sian halsey

Interviewing Le Sian ~

Name: Sian Halsey

Location: Nerima-ku, Tokyo

Occupation: Exchange Student studying Japanese

Favourite Accessories: Block colour earrings, swatch.

Hobbies: Karaoke and drinking tea.

Choice of Food: Roast Dinner, Crumpets, Melon Bread.

Q: Describe your dress sense in a sentence

A: A bit boyish but cute all the same

Q: Would you say living in Japan has influenced your style?

A: I would certainly say that yes. Tokyo is such a vibrant trendy city, I feel a lot more comfortable dressing differently to how I would back home in the UK. Also the shops are very different here, there seem to be shops for different styles; unlike shops in the UK which will sell clothes of many styles and fashion - so here in Japan I’ve worked out which shops have, what I think suits me (and more than that- what fits).

Q: And which shops do you find yourself spending all your student loan in?

A: Uniqlo, Lowrys Farm, Global Work, g.u - they are literally everywhere!

Q: Haha! So aside from fashion, what has been your most enjoyable experience out there?

A: Karaoke.

Q: Is that English or Japanese karaoke? Or a whole lot of Gangnam style?

A: Mostly English songs, some Japanese versions of Korean songs and a fair few Japanese songs. Karaoke classic- Sakuranbo ->> look it up if you can it’s incredible.

Q: I and many others I’m sure would love to visit Japan; recommend me a few things that I shouldn’t leave the country without doing.



- Eat at Kaiten Sushi

- Take pictures in a Purikura photo-booth

- Experience the Shibuya Scramble Crossing

- Ride the Yurikamome over the Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba

Well there you have it, straight from the capital of Japan! And you can follow her bizarre daily experiences on her blog here: