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  • Mi hermana comentó en una ocasión que Edith podría tener también pecas en los hombros o en sus pechos, ya que son zonas muy susceptibles de generar pecas, además de la cara. A Ana le gustó la idea, y yo quise plasmarlo en un dibujo.
  • Parece que fui bastante oportuna en terminar esto a tiempo ya que hoy es su cumpleaños. ¡Felicidades!
  • My sister told once that Edith could also have freckles on her shoulders or on her breast, as they are areas very likely to generate freckles, besides the face. Ana liked the idea, and I wanted to capture it in a picture. 
  • It seems I was quite timely to finish this in time since today is Sianaithnid’s birthady! ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

sianaithnid  asked:

Goodness, I adore your art and your characters (and you've been improving with the former since you first started posting)! I found myself nodding sympathetically as I was reading your recent post about Ive's mental state following Hearts and Minds; my charismatic sylvari, Gwyon, too became a shell of his former self after having to deal the killing blow to his love. It lessens the sting a bit to know that there are other character-invested players such as yourself out there who share the pain!

Thank you so much!  This blog and the artwork (particularly the digital junk, which I suck at hahaha) have been pretty experimental, so I’m glad you’re enjoying everything (and that I seem to be improving xD)!

I’m definitely one of those people who gets too invested in characters, so watching Ive deal with this is tough.  If our shenanigans help people cope, then we’re delighted to continue (not that shenanigans wouldn’t continue, but hey).  Our condolences to you and Gwyon!

sianaithnid  asked:

Since we're doing OCs, why not Edith and Kimblee? (Though I really should stop perpetuating that pairing and should start drawing more of Edith's husband...)

I don’t know them enough | Wtf | Why | Just NO | Tolerable |They’re okay |Cute | Awww | Babies | Hot | I will go down with this ship | OTP SEX, SEX, SEXXXXXX

Well, I really love Edith x Kimble, because there isn’t a common relationship and because it is very complex. I’m sorry, but I really feel this after to see so many sugary relations. They have a great story.

sianaithnid  asked:

≈, Ω, ♥, ∞!

((Mun nickname: Some call me Ari and I do so love it uwu

Show your face! Alright woo get ready here we go 

What fandoms are you in? oh lordy fandoms.. Currently? DRAMAtical Murder, Attack on Titan, Free! are the most recent ones. I’m kinda floating around in other fandoms like Doctor Who, Surelock, and Hannibal, and slowly but surely walking away from others like Glee. But Glee was the first fandom I was ever in and pretty much spawned my current personal blog so it’ll always be kinda there.

Celebrity crush? Oh god I have so many tho. I’ll list the ones off the top of my head. Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Pete Wentz, Brendon Urie, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston, Gerard Way, oh lord christ help me there are SO MANY))

sianaithnid  asked:

Five Facts About Yourself:

Alright let’s see…

- I’m Mexican but I was born in Arizona, my mom and dad had moved to America before they got married, or after? I just know that they knew each other during their lives in Mexico, and I think my mom paid for him to get through.

- I think I finally hit my growth spurt. I’m 5'0! *tears of joy* I’m five feet!

- I love candy too much…I have two cavities I’ve yet to get rid of. ;.;

- I dislike socializing but I like to “observe” people, it helps me come up with things for my characters.

-I can be sadistic sometimes, I just have a fascination with…things sometimes. Also helps with writing.

sianaithnid  asked:

Oh heck, another. æ

æ Five things about my best friend.

Hm…I have a lot of people who I consider my best friends, so I’ll name facts for each of them. C=

- One of my best friends is someone I’m writing a book with (people should know who this is.)

- Another of my best friends is studying Mortuary Science, and we share a ton of similar interests.

-They both of Tumblrs.

-Another I know in real life, and she has been my friend since grade school.

-She doesn’t have a Tumblr, but she taught me so much about being strong, sometimes I feel like a fail her though…

I hope that counts. Cx

Ana is learning more french everyday...

Ana has mistaken hair chest with the hair you have on the skull… so when she asked me if Ben has a lot of “cheveux” on his torso, this was my answer:

I had to post it <D/

You may have seen earlier the sketch that Ana drew me 8D 

Now this is my part of our “new OTP” AT x)

This is Ismene and Jorund, they are RP characters~

Ismene is about 1m45 (4'11") and Jorund about 1m90 (6'3") so indeed, the difference is big when they are on their legs…. but in bed…! 8D