Siberia (feat. Max Kerman) (Acoustic)
  • Siberia (feat. Max Kerman) (Acoustic)
  • Lights
  • Siberia (Acoustic)

LIGHTS [ feat. MAX KERMAN ] - Siberia [ acoustic]

I would sail across the east sea
Just to see you on the far side
Where the wind is cold and angry
There you’ll be to take me inside
We’ll find ways to fill the empty
Far from all the hysteria
I don’t care if we suddenly
Find ourselves in Siberia


“It’s really special the way just a guitar and vocal speaks to the heart, an intimacy that a lot of production can’t convey quite the same way. Siberia in it’s full form was a different kind of journey than this acoustic record, but this is the version of the songs I sit down and play at home when I’m alone.” Lights (About Siberia Acoustic)