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Dune - Visually arresting, but convoluted and dull

One that was eagerly anticipated by me and my friends in the months leading up to its release. I was a big sci fi reader at the time, and I actually slogged through this pretentious book with forced enthusiasm based on the rave reviews from friends. I figured with David Lynch at the helm (I had recently seen ‘The Elephant Man’ and was pretty impressed with his credentials, although this was before I saw 'Eraserhead’) and a huge special effects budget, that this had a pretty good chance of being a huge movie event of the year. It had its moments of weird beauty (the scenes on the 'Harkonnen planet’ were creepily fun), but for the most part the movie was a huge mess, overlong, and with a lot of goofy voiceovers and confusing overabundance of backstory. Not sure if this is Lynch’s fault, or studio meddling, or (excuse the heresy) the fault of a bloated self-important book that is immune from a decent adaptation. Probably in the running for one of the worst films of the eighties.

1.5 stars out of 5

Released 1984, First Viewing December 1984

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