siamese mewtwo


Hoo okay, here is part 1/3 of siamese-mewtwo’s commission! Portraits for her arctic female Lopunny, Feathertail!

She’s quite a cutie, I really did enjoy drawing her, especially her hair and adorable faces. Plus I gotta get into the groove of drawing more face-forward reactions. -u-;; The fact that I’ve been drawing Lopunnies a lot lately definitely helped with making this enjoyable, so hey.

Sooo yep, hope you like this! I’ll get on part two some other day |D;


oh my freakin’ god FINALLY I got the second part done! Ugh I’m sorry for making you wait Dx

but yes this is part 2/3 of siamese-mewtwo’s commission, portraits for Paladin, their Zoroark/Mienshao hybrid. The Muzzle kept trying to give me trouble when I was sketching out the poses x.x; But I think they turned out okay for the most part. Hope you like ‘em! Now to take a quick break… 


yes yes yes finally this commission is over |D;;

Part 3/3 of siamese-mewtwo’s commission, this time her bunny character/persona. I didn’t catch the name, but ah she was a welcome break from Pokemon portraits. Plus she’s cute and was fun to draw, so… hoo yeah I hope ya like it |D;

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some online math homework to do. Ugh, math.