddenly
Find ourselves in Siberia


The Making of Siberia Acoustic - Lights Duet w/ Max Kerman of Arkells

Where The Fence Is Low (Siberia Acoustic)
  • Where The Fence Is Low (Siberia Acoustic)
  • Lights

“Where the fence is low, and the water is rising
And the fire comes down, and the dark fills the skies in
One foot on the ledge, one feeling for safety
Somewhere between sure, and I don’t know, maybe…

I’m off on my rope here
I’m off on my own here
And I find my hope here
I find my own here
I’m off on my rope here

Where the fence is low.”

How much this song resonates with me can be really shocking at times.